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Getting an Obt and Gbb!!!

Discussion in 'Tarantula Chat' started by Biollantefan54, Jan 21, 2013.

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    Well I have done major reading on both species and they seem pretty easy but info on the Obt is a little vague. I recently found a site that has a quantity of 5 1/3 of an inch Obt slings for 35.00$ each! I think that is a great deal in my opinion. I realize the venom is dangerous and an Obt is not for a newbie but I have done extensive research and (think I) know what I am doing :sarcasm: . Most of you all probably think I am stupid for jumping from a rose hair to an Obt but I think I can handle the Obt. If I can find the GBB soon from the same site for a good price and I spend at least 100$ dollars on the site I also get a free Lasiodora Parybahna.!(I might have misspelt it). But anyways all the info about the GBB and the Obt have said keep them like a rose hair, is this true? Bone dry, water dish, 3-4 inches of substrate. Anyways, cant wait!!! :love:
  2. spiderengineer

    spiderengineer Arachnoprince

    when owning a tarantula its never about how prepared you are its about how confident you are in owning it. preparation will only go so far and when something does happen you need that confidence to be able to handle the situation. so if you feel confident you are ready for one then you probably are. I don't own any GBB, but for OBT I usually keep them on the dry side. they will either burrow or just webbed up alot that so your set up should be fine. just realize that ready about their temper and hearing about their speed is completely different then actually experience it
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  3. Thanks for the reply. I am highly confident in keeping those. The only issue is that the GBB and Obt will both be 3/4 of an inch (spiderlings) and I have never kept a Tarantula spiderling. I don't know how to keep tarantulas that small. Any advice on care for them at that size?
  4. jakykong

    jakykong Arachnobaron

    Except for a little more humidity, they're pretty much the same as adults: Feed 'em once every week or two, a prey item about the size of their abdomen. I've raised almost all of my tarantulas from slings, haven't had any trouble with them.

    Enjoy your orange bitey thing. They're awesome. :)
  5. spiderengineer

    spiderengineer Arachnoprince

    I like to power feed my smaller sling for a few molts until they get to a size of about an inch or were they seem less fragile. for OBT slings its nothing difficult to than other slings. it also helps that OBT are pretty much invincible so you as long is they are not in a swamping enclosure you should be ok.
  6. goodoldneon

    goodoldneon Arachnoknight

    I disagree. Preparation, educating one’s self is every bit as, if not more important, than confidence.

    Read as much as you can - review the bite reports and ask lots of questions. Confidence, without knowledge to back it up, can be dangerous.
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  7. spiderengineer

    spiderengineer Arachnoprince

    sorry I should have explain that better. preparation is very important in fact crucial, but you can prepared for all worst case scenario as much as possible, but if you don't have the confidence to deal with the situation (i.e rehousing the OBT) then no amount of preparation will help you.
  8. Well I am confident and all ways do extensive research when I am only THINKING about getting any kind of animal lol. So what do you mean a little bit different on humidity? I recently went out and bought a humidity gauge and it says my room (where my spiders live) is like 60 humidity. So what do I do with humidity for slings? I also don't like asking lots of questions because I feel as it is rude and makes me feel uneducated. But I have never raised a sling so I am not sure on humidity and feeding and things. In my wild caught spiderlings, I all ways end up with white fuzzy mold no matter how much I spray or how little I spray.
  9. macbaffo

    macbaffo Arachnolord

    R: Getting an Obt and Gbb!!!

    35$ for slings big 1/3 inch? What kind of prices do you have over there?!?
  10. spiderengineer

    spiderengineer Arachnoprince

    well if your humidity gauge is one of those that sticks to the wall of the tank. they are practically useless most people will agree. the only good humidity sensor is a digital one. like I said before you can keep OBT dry or just mist the substrate a little ever few weeks or so and that should be plenty. for feeding they can have the same feeding schedule like adult T's have. some feed slings once a week some stretch the feeding time out longer. like I said I like to power feed my smaller sling for a few molts so that are close to an inch before i feed them like all my other bigger T's. so what I do is feed them pin head twice a week.

