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Discussion in 'Online Seller/Buyer/Breeder Reviews' started by Radashack, Jan 27, 2015.

  1. Radashack

    Radashack Arachnosquire

    :laugh::alien:I just received a very well packed and beautiful batch of adult female tarantulas from Bill. He was very professional and polite, just the kind of person that I like to deal with. Everything arrived as promised and in great shape!

    Thanks Bill!
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  2. elportoed

    elportoed Arachnobaron Old Timer

    Did a trade with Bill. I got my part of my trade, I'm happy with the transaction.
    Bill did a good job at packing. We texted each other during the shipping.
    He was very responsive through out.
    There is a little snag but he promises to make things right.
    I will definitely do business with Bill again.
    Thanks so much.
  3. 100% POSITIVE

    Made a purchase from Genetic Defekt Tarantulas. Great prices, well packaged. Baboon slings arrived ready for battle!

  4. Teal

    Teal Arachnoking Old Timer


    I ordered two P. lugardi slings from Bill. I had contacted a few sellers with the species listed, but his communication was top notch and I chose to purchase from him. He shipped when he said he would, and provided a tracking number. My slings arrived in a well-packed box, snug in vials. One of the slings molted in transit even! Very happy with how healthy they look. I would definitely purchase from him again!
  5. SteamBug

    SteamBug Arachnopeon

    Received all my spiders : ). Good shipping, excellent communication. Would like to do business with in the future.
  6. leestriter

    leestriter Arachnopeon


    I have ordered OBT slings and have been amazed by the speed and thoroughness of communication. Would do business again.
  7. I received 2 female OBT's from bill, there was good communication the throughout the whole transaction. My T's arrived alive and healthy! The animals were packed with care and they made it through the Arizona heat with no issues. Overall I would give bill positive review he will work with you on price and give you a good deal. Thanks for T's Bill!
  8. le-thomas

    le-thomas Arachnobaron


    Absolutely fantastic specimens, timely communication (despite a busy schedule), A+ packing. Would absolutely do business with again.