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Glades Herp (www.gherp.com)

Discussion in 'Online Dealer Reviews' started by Matt, Jul 18, 2002.

  1. Matt

    Matt Guest


    I do not care too much for Glades Herp.

    Lets see....positives... They have the biggest selection of anything in the herp business, and, well, if you look at there backround color long enough, and then look at a white wall, well, just try it.

    Glades Herp is not a good dealer for many reasons. First of all, PRICES. Almost ALL there inventory is overpriced in my opinion. You might be willing to pay the high prices on there inverts, but then you get to the shipping part. They charge EXPENSIVE shipping, way over the actual cost, purely for profit. They also charge a pointless "Packing Charge", again, only for profit.

    I once ordered 2 baby centipedes, and the shipping came to $43. FOR TWO BABIES. Its rediculous.

    Shipping can take awhile, they seem to take their time when it comes to processing your order. It took almost a week after I paid to get my shipment.

    At least the centipedes were healthy and were the ones I ordered.

    All in all, dont order from them unless they have a certain animal you want that no one else carries.

  2. mrderanged

    mrderanged Guest


    I recently made a purchase from Glades Herp at the NY Metro Reptile expo. I had called the store asking if they would be selling any Red feather tail centipedes at the show. They said they did not know if the people travelling to the show had brought any with them. When I went to the show the next day and went to the booth, I saw to my surprise Red feather tail centipedes. The people at the booth said that the store shipped them to them next day air so that they would have them in stock for me. I have to give them brownie points for this as I had not said that I would definately make a purchase yet they shipped the item to the show at their own expense anyway. I purchased the baby pede and it has since molted once and is doing fine. The staff at the show were helpful, but unfortunately they did not have alot of stock in the invertebrate category. The prices on the other inverts seemed a little high compared with other dealers at the show. All in all, I would do buisness with them again if they had what I wanted at the right price.

  3. DC

    DC Guest


    Overpricing and expensive shipping! I had some bad experiences with them. But they always did have excellent packing and shipping at the time they were one of my top dealers to do business with. This company introduced alot of new species of inverts to the american market. ALOT!!! Nuff said.
  4. ying.yang

    ying.yang Guest


    My first T was from Glades Herp. They are quite pricey, and I learned you don't always get what you pay for. The T I recieved was an imperfect. It was a sub adult B smithi with a nub for one of its back feet. I have had her for a year now, she has molted once and still hasn't filled out that foot and has no flexibility at that joint. She was packed well though, and the size was as primised. I tried to ask questions to get some info on her, age, last molt, etc. They would not respond and did not seem to care. They do have a large selection and have sent me monthly stock lists religiously since I made my purchase.
  5. pixelator

    pixelator Guest


    I agree that Glades Herp can be pricey... But when I look at a few other sites lately, I see $300 M. robustum, $125 A. versicolors and even high prices on adult spiders that were previously fairly cheap in the hobby.

    Glades does always have a lot of large specimens and w/c stuff. These animals are always more expensive, so naturally their selection is higher-priced on average. Their shipping IS expensive, but they also offer Delta Dash, by far the best way to ship any live animals. They also have been in business forever. I've purchased rare tarantulas from them when nobody else had them (especially larger ones). I remember getting their lime-green catalogs way back in the 80's...

    I agree, they could use some work in the pricing department, but you can't argue with their success. They're making that profit so they can stay in business for as long as they have.

  6. Wade

    Wade Guest


    Would be Positive if they had an invert specialist.

    I've purchased inverts from Glades several times over the years, mostly when Todd Gearheart was still there, and once since. Since they no longer have an invert specialist, their service has suffered a bit in that department. I wouldn't say they were bad, just not as good. I ordered some mantids, one of which arrived somewhat deformed. They were more than willing to replace the animal (I opted to keep it). I don't think they deliberately sent me a deformed mantid, rather they just didn't know enough about them to recognize the problem. Willingness to fix a problem always counts big time in my book, however, and they demonstrated that.

    I would recomened Glades for experienced keepers who already know the husbandry requirements of the animals they're getting and don't need a lot of aditional information. This is only for inverts, I still consider them very knowledgable about herps.

