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GBB sling sluggish... Pre molt?

Discussion in 'Tarantula Questions & Discussions' started by Frazam, Dec 4, 2018.

  1. Frazam

    Frazam Arachnosquire

    So I got a GBB 1.5" sling in a trade about 4 days ago. Tried feeding it, ignored the roach, so I removed it after 24hrs.

    It seems a little sluggish and on the fat side. Hasn't webbed up much too. Is he in pre-molt perhaps? Here he is just now IMG_20181204_204932.jpg
  2. Paul1126

    Paul1126 Arachnodemon Active Member

    Certainly fat enough
  3. CheshireGleam

    CheshireGleam Arachnopeon

    Looks like it to me, it's very swollen and shiny. Cutie!
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  4. Mirandarachnid

    Mirandarachnid Arachnobaron Active Member

    That's a big shiny booty, I'd say premolt is likely, especially since it seems interested in the water dish. I've noticed my GBBs like to take a long drink before they molt.

    That enclosure could use some anchor points.
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  5. Frazam

    Frazam Arachnosquire


    Here's a clearer shot of his booty. So it is in pre molt. Hmm. Won't disturb him for awhile then.

    As for anchor points, should I add more? I'm afraid he might web up to the lid, which would mean wrecking it whenever it's feeding time.. Not to mention web over his water dish.
  6. Potatatas

    Potatatas Arachnoknight

    Yeah add some more anchor points. Just don't put anything that almost reaches the lid if you don't want it webbing it up (although it probably will web the lid anyway just to annoy you!).

    Mine barely did any webbing in pre moult and has now started making tunnels a few days after moulting.
  7. Frazam

    Frazam Arachnosquire

    Hmm. His deli cup is only 3 inches high. Should I get a taller one? Maybe after he molts?

    How long do premolts last? For GBBs? My pumpkin patch has been at it for two weeks now, and no sign of finishing up any time soon. Just stays inside his blocked up burrow.
  8. Potatatas

    Potatatas Arachnoknight

    Leave it as is for now. It doesn't look like it's webbing so don't worry too much. Mine was in premoult for about 3 weeks before it finally moulted a few days ago. It's my first GBB so my experience might be different than yours though.
  9. Frazam

    Frazam Arachnosquire

    Got it. I'll just leave him in there and expect to see him back in action after a month :D thanks!
  10. The Grym Reaper

    The Grym Reaper Arachnotank Arachnosupporter

    It's not like they only have a finite amount of silk or something, if you rip up the webbing they'll just make more. It's a non-issue.
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  11. ccTroi

    ccTroi Arachnoknight Arachnosupporter

    maybe. it may eat one more time. crush the head of the roach just enough that it twitches. i’d expect it to eat one more time.
    gbb’s tend to web excessively when in premolt.
  12. Frazam

    Frazam Arachnosquire

    I got it last Friday and only put a roach in yesterday. It was love though, and he didn't touch it so I took it out today. Should I try again but this time pre killed?

    He did web up a bit, made a small tunnel-like structure. But I rehoused him earlier today after removing the roach cause I felt the enclosure was too big and it might've stressed him out (a 6x6x6 enclo), causing him not to eat and be sluggish.
  13. The Grym Reaper

    The Grym Reaper Arachnotank Arachnosupporter

    It's already more than fat enough to not need to eat again until it moults IMO.

    The cube would've been fine, this species does fine in larger enclosures than you'd normally use for other terrestrials.

    Bung a couple more anchor points in the current enclosure, wait for a moult and then rehouse to the cube once it's hardened up (about a week or so after moulting).
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  14. ccTroi

    ccTroi Arachnoknight Arachnosupporter

    i’m speaking from experience having raised over a dozen of the species. i did advise to try pre-killed prey to avoid possible injury. i’ve had slings of the species with bigger abdomen and still accept food.
    yes try pre-killed this time. leave it in there for a day. if it doesn’t eat, then premolt for sure and fill it’s water bowl. i would leave it alone til it molts but only refill it’s water when it empties.
  15. Frazam

    Frazam Arachnosquire

    It made a web nest overnight and just hangs out inside. Probably getting ready for the molting process?

    I'll return him to the cube once he's done molting. Gives me time clean it and prepare it properly.

    Got it. Thanks!
  16. Frazam

    Frazam Arachnosquire

    Woke up, checked on the little.bugger, and its about 90% done molting :)
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