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GBB sling got bit during molt?

Discussion in 'Tarantula Questions & Discussions' started by Moltenred, Mar 17, 2019.

  1. Moltenred

    Moltenred Arachnopeon

    So I have a instar 5 gbb who molted for me tonight and I went to check on it and a random mealworm came out of nowhere and was trying to eat it! I believe there is a small wound on its abdomen and the mealworm has since been removed, I need to seal the wound but it just molted and I’m not sure what to do because it’s already in such a fragile state.
    What do you suggest I do??
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  2. Michael Guirov

    Michael Guirov Arachnopeon

    Youll need to upload pictures so others more experienced can see and advise, applying a thick layer of cornstarch to cover the wound area is all i could suggest though.

    Always crush the meal worm heads in future though, very lucky to catch him in time!

    Hopefully the T pulls through man
  3. Derivative

    Derivative Arachnosquire

    I hate mealworms whenever I buy them I usually do 3 things with them. 1. Give a few to my cats so they can play/kill the mealworms brutally. 2. Give them to my great dane who usually steps on them and eats them off her foot. 3. Bring the mealworms outside with a flamethrower and...….
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  4. CJJon

    CJJon Arachnoknight Active Member

    Probably best to do nothing and hope for the best.

    Always crush worm heads before feeding. Always.
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  5. Moltenred

    Moltenred Arachnopeon

    So I got a good look at it this morning. It’s doin fine, alive and walking and all that. Looks like it lost a spinneret unfortunately but I’m sure that it will be fine!
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  6. Derivative

    Derivative Arachnosquire

    I hate mealworms they are little *!@#$%^%'s. And its good to hear you T is alive as most T's who are attacked by mealworms during molting die.
  7. not much you can do OP. I hope your T stays healthy. I will normally retard my worms by smashing most of the head but they will still be writhing enough to attract my vicious cute little teddy bears. I notice healthy worms will writhe more than dehydrated old ones.
  8. Derivative

    Derivative Arachnosquire

    It was a bad joke I dont really do that. I have no clue how anyone in their right mind thought I was serious.
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