    While I agree that the shipping prices are steep, there's no point in complaining about it after the fact. They tell you up front what the charge is and it's printed on their pricelist and at their website so it's not like it's a hidden charge or anything. I suspect this high rate is just to encourage people to order more (since it's a flat fee). In my case, I'm fortunate enough to work for a nature center that occasionally orders herps from Glades and I've been able to "piggy back" my order so I don't have to pay for the shipping. Yippee!

  7. Positive

    I have had very much luck at Glades. Although a lot of their stuff is WAY over priced, some of the stuff is cheaper. I bought a CB C.Thorelli sling for $65 there, and I've seen them on other sites for up to $90. While the packing charge is a lot, it is a flat rate, so if you order $200 worth its kinda offset. Plus everything I ordered came two days after I ordered and in perfect condition. Maybe some of their stuff is pricy, but ordering large quanities of stuff evens it out.
  8. SkyeSpider

    SkyeSpider Spider Queen Old Timer


    I dealt with Glade's Herps at the Daytona Beach Reptile Breeders Expo. I saw them in the listing of vendors, so I wanted to check them out before the day was over, but being that I don't like crowds and that they were in the center, they became my last stop of the day. I only had $15 left to my name when I got there, but they gladly took a 2" B. smithi that I'd already bought in trade for SEVEN G. pulchra spiderlings (all about 1/2"). I appologised for not having more money to spend there, but they said it was okay.

    All seven spiderlings are doing wonderful and were in exquisit condition when I got them. The $5 price tag wasn't bad at all (even if I didn't technically PAY it). I can not vouch for their shipping, as I dealt in person.

    I will likely order from them in the future, though.

  9. atheris2004

    atheris2004 Arachnopeon

    **Glades - Bad dealings**


    for being a 3 year customer and haveing spent $3000+ with glades herps in florida, they have this time, pushed me over the edge!
    i order a few scorpions, a tarantula, and a iguana for a customer of mine here locally!
    after inspection of the animals arrival today, i noticed that there were a few things missing!!!
    i was short one egyptian sand scorpion (that was replaced by a deathstalker that i didn't want), a black trunk desert hairy scorp that was 2" under what i was told, a usumbara baboon tarantula that was 4" under what i was told, and a all together missing el salvador green iguana. all that and the high prices shipping had set me off already so i decided to call glades and complain. i told them that something better happen to make me happy or i was going to never do business again. they told me "we'll get it taken care of to be in your favor". ya right!!!
    i recieved a call a bit later saying that Rob, the owner, had decided to mend things. his idea of mending things was to ask that i send the deathstalker back IN AN ENVELOPE AND SEND IT REGULAR GROUND MAIL, and also send $47 more to cover new shipping cost of my iguana and egyptian sand scorpion that was left out. they must have big nerves to ask i do that! i got plum down rude then and said that i had better recieve all thats owed to me for free or our business dealing where over with! they said "so be it". "we hate to loose a customer over $47". $47 that they should pay!
    the point of this is to inform you that if you order from glades and they forget to put something in your box.....get ready to face extra shipping charges and alot of hassle! i once gave glades a A+ rateing but they have now been desicrated to a F- . no more dealing with glades!
    hope this was helpful! rowdy kent. new world reptiles. atheris2004@yahoo.com http://www.newworldreptiles.cjb.net
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 8, 2004
  10. JPD

    JPD Arachnobaron Old Timer

    I have nothing but good to say about Glades.
    I am currently negotiating a trade with them and I am very happy with the outcome thus far.
    I talked with Rob intially regarding some B.smithi that I had to trade.
    In return, I will receive 10 adult female L.bishopi. Although he priced them at 35.00 ea, I am very happy to pay that.
    I did a follow-up phone call with Ray and briefly mentioned that I would love to have some L.geometricus as well but Rob had said that they were out.
    I talked with Ray again the next day and he informed me that they had gone out and collected 5 L.geometricus to add to my order.
    I thought this was above and beyond with regard to customer service.
    I have seen a lot of people posting comments about their extremely high shipping charges, however, I have shipped many inverts and have never spent less than 35.00. So, I don't think 40.00 or a little more is excessive. I have been told that USPS can do it for considerably less, but I think I will stick with UPS and will gladly pay a little extra on the receiving end as long as my specimens arrive healthy.
  11. MrDeranged

    MrDeranged He Who Rules Staff Member

    Due to a glitch in the forum software, original reviews of Glades can be found here.
  12. carpe scorpio

    carpe scorpio Arachnoking Old Timer


    I have so far placed two orders with them, and in both cases they were true to their word about size, sex, and flawlessness of the scorpions they sent. I was also very impressed with the packing job they did, I live as far away as you can get on this continent, and that distance requires a good job. The shipping isn't cheap, but the scorpion prices are very good. I had live healthy specimens in 24hrs in both cases, I will order from them again. I do wish that they carried the ever-popular P. transvaalicus, however.
  13. Heather

    Heather Arachnoknight


    I ordered my p. metallica from here around the end of January, due too constant cold temps, shipping was delayed until February 21 with a delivery on the 22nd.

