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G. rosea simple care guide

Discussion in 'Tarantula Questions & Discussions' started by tristan4033, Mar 18, 2017.

  1. tristan4033

    tristan4033 Arachnoknight Active Member

    Ok, most people know how to care for this species but some people are just starting out or need better info. Than on care sheets. This is my simple, helpful care guide.

    Temp: Keep this species at room temp around 72-75 degrees.
    Humidity: No specifics but signs are easy to tell when the need more or less. If it is hovering over its water dish it needs it to be more humid. If it is on the walls constantly it needs less and the sub is to soaked.DO NO MIST OR SOAK SUBSTRATE.

    Enclosure: I am using a 18 quart Rubbermaid for this just be sure to use the right ventilation(drill worked best for me).

    Substrate: Bone dry substrate I only add water to it when I overflow the dish(do not do it every day maybe once every two weeks).

    Food: This varies but as a sling feed it nothing bigger than a small worm or the smallest crickets you can find. As a juvenile feed it larger insects like bigger worms and crickets. This is the same for an adult, you can feed it roaches as an adult. I'm going to base the feeding off an adult since most people get adults as a beginner IMO. Feed 4-5 worms every two weeks 3 crickets every two weeks or 1-2 roaches every two weeks. NOTE: this species goes on looong fasting periods so do not worry if it doesn't eat just take the food out before you go to bed or when you wake up( I feed mine when I wake up and when I get home I take the uneaten food out.

    Decor: coco fiber/bark hide or pvc/ water dish and some fake plants

    This is a relatively docile and easy species to look after so I reccomend it as a beginner species

    I made this to be as simple and straight forward as possible.

    Thank you
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  2. The Grym Reaper

    The Grym Reaper Arachnoreaper Arachnosupporter

    There's about a gazillion care guides for Grammostola rosea/porteri on here, there was absolutely no need to post another, this one isn't even entirely accurate either.

    Additionally, I wouldn't recommend them as a beginner T due to their unpredictable temperaments and tendency to fast for up to 2 years at a time which is why there are also a gazillion "HELP!!!! Why won't my Rosie eat?" or "Psycho Rosie" threads.
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  3. Chris LXXIX

    Chris LXXIX Arachnoemperor Active Member

  4. darkness975

    darkness975 Dream Reaper Arachnosupporter

    The temperature range is wider than that. PVC is not the best to use.

    Actually a lot of people don't recommend these as a beginner species because they tend to frustrate keepers with their long fasts and 180 degree temperament switches. They should not be held but many people try to hold them and that is when they can see the results of their mood swings.

    I do agree that they are easy to look after, though. If I go away for a week or two (rarely) I don't have to worry about them. As long as they have water they are fine.
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  5. tristan4033

    tristan4033 Arachnoknight Active Member

    I never worried about the fasting myself, I guess I just did my research, I was kind of happy that I wasn't buying food lol
  6. grayzone

    grayzone Arachnoking

    Drop rosie in on dry substrate, keep your house warm enough to only wear a t shirt, offer zero crickets to the rosie, and forget all about it... come back and check on it in 6 months and itll still be in the exact spot it landed in... perfect care sheet right there
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  7. Andrea82

    Andrea82 Arachnoking Active Member

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