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    I think he ment he got 5 that were 1/3 inches for 35 dollars
  11. You both wrong lol. I am getting an Obt that is 3/4 of an inch for $10.00 and a Gbb that is 3/4 of an inch for $40.00 plus $45.00 shipping lol. And the humidity gauge is got temp and humidity. It sticks to the side, but.....its useless?
  12. spiderengineer

    spiderengineer Arachnoprince

    not sure if the temp one is any good, but the general consensus is that humidity gauge bought at pet store are useless.
  13. How do I get a humidity gauge that isn't from a pet store then?
  14. spiderengineer

    spiderengineer Arachnoprince

    well I got a digital one from amazon.
  15. Would I need one for a Gbb and Obt?
  16. spiderengineer

    spiderengineer Arachnoprince

    I have one because i have alot of T so I don't think you will need one. for that matter I am pretty sure not many people actually measure the humidity and it seems like most just eye ball if you will for what I read in threads. Also we are talking about an OBT so you don't need to make humidity a huge issue like I said if you worry about it just every few weeks just mist the substrate and you should be fine.
  17. Shop around. My female 5" OBT was 40 dollars. Slings are easily 10 dollars or free with some orders online. Of course, shopping online you pay for shipping.
  18. singaporesling

    singaporesling Arachnosquire

    I got a digital gauge on eBay for 16 bux that works great. I think they're important cuz here in the winter its 20% humidity in my house. I give a quick mist everyday and it dries up by the next day. And my obt webs its hide but doesn't web a lot or burrow. It just chills in the day and roams its enclosure at night. My gbb sling is just over an inch and eats every 5 days like clockwork so far.
  19. Legion09

    Legion09 Arachnoknight

    OBT's and GBB's are both dry loving species. A little moisture isn't a bad thing every once in a while, but it's not necessary beyond a water bowl. (At larger sizes. I also tend to add a little extra during pre-molt and after a molt to help prevent desiccation and improve molting.) At smaller/sling sizes, a single spray of water against the side of the vial is plenty of moisture for a week or two. Feeding is easy, both will generally hunt aggressively and take down prey their size or smaller. (Sometimes larger) My research, reading and experience has OBT's running to hide when disturbed but will aggressively defend their territory if you invade it. My GBB along with research, reading and experience has them as decently skittish. Hiding quickly and not necessarily an aggressive defender. They can both run in random directions though when disturbed. This can lead to them running towards you. Your best bet is to disturb the enclosure before you open it so they can appropriately hide before you do anything. You don't need an OBT running up your tongs and biting you because it decided to run at you instead of the other direction. They are both decently fast, though the OBT is much more so and a steamroller to boot.

    Good luck! Hope the info helps!
  20. jdl

    jdl Arachnosquire

    No you probrably don't need one. Sling OBT's are pretty forgiving. If the cage is a little too moist or too dry it will be fine. I keep my slings in well ventilated containers and allow them to dry out between spraying. I feed the slings twice a week so they get sprayed twice a week. My juveniles and adults get sprayed in one area of their container once a week. The Gbb needs a bit more moisture than the OBT, but not much. I have been reading that adult GBB's can die from too much humidity. I keep the cyaneopubescens pretty much the same as the murinus, I just spray a little heavier. As far as aggression and first T is concerned, you just need to be prepared. P murinus is fast and they can run a long distance. I just got in to 1/2 inchers and chased both them across my table when I pulled them out of the shipping containers. Keep a fish net and tweezers or soft paint brush handy to guide them if you need to if they suddenly decide to escape out of their containers. Another thing I do when changing containers is put the two containers in a tall sweater box, so if they do escape they will have to climb the side and give me time to get my net ready and catch them. I do not think it is crazy at all to go from a rose hair to an obt. My first exotic spider order had a brown phase Pterinochilus murinus and a P widenmanni and they both did fine for me a grew up and I have never been bitten. Good luck and be prepared.