    Only bads were that at times they were slow to return contact via email and the delivery didn't require a signature.

    The shipping prices were high, but that was explained up front and agreeable on my side. The packing was very professional, with heat packs and a styrofoam box liner.

    My T came to me looking healthy and beautiful!

    My overall experience was very positive and well worth the wait!
  14. Definately Posative!

    I ordered a bunch of Ts from Paul @ Glades Herp....Packaging was awesome with the styrofoam box and all of the Ts came in healthy and in great shape! I'd highly recommend them to anyone that is looking for good quality "hand picked" Ts without any question!
  15. jmb

    jmb Arachnosquire Old Timer

    Glades Herp (www.gherp.com) NEGATIVE


    Synopsis of the deal: Just under $700 for an order which I did a partial ($430) prepayment for via phone on 02.21.2008 and which I was told I'd be able to pick up at the Hamburg Show in PA on 02.23.2008. I was able to do so -- they were in a box, behind the counter.

    Due to being packaged in opaque containers, and the extreme crowding at the show (too many people = jostling and bumping), there wasn't any debate with Glades Herp that being able to thoroughly inspect all of them while at the show was impractical: therefore, I only glanced in on a few of the smaller ones to ensure they were alive & well, as the possibility of someone bumping my elbow while opening a 2" tall container w/a 3" LQ in it was NOT an appealing prospect. I checked a few of the smaller ones, and, seeing those I checked to be alive, I made the Charitable Assumption the rest would be, as well.

    The order was for six (6) Parabuthus transvaalicus, two (2) of which were DOA; the same for Tityus stigmurus, although NO (0) DOAs; four (4) mis-labeled Androctonus crassicaudas, and four (4) Leiurus quinquestriatus.

    The Androctonus and Tityus were and are in OK condition. If mycosis shows up in them, it'll be in SDS (and I can dissect/culture/confirm that then).

    Of the LQ's, *ALL* had visible mycosis, one even having lost pectines to it. Detailed pictures of this and the 'reparation order', such as it was, are available here:


    Initial attempts to contact Paul (paul@gherp.com) and their standard addresses (e.g., info@gherp.com, etcetera) went unanswered. I called, and was told Paul was no longer with them, and was directed to Sam (sam@gherp.com) instead. I directed past and all future emails to him, as well, including those already sent. He agreed they would send me replacements for the two DOA P. transvaalicus, and offered to replace the LQ's as well, although he would need to "talk with his boss" about it, and would get back with me. I believe they wanted to charge me shipping, in addition to what I'd already paid, which is something I've yet to come across when dealing with any other online Invert vendor - at least not when it comes to the replacement of so many sick/infected scorps (!).

    The email conversation was very one-sided, as Glades Herp never responded to email, and all phone contact/follow-ups were initiated by me, and I did ensure they had my complete & correct contact information (they definitely had it to successfully bill my CC); I continued calling from late February through early March, and in the second-to-last phone conversation, I was informed that *all* of the LQ's had visible mycosis(!). Again, doing my best to grant a charitable interpretation, I asked if they had any other species in stock by way of trade, which were at least visibly un-infected. I was told that all the Androctonus spp. in stock at the time also had black spots on their limbs. I was told they had one (1) Centruroides vittatus, and three (3) Centruroides gracilis, that (as best as Sam could tell) appeared healthy. Per market price, that's admittedly a bit of a short-shrift in trade on my end; by this time, I simply wanted to conclude all business dealings with them as quickly as possible, and agreed to those as a replacement.

    What I received:

    Two (2) Parabuthus transvaalicus (alive still, though they were very thin and ate ravenously at first, but are thriving)
    One (1) Centruroides vittatus
    Two (2) Centruroides 'gracilis'(!)

