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getting new Ts and need some suggestions

Discussion in 'Tarantula Questions & Discussions' started by thedude, Oct 2, 2007.

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    im getting rdy to order a bunch of Ts and ive got a purtty nice list going:

    P. murinus, L. parahybana and G. aureostriata.

    and thinking of atlest one more to get, ne suggestions?? im thinking
    P. chordatus, G.b.b maybe a H.gigas or C. crawshayi or maybe even a A. francki even though it's a true spider. im not afraid of aggresive,hair kicking or big im a bit iffy on venom, but hey if you dont handle them you arnt gonna get bit right?? i just dont want ne thing like a pet hole or a pet web lol.

    like Ts that when i bring them to demos there out and about... that statement right there shortend my list consideribly didnt it lol?
  2. Hi!

    If You use long tools, they won't bit you. If I were you, I would buy Ceratogyrus, Hysterocrates, Haplopelma, Ornithoctonus, and Poecilotheria species. they are very interesting, very beautiful, and very crazy :D.
  3. ive bin sorta thinking about pokies... how reclusive are they... and are they fast growers? same thing with Hysterocrates
  4. I have a H. gigas and it spends 99% of its time underground. Basically it only comes out when I put a cricket in there.

  5. The_Thunderer

    The_Thunderer Arachnobaron

    I'm thinking about getting pokies too... I hear and have read that they're fast growers. I've also read that they're good display spiders (as long as you arrange the tank accordingly) as well.

    P. regalis is on the list for me.... :}
  6. i cant decide P. ornata or P. pederseni lol :drool: and thats if i settle on one of em i dunno why but im leaning over twords another Pterinochilus sp.. i guess there all the same as p. murinus just varying degrees of brown and tan?
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  7. how bout a G.B.B? , ive heard they web alot and there alwase out. are they easy, i just get varied results when i look them up
  8. -Sarah-

    -Sarah- Arachnobaron

    I think you've got a good list going there, just remember that P. murinus are kind of nuts and some of them can be little demons from what I've heard :D I'm going to have my hands full with 5 of them, along with the other crazy tarantulas I just had to have. P. regalis are gorgeous tarantulas as well. C. Cyaneopubescens or the Green Bottle Blues are beautiful tarantulas that web a lot, although they can be very skittish they probably aren't likely to bite. Then again, I've never kept one, this is only from what I've heard about them. If you're not afraid of a sassy, hair-kicking tarantula that isn't a pet hole or a pet web, and one that would be good for a demo (just as long as you aren't planning on handling it!), why not try looking into getting an A. geniculata? Their colors are out of this world. I got mine as a tiny freebie, and now even as a juvenile she's gorgeous! I can't wait until she moults again.

  9. GailC

    GailC Arachnoprince Old Timer

    I'd go with the GBB, they grow relatively fast and are usually visible. Mine was awsome but I sold her, stupid me:(

    Pokies are nice too but mine hid alot, my A. genic is always in the open, grows big fast, is beautiful and is wicked defensive.
  10. The_Thunderer

    The_Thunderer Arachnobaron

    There's a pet store here with a GBB (C. Cyaneopubescens) and an H. lividum. However, the GBB is a male (nothing against him, he's beautiful, but I want "long-term") and I don't know if I want a "pet hole" - Cobalt Blue (I hardly see the other T's enough). I've got the L. parahybana, the G. aureostriata, and the P. murinus and they're all very kewl (they're the ones on "the dude's" list).

    That same pet store has a couple of adult female P. regalis, but I don't know how old they are and they're very pricey ($149.00 each). I don't know how you can tell the age of a spider, but these two don't look "young" and that worries me.

    There's a local guy (in Phoenix - he's also on these boards sometimes) that I want to see about a Singapore Blue (C. sp "Singapore Blue), Trinidad Chevron (P. cambridgei), or a Venezuelan Sun Tiger (P. irminia), but he's almost an hour away and is available only on the weekends. It's almost a waste to order from him and pay the shipping fee, but I'm also busy on weekends so trying to arrange a meeting is frustrating (not to mention that I don't want to waste HIS time).

