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G. Rosea Feeding

Discussion in 'Tarantula Questions & Discussions' started by DethNotSuicide, Oct 18, 2010.

  1. DethNotSuicide

    DethNotSuicide Arachnopeon

    What is safe and what is dangerous? like are house flys ok? (i understand probably not but you know what i mean)
  2. KevinFrancisco

    KevinFrancisco Arachnopeon

    Well I guess feeders are the safest food you can offer your Ts. But if you're thinking of catching insects, there is always a chance of it being exposed to chemicals such as insecticides.

    Sometimes I see grasshoppers in our garage and I catch it and give it to my Ts. Haha. They happily accept it and eat it without hesitation. But yeah, as I said earlier, there are chances of it being exposed to harmful elements. So it's your choice. I just do that to give them variety in their diet.
  3. you can get crickets at every petshop, they are cheap and safe for your T
  4. bobusboy

    bobusboy Arachnoknight


    Meal Worms

    Go to your local pet store (LPS) and see what they have.

    Crickets are a safe bet, but there is a cricket virus right now and I'd be hesitant because i dont know how interspecies transmission works (crickets to T) Meal/superworms tend to dig as soon as they hit the sub when you feed them so crush the head or something before feeding them to your T.

    Every one loves roaches, they dont stink they dont breed out side of their container if they escape (well some dont), they're quiet.

    and you cant have them in canada :8o...

    Anyhow crickets are a safe bet.
  5. DethNotSuicide

    DethNotSuicide Arachnopeon

    yeah i know that i can get them from pet stores. i was just wondering for the just incase i need something and cant get to the store.
  6. xhexdx

    xhexdx ArachnoGod Old Timer

    Tarantulas don't need to be fed as often as, say, a dog. If you can't plan ahead enough to get to the pet shop once a week or once every two weeks, maybe you should be keeping pet rocks instead.

    No hostility here, I'm just not going to sugar-coat anything today (or ever ;)).
  7. DethNotSuicide

    DethNotSuicide Arachnopeon

    no no no i mean incase of an emergency and i cant get to a store. trust me im a good parent to Samhain. (my T.)
  8. xhexdx

    xhexdx ArachnoGod Old Timer

    In an emergency, the spider will probably be fine for another 2-4 weeks, minimum.
  9. pok2010

    pok2010 Arachnopeon

    or in extreem emergency's... she'll just eat you :liar:;P
  10. There is yet another potential problem with wild caught insects. Many species are inherently toxic, even if they haven't come into contact with man made pesticides. Here in North America there are a number of grasshoppers that are toxic, among them are the beautiful painted grasshopper of the American west (click the photo) and the lubber grasshoppers of the southeast. (Google "lubber grasshopper" site:.edu. Include the quotes.)


    (Uploaded with ImageShack.us)

    Also, there are several true bugs, common in the fall, that live on our native milkweeds that are probably toxic merely because they ingest the normal milkweed toxins as they feed. (Google "milkweed bugs" site:.edu. Include the quotes.) There are potentially other insects that live on other toxic plants (e.g., heavenly blue morning glory) that could also pose a threat. The problem is that we don't know which ones are safe and which aren't.

    I don't remember ever hearing about someone losing a tarantula because they fed them toxic insects, but you don't want to be the first. Better to be safe than sorry. Leave the experimenting for the experienced enthusiasts and go with the tried and proven.

    Enjoy your little, psychedelic, 8-legged wonder!