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Funny bill collector/OBT story

Discussion in 'Tarantula Chat' started by BorisTheSpider, Jun 8, 2010.

  1. BorisTheSpider

    BorisTheSpider Overly Complicated

    So I get this call earlier today . Even though I was in the middle of rehousing my OBT "speed-ball" , I answered phone . The call was from some bill collector . He started up with his rehearsed little spiel about needing to talk to me about my account . I mean if I had actually graduated I would be a little more inclined to pay back my student loans . I tell him that I rehousing my fastest jumpiest tarantula , and that he would have to call me back . After a long pause and a very deep sigh , he tells me that if I don't want to talk right now that's OK but I don't need to make up ridiculous stories . I'm just about to flip out when a lightning fast orange blur shoots past me heading across the floor . I hung up and spent the next 20-30 minutes trying to catch "speed-ball" . The moral of the story is either I guess don't get distracted while rehousing T's ~or~ pay back your student loans on time . :D
  2. "I mean if I had actually graduated I would be a little more inclined to pay back my student loans"
    Really?? Pay your bills- it’s not the schools fault you didn't graduate! By the way your going to pay them, if you don't they will take it. Via tax lien, bank garn, wage garn.... student loans are the easy bills to get collected! May be worth your time to give that collector a call back and talk it out with him!
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  3. BorisTheSpider

    BorisTheSpider Overly Complicated

    Dude chill out , I was only kidding . I pay my bills , and secondly it's none of your business .
  4. Too bad some people can't get jokes. Oh well man I bet that sucked having to chase down your obt lol
  5. * that was intended to be advice, but whatever. If you have "bill collectors" calling you don't pay your bills (even if just late) no one with a current account has a "bill collector" calling them..... And just take it from me I know it sucks to have someone be blunt- but you really should call him back...
    As far as it being none of my business; you posted in a public fourm. So someone sided with the guy calling you big deal... That was just some advice from someone who as worked in collections for years take it or leave, it's not my credit.

  6. BorisTheSpider

    BorisTheSpider Overly Complicated

    Ya , she's called speed-ball for a reason . This the second time that I've had to chase her down . But that's what I love about OBT's , they are spirited .
  7. Crows Arachnids

    Crows Arachnids Arachnoknight


    I have to say that is quite an interesting experience. I agree with with the bill collector however! :eek: Imagine you being an "innocent" bill collector and hearing a person telling you that they are busy rehousing a super speedy tarantula, perspectively speaking, dont come up with ridiculous excuses! ;P I would say the moral of the story is let your OBT take care of the bills! Lol thanks for the experience.
  8. BorisTheSpider

    BorisTheSpider Overly Complicated

    So I should send the OBT to the bill collector and then he'll be far too busy to worry about my account ? :D BTW , in order to clear up the issue , I simply overlooked last months bill . But it's now paid . :rolleyes:
  9. Well if you want to send an obt to a bill collector let me know- I could use one in my collection! Glad you got that taken care of. I didn't mean to call you out. I realize now that it could have came across that way.
  10. kryptix

    kryptix Arachnosquire

    Wow a real life bill collector, mind me asking why in the world someone would choose a career path like that? Hearing people's sob stories and excuses all day/night and having to be a complete jerk to them? Is there major incentives or is the pay super good or something?

    I've had 2 things go to collections in my life which I paid the first time I got the call, and even though I paid them right away over the phone the first time they called me, they were still total jerks for some reason! After I paid one of them off I asked if I would get something in the mail stating this and she didn't even give me the time of day to answer my question and just hung up after I paid it, all the while having a rude tone the whole time. No thanks to that career path.
  11. Let me start by saying I didn’t mean to jack this thread but your point is why I commented. Most if not all of us at some point have talked to a debit collector; things happen, stuff comes up “we” get it. Its not that we are “jerks” just because; we get paid to do a job. It’s not are fault you didn’t pay your bill. To be really frank if we didn’t need to be “blunt/rude” collectors wouldn’t. I don’t agree with being rude first call like your situation but that’s the exception not the rule. Most of the time you have two things people can’t pay or wont pay. When you hear things like ‘I didn’t graduate so it’s not a priority’ that when being upfront comes in, you went to the class you know you owe, pay your bill. Not to dog on the OP if it was just an oversight/late then understandable it happens. But too many people now days think debit is acceptable. That’s why it happens. In no way do I condone it and as a person who pay’s his bill because you pay yours, ill tell you being rude doesn’t work most of the time.
    Why do I do it? Easy the money. I don’t do collections anymore but I’m still in the collections industry. Now I manage a collections department in a small to mid size company; and if I were to use my teaching degree I would take about 40+% pay cut. Granted things were a lot better four years ago but I think that’s across the board.
    *so if anyone hates bill collectors, ill let you in on a secret so you don’t hate me! If you have debit or collection calls google FDCPA!*
  12. mschemmy

    mschemmy Arachnosquire

    Just make the right choice and sell me you T for $15 and pay off your bills.:wicked: Good story! I wonder if it will work for telemarketers ;P.
  13. BorisTheSpider

    BorisTheSpider Overly Complicated

    $15 !?!?! This kind of entertainment doesn't come that cheap . Do you how long it takes to teach a T to play hide and seek ? Maybe that's my solution . I'll open T obedience school . Then I'll be making the big bucks . :D:wicked::D
  14. gromgrom

    gromgrom Arachnoprince

    basically he meant you should have used a better story than "rehousing my speedy tarantula". he was awful blunt, but thats what he meant