    Yes, I got shorted even further. No, I have not complained to them about the last part because I'm uninterested in further specimens from them because -- surprise! -- even the Centruroides had what appears to be mycosis, the signature melanization/black spot having already destroyed one foot.


    If it would prove edifying for anyone, I'll be happy to place the emails I sent in a subdirectory off the link above. I can't post any emails from them, as I never received any.

    What was good about the dealer: Well, all the Tityus were/are doing fine (and still are). The Parabuthus that weren't DOAs were/are fine. Beyond that, well....

    Even saying "They had a particular XYZ in stock" is not positive, not if *ALL* of their particular XYZ are hosts to fungal infections.

    Lauren, the fellow at the Hamburg, PA show booth, was very polite and helpful, though as they'd merely shipped the box up to him for me to pick up, there wasn't anything he could really do, and, per what he told me, he wasn't/isn't an employee of Glades Herp. Regardless, I have no complaints about him, he was neither rude nor dismissive.

    What could have been better about the dealer: First and foremost? They should, as I've repeatedly told them (including via phone), DISCONTINUE SELLING SPECIMENS WHICH THEY KNOW TO BE INFECTED WITH MYCOSIS! (Yes, that's me shouting).

    As of today (03.21.2008) their available/price list for Inverts still reflects that they are stocking and have available for sale a number of LQ's and Androctonus spp., which, as they did not discontinue listing their specimens/had no other inventory changes after I spoke with them, leads me to believe that they are still trying to sell off infected scorpions, and from what I've gathered via my conversations with them, this is unlikely to change, which is the reason for my taking the time to post this review.

    Not using opaque/semi-opaque containers is another point...Although, if you are trying to vend something you'd prefer not be inspected too closely, I suppose that's a positive, not a negative....

    As an aside, I should add that some of the containers (e.g., those housing the Androctonus spp. I purchased, which don't have visible mycosis), were all of the clear-type -- so not *all* of the containers were opaque, in fact; note from the pictures on my site that any visible glassware shown in the photos is mine (the scorps didn't come with a 500ml beaker) and I used such things for photo clarity.


    I take *NO* joy in posting a negative review -- I've had minor issues with other vendors in the past, but minor issues are one thing: systematically keeping and vending sick invertebrates consistently is something else entirely. As posting hearsay is verboten, despite my ability to find out virtually anything I'd like on any person/organization, I cannot state what condition their tarantulas are in, though I can now say firsthand that the condition of virtually *all* their scorpion stock is downright terrible. I can also say that not merely from the above instances, but also due to knowledge about their organization which I obtained in my own researches, I have no intention of doing ANY further business with them.

    I've posted plenty of positive reviews on my own site (soon to be moved to their own page of recommended/Whitelist links), and had never even considered having a "Blacklist" page on my site; at least, not until now :(

    Considering the damage Glades Herp can and likely has done to others, and judging from their own admission that, well, yes, virtually *all* of certain spp. are mycotic, and their obvious intent to continue selling them in the trade, I'm sadly contemplating creating one solely for them, as the number of people who (say) purchase invert X and have it mysteriously sicken/die on them is only going to serve to discourage people from the hobby: Why spend $$$ on something which only lives a little while, or lives poorly if at all? Anyone interested in inverts in general, and who might have the bad luck of dealing with Glades Herp as their first experience, would likely lose their interest. Fast.

    I am not posting this to be vengeful, nor am I financially motivated. I could easily enough have done a chargeback. I didn't. I went further than many would to contact them (which they didn't make easy). I even let them shortchange me on the reparation. That's fine. I have active colonies of many Centruroides spp. and a loads of others, as well. My concern is that they will continue selling visibly (or worse, invisibly) sick specimens, and that someone newer to inverts than myself will take even a fraction of the financial hit I took, and be totally jammed by it.

    That is the reason I took the time to pen such a negative review, because all it takes for a bad business to flourish is for those who can take the financial hit to remain silent. If I did not make the above information public, I would, in an abstract way, be partially responsible the next time someone paid out good money for a sick invert...And I cannot, in good conscience, be party to that.

    Any questions, further pictures desired, suggestions, whatever -- my contact information is available, and I'm open to being PM'd here, as well, and am, as always, a reasonable person. That said, I'm entirely uninterested in pointless bickering, and any outright flames PM'd or emailed to me will either be piped to /dev/null or published on my own site to be mocked.