    Soooo, I guess what I'm saying is that while I also have a want list, I don't know how I'm going to "make it happen" anytime soon. LOL.

    Ohhh, the frustrations of having so many wants!!!!! GRRRRRR! :(
  11. GailC

    GailC Arachnoprince Old Timer

    Its easy, buy online.
  12. The_Thunderer

    The_Thunderer Arachnobaron

    Yeah... that's easy for you to say. I've bought snakes, crickets, worms, etc. online, but can't bring myself to buy T's online. Part of it is because of our HOT temps here... its just now starting to cool down but not enough to be "safe" for T's. It probably should be okay in about a month. Perhaps then... LOL.

    In any case, its "just me!".
  13. silieputty

    silieputty Arachnosquire

    I'm just a newbie, but I recommend the GBB! Beautiful little Ts, I only have a sling but it's out in the open a lot. The webbing is nice, and so far not overly-webbed up (can still see the sling). Great appetite, can eat a cricket that's nearly as big as itself.

    I also have a Lasiodora (difficilis though) and love it - great personality and will be big.

    I'm getting a P. murinus like you (beautiful and personality to match), and also an Avicularia metallica. How about an Avicularia versicolor? Have you seen them - gorgeous and easy-keeper (except need special humidity/ventilation as slings).
  14. The Haplos tend to be deep burrowers and you won't see alot of them.I see my Longpipes very very early in the morning and only half of her. My schmidti only because the burrow is next to the glass otherwise I wouldn't see her at all. We have Poecs here and they are super display species. As slings they may hide away but as adults they are always out. Ours are not aggressive and will likely spook and bolt rather than attack. We use tongs for tank tidying - no hands on gardening! The Gigas are deep burrowers but it depends on the personality if you see them. One of ours is a real character and is always about and totally mad, one of the others I never see but the burrows it has made in the pot are amazing. If we go tarantula showing we take the G Pulchra for blackness, RCF Rosie for colour, Blondie for size, adult Poec for colours and pattern, and we are going to set up a Gigas for burrows.
  15. Rochelle

    Rochelle Arachnoprince

    Ummmm...I don't mean to rain on your parade or anything, hon...but a P. murinas is pretty much the definition of "Pet Web".... show at 3 AM....
    The A. geniculata or the G. areostrata are pretty good bets for a display T., tho!;)
  16. Venom

    Venom Arachnoprince Old Timer

    Well, if you just want a display tarantula, and don't care about handling it, here are some I'd recommend:

    Lasiodora sp.
    Lasiodorides sp.
    Brachypelma sp.

    --All are active, not-so hidey, and mostly lookers as well.

    There's really no reason to get a psycho old-worlder if you just want display. Most are reclusive, and unable to be held except by the very experienced. The list I gave has some defensive and flicky T's on it, but with caution and practice, most of those could still be handled.
  17. The_Thunderer

    The_Thunderer Arachnobaron

    Hi, Venom!

    Just asking for some help here. What would the common names of these two be? I've looked them up on Google and all I find is some terse interchange between two people using THIS forum about whether or not N. cristatus is actually N. cristatus or L. cristatus which is actually neither of them... (get what I mean? LOL!). Sooo, for the sake of ease in finding out what is what, what are the actual common names, please? Pretty please? LOL.
  18. The_Thunderer

    The_Thunderer Arachnobaron

    Well, searched some more and found that...

    N. cristatus is actually Nhandu chromatus or Brazilian Red and White or White Striped Bird-Eater.

    N. coloratovillosus is the Brazilian Black & White.

    I was just so curious, that I couldn't stop searching!!! Thanks anyway.
  19. thanks guys! how about S. calceatum whats there deal?? do they fit what i want?
  20. Venom

    Venom Arachnoprince Old Timer

    Err, no. S.calceata is the most venomous tarantula, with some genuinely worrisome symptoms. They are also extremely quick and agile, and highly defensive towards humans. It's an experts-only spider.