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G Rosea Prey item stuck in mouth and mites

Discussion in 'Tarantula Questions & Discussions' started by SgtSparkles, Nov 7, 2011.

  1. SgtSparkles

    SgtSparkles Arachnosquire

    i've figured out whats up with the rose hair but i have no idea what to do, after getting more and more sluggish i got brave enough to pinch grab her and flip her over to hydrate her directly and there are little white bugs (mites) ? running around her mouth and i removed a piece of prey item by hand, i dripped some water on her mouth parts and put her in a moist icu with water. this might explain the strange behavior exibited since bringing her home from the LPS

    please help i brought this T home because it was in a wet container with dead crickets and looked miserable in the corner. it has killed prey items since and carried them like it was eating them but never consumed one, i now know why but don't know where to go from here
  2. SgtSparkles

    SgtSparkles Arachnosquire

    this appears to be the second rosie on here to suffer from uneaten food and maybe subsrate stuck in mouth parts, and no doubt the mites are a result of it, help would be appreciated as minor improvement has been shown but theres still far too much curling going on for my liking
  3. really you've done about all you can at this point.
  4. SgtSparkles

    SgtSparkles Arachnosquire

    well i managed to take a medium set of tweezers and hook and lift both fangs and get out one more dry piece of undigested food and now her mouth looks much better, i have flushed off or picked off most of the mites, and hydrated her, now she is just chillin out and destressing for a bit, prolly gonna get up early before work and manually hydrate her again and change the towls in her icu to help with mite reduction, in about a week maybe she can go home, though after a thurough clean and substrate change, ugh. but she was in complete death curl at 10PM and at 1:38 pm she can walk, move all her legs and palps, and even got dangerously close to getting out of a pinch grab toward my thumb
  5. Ingar

    Ingar Arachnopeon

    I suggest to put her in quarantine tank - without substrate, because mites developing as nymphs in substrate. If you remove it for awhile (lets say 3 weeks - but month is even better) - you break a cycle of development of those little dot-alike bastards.
    Also keep going to keep tank ultra dry, and try to manually hydrate her as rear as possible - stress of you grabbing her can also cause bad consequences.
    And if you can - keep temp between 20-22C. It also would help.
  6. agree, change the sub (bake the one she's in at 400 degrees and that should kill off the eggs), and keep her dry! Rosies come from what many call one of the harshest environments in the world so dont think that your gonna kill her by keeping her bone dry.
  7. jfuente31

    jfuente31 Arachnosquire

    Are you sure the white bugs aren't nematodes? I just ask since it's preventing the T from eating
  8. SgtSparkles

    SgtSparkles Arachnosquire

    she's in an ICU Container and moving much better this morning, they are not nematodes definitely mites. i just changed her Paper Towels again and was surprised by her movement, she seems much happier without a bunch of dead food blocking her intake of water and food. haven't fed her yet as i'm waiting for the crix to gut load and hours afterward i'm gonna have to check for uneaten food in the mouth again
  9. Ingar

    Ingar Arachnopeon

    In your case I wouldn't hurry with feeding T. You should wait approx month after T completely recovers.
  10. hassman789

    hassman789 Arachnobaron

    Yeah and I also think you should take it out of the icu (like said above). Mites thrive in moistness. So I think if you keep it dry and be cautious of dehydration (I don't think it should be a problem) that would be better than an icu IMO. much of that has already been said, just my input. Good luck!
  11. SgtSparkles

    SgtSparkles Arachnosquire

    she is now in a small enclosure with bone dry substrate and a water dish, she no longer appears to be dehydrated so we'll see how she makes out.
  12. gmrpnk21

    gmrpnk21 Arachnobaron

    Keep us updated please.