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get ready for the new petco

Discussion in 'Tarantula Chat' started by Icculus, Jul 16, 2017.

  1. Icculus

    Icculus Arachnosquire

    went in to petsmart today for some crickets and the woman helping me said they were going to start carrying t's again next week.

    i wonder if this has anything to do with petco not selling t's anymore?

    i didn't think of it at the time but next week when I go in I'm going to refer the woman to arachnoboards for some education. i did tell her how much crap petco got for their husbandry and examples of what they were doing wrong. guess we' ll see
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  2. Moonohol

    Moonohol Two Legged Freak

    I wish breeders would just band together and refuse to sell to these slimy corporations. Wishful thinking, I know...
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  3. cold blood

    cold blood Moderator Staff Member

    if you recall petco got their ts from a less than reputable t dealer...actually it was a reptile dealer.
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  4. Moakmeister

    Moakmeister Arachnobaron

    Not gonna lie, if my local Petsmart started selling tarantulas, and did it properly, that would be AWESOME!
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  5. Moonohol

    Moonohol Two Legged Freak

    Ah, of course. I suspect I know exactly who you're talking about. Despicable people.
  6. Icculus

    Icculus Arachnosquire

    do you think there is any correlation with petco aborting their t sales? i just find that weird
  7. TRection

    TRection Arachnoknight

    I hope they dont. The people of petsmart are actually pretty petstupid and never have a clue what they're talking about. The amount of animals i wish i could SAVE from those types of stores makes me sick, and dont get me started on the "dog training". I got my beardie from them which i practically consider a rescue because all 20 of them where in the same tank eating eachother. :(
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  8. gypsy cola

    gypsy cola Arachnoknight

    Petco has no interest keeping tarantulas in proper conditions. It's just stupid from a business perspective.

    You can't sell a heat mat, lighting, large cages, and a million decorations to someone who knows what they are doing.

    Petco profits from ignorance.
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  9. vespers

    vespers Arachnodemon

    Petco hasn't aborted their T sales. The half-price reptile sale this past weekend even states right on the sign that spiders were included in the sale. And my local Petsmart still carries Avics of some kind, has them available every few weeks in Kritter Keepers alongside some Heterometrus scorpions (also in Kritter Keepers).
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  10. Icculus

    Icculus Arachnosquire

    some stores may still have them but once there are gone they will not be getting more in. from what I've been lead to believe
  11. viper69

    viper69 ArachnoGod Old Timer

    I wonder if this is another pet business that is going to need another talking to regarding OW.
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  12. Icculus

    Icculus Arachnosquire

    the woman didn't know much about it except they were getting a "pink toe". i asked her if they were getting any other specis and if they were only going to be selling slings but she wasn't sure.

    i go there once a week for crickets so I'll update when they get them in
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  13. Charlottesweb17

    Charlottesweb17 Arachnopeon

    Went to petco last weekend for my supplies in Duluth and my son was looking to see if they had any Ts because when we were there last in February they had enclosures with tarantula on the labels.
    My son asked if they had any and the employee said that they hadn't ordered any yet that was their response.
    Am sticking with my shop in Montreal!
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  14. A lot of people hate petco, but i will always hate petsmart more. Their care much much less than petco. Maybe its just the one in my area, but im full on against buying anything at petsmart. I want them shut down. I even feel bad for the crickets in there. At least my local petco seems to have hired people with background experience in animal care. They have started attempting to set up at least bare minimum enclosures instead of leaving them in the hut things.
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  15. Chris LXXIX

    Chris LXXIX Arachnoemperor Active Member

    Petco not selling T's anymore, I've heard? If true, it's the end of an Era, just like when Old West finished :pompous:
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  16. Charlottesweb17

    Charlottesweb17 Arachnopeon

    Petsmart in Canada is good. I basically go there just for crickets anyway.
  17. Rittdk01

    Rittdk01 Arachnoknight

    Yaaaawn. If I had a nickel for every mention of petco on these boards.......
  18. darkness975

    darkness975 Dream Reaper Arachnosupporter

    So wait, Petcos nationwide are no longer selling Tarantulas of any kind at all?

    I am no friend to Petco, but there are SOME that are decent and it is a lot of people's gateway into the Invertebrate field. Not that everyone who shops there is a stellar keeper but you get what I am trying to say here.

    If Petco no longer sells them anywhere then there will be far less publicity for Tarantulas as pets than there already is given that a larger number of people go to Petco than go to individual small places scattered throughout the states.

    Proverbial double edged sword IMO.
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  19. Icculus

    Icculus Arachnosquire

    multiple people here have said that petco is not selling t's anymore which has coincided with the three petcos in my area not having t's.

    over the winter two of the stores said the shipping was delayed but within the last month or so have told me that they will not be selling them anymore. this is Massachusetts and new Hampshire. maybe other regions are different.
  20. user 666

    user 666 Arachnobaron

    My local Petco stores stopped selling Ts several years ago.

    We never even got to see the Tarantula Huts that many hted, much less buy them.