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Grammastola pulchripes stressed for months

Discussion in 'Tarantula Chat' started by Garth Vader, Dec 23, 2017.

  1. Lil Paws

    Lil Paws Arachnosquire

    I actually thought of Thing, too. I think its movements were totally inspired by a spider.

    Miss Moxie, I hope you find a solution. It is odd...
  2. draconisj4

    draconisj4 Arachnoknight Active Member

    I also have a stressed out G. pulchripes, it's given me more cause for concern than any of my other T's. It seems happiest when it's well hidden and now that it is, I have never seen it come out of it's hide. It does eat well but food must be delivered directly into it's hide. As others have said, try adding more hiding places. I even bought a second one to compare behaviors and while it isn't as secretive it also hides 95% of the time. Might just be a G. pulchripes thing.
  3. Swoop

    Swoop Arachnosquire

    It just needs some spider therapy.
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  4. miss moxie

    miss moxie Arachnoprince

    I found the picture on my laptop.

  5. miss moxie

    miss moxie Arachnoprince

    No need. It's not as if she sits there 24/7. If she did I'd worry. But I've only caught her doing it twice and I've had her for three years. Not to say she doesn't do it sometimes and I don't see it, but she also walks around her enclosure and it's the same enclosure she's been in for two years so I really doubt she's stressed. Just a strange spider thing I suppose.
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  6. Turiell

    Turiell Arachnopeon

    @miss moxie I have two young G.pulchras that do that all the time. They go in the corners but most of the time they stand right in the middle of their enclosures and stick those bootys up high. I've heard that when they do that they're hunting. Have you ever heard of that?
  7. miss moxie

    miss moxie Arachnoprince

    I haven't, but it might make sense if you consider they hunt with vibrations and air currents they feel using their urticating hairs. Perhaps their hairy butts are akin to a sonar device. Butts up if you're hungry!
  8. BoyFromLA

    BoyFromLA ‎٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و Arachnosupporter

    I just happen to witness my 1/2” Grammostola pulchripes doing the same thing.

  9. draconisj4

    draconisj4 Arachnoknight Active Member

    My Hapolopus sp Colombia lg sling does that, but I haven't noticed any of my other slings doing it. Now I'm curious, I'll have to pay a little more attention.
  10. CyclingSam

    CyclingSam Arachnoknight

    Mine is living the the world of "Holes." For the past 2 months she digs a hole and then fills it in. Then she digs another hole and fills it in. She is crazy.
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  11. Turiell

    Turiell Arachnopeon

    :hilarious: They have their butts up in the air like they just do not care!! :hilarious: Sorry, I can be such a goof sometimes!
    But anyway I can't remember if I read that on this forum or somewhere else, but the information stuck in my mind and since those 2 Ts started doing that I always think uh oh, someone's on the prowl!

    Awww so cute! Especially with the buns in the air. Looks like yours in on the prowl too!

    Ooo you have one as well! Perhaps they're looking to form a hunting club? Only those that can stick their butts up the highest may join? :D

    But anyway probably what I read wasn't true, though @miss moxie did make a good point of how that would make sense. I'll have to get a picture of my babies showing off. They're the only two that do it out of the 21 Ts I have. It always puts a smile on my face! :happy:
  12. Garth Vader

    Garth Vader Arachnohipster Arachnosupporter

    Both of my E sp red (sling and MF) do that butt up in the air thing. Spiders are funny, guys! :joyful:

    So today I did a few things for my grumpy Grammastola and gave her another plant and put her enclosure back in the display case I have and positioned her so the enclosure is partially hidden from view by the metal part of the display case door. That way she has three options for privacy in her home- a hide, a plant, and a spot where it is darker and she is hidden from view. Hopefully that will help.
    Last edited: Dec 26, 2017
  13. Turiell

    Turiell Arachnopeon

    It sounds like you've got her set up pretty well. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that it will help! :happy:
  14. Georgia B

    Georgia B Arachnopeon

    I’ve never heard this term “stress pose” before. What does that look like?
  15. draconisj4

    draconisj4 Arachnoknight Active Member

    This is my G. porteri right after I got it, see how it's legs are scrunched up over it's face? It's not happy. rosie.jpg
  16. Georgia B

    Georgia B Arachnopeon

    Oh I see, thanks.
  17. Jayvicularia

    Jayvicularia Arachnopeon

    My G. pulchripes finally shed after 4 months today. She (hopefully), was a voracious eater until she went into premolt, but after it lasted a couple weeks and I didn't see a molting web, I started feeding weekly and noticed it would take prekilled crickets occasionally but with no sense of urgency. Well it finally shed today for the first time in 7 months and now it's time for a rehome. I just know she'll be a good eater agian after he molt cures.

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  18. Venomgland

    Venomgland Arachnosquire

    Mine lives under its waterdish. It just flips them over and then burrows under them. I'll put another one in. Same thing.. G. pulchripes is my #1 pain in the butt spider in my collection.
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  19. Garth Vader

    Garth Vader Arachnohipster Arachnosupporter

    Hi lovely people,

    I'm resurrecting the thread to let you know that NOTHING HAS CHANGED. I could take a new picture, but it looks the same as it did last month, and the month before, and several months before that. No eating, not a lot of moving, no molting. She's still in a stress curl most of the time, although I did catch her at her water dish once and I noticed that she has put some webbing down in places. I gave her a new plant a while ago but she still hovers outside of her hide just like in the picture I posted before.

    My assumption is just keep on doing nothing and eventually she will eat or molt. That sound about right?

    She's definitely the sensitive snowflake of my collection.
  20. ediblepain

    ediblepain Arachnosquire

    Do they make xanax for spiders?
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