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Free Range OBT?

Discussion in 'Tarantula Questions & Discussions' started by Euronymous, Dec 8, 2008.

  1. Euronymous

    Euronymous Arachnobaron

    Out the 5 different Obt's I have rehoused, I wish they were what they are claimed to be. I think I am going to have a free range OBT or two when I don't have room mates.
    At least (most) NW species have urticating hair. I hope S. calceatum wont let me down. OBTs are cool looking though.
  2. CT9A

    CT9A Arachnoknight

    How old are the OBTs you rehoused.
  3. Euronymous

    Euronymous Arachnobaron

    One mature female, a MM and an sub-adult.
  4. Euronymous

    Euronymous Arachnobaron

    Before the Male had his ultimate he was kind of the same way. I am saying they just sit there, they do dance around deli cups when you get them in there. I am a bit of an adrenaline junkie, maybe they just don't do it for me. They are beautiful none the less, and yes they are more spunky than most other species. I was hoping for a chase.
  5. Widowman10

    Widowman10 Arachnoemperor Old Timer

    yeah, let that mature female free-range. let us know how it goes... ;) hahaha
  6. Euronymous

    Euronymous Arachnobaron

    I cant yet, I have 4 roommates, two of which don't know that I have t's yet. I would imagine that she would just find a spot, make web, and eat all freaking lobster roaches I've lost. The guy I got her from said she hissed at him when he was getting her out. That's a new one on but definitely cool. Seriously though, I think she was stressed out. I got on saturday night. I that explains a lot. They still don't scare me. I did have one blast out. It is amazing how fast they are. I had the time of my life trying to catch him. I'll keep you updated on that free range idea. If were a species that did not "web up and you dont see them unless your rehousing kind of thing" there is no way I would do it. But some thing that makes a web and stays there (during the day at least) would be pretty cool. How many spider do you have running around your house? Same thing, I would just never have an lady's over. Never mind...
  7. i would be careful with this idea. it would be bad for them to reproduce and get outside. you would be introducing a non-native species, and that's not a good idea. it's an incredibly dangerous thing to do to the natural ecosystem of the area.

    axis deer have been introduced to parts of central tx, and the white tail deer populations have suffered tremendously from it. there is currently a massive over-population of deer in the area surrounding bandera, tx, and while that sounds great for hunters, it is actually not! the deer are tiny and underfed do to a lack of food sources.

    this is just one instance, but you can find numerous accounts of animals being introduced that have done serious damage. be very careful!
  8. Euronymous

    Euronymous Arachnobaron

    That is extremely valid point. I don't think they could survive the winters out here. I also thought about her getting "moving on" to a neighbors house, which would not be good for them or the hobby. Thanks for bringing that up. Moving is in the distant future, I can barely afford to eat right now. But it sounds fun. It probably something I would decide not to do, but the thought entertains me;)
    Thanks again for bring that up
  9. it's def a very intriguing idea! i graduate in may, so i thought it would be hilarious to leave a few obt sacs laying in the various groups of bushes around my dorm as a little goodbye present! :D realistically, it would be horrible idea, but it sure is fun to think about...
  10. Euronymous

    Euronymous Arachnobaron

    A couple sacs? That's definitely over kill, and would mess up our hobby (the news). It would probably get some laws added to your state as well. But it does sound funny as hell.
  11. Lol. It won't, but you will probably have to wait for it to become an adult before you see the really "screw you--your %*& is mine" behavior. Not that you can't get bit when they're smaller. I did. :D

    --the nature boy
  12. oregongrown

    oregongrown Arachnosquire

    Yes it hissed at me, it is no lie, I am pretty sure it was stressed out. I dont know how you are not that scared of them Jed {D {D they freak me out :eek:
  13. The worst any spider can do is bite you. I'm more afraid of those little bitey dogs with the Napoleon complex. They can take a chunk out of you.

    --the nature boy
  14. clam1991

    clam1991 Arachnoangel

    this is how you get them to act right

    grab em up in your hand and blow on em than shake em up
    it warms em up everytime{D :D
  15. well if you dont want to keep them im always up for free Ts :D
  16. clam1991

    clam1991 Arachnoangel

    id love to see you run from a little fu-fu dog{D
  17. Euronymous

    Euronymous Arachnobaron

    I used to be the rescuer for clackamas county, nondomestic or lifestock. I got all kinds of cool <edit>. I had 5' nile monitors, a 4' caiman, several hot species, the list goes on. I respect them all, but the only thing I truly fear is llamas'. They are just weird, and I cant figure out there there body language. And Brown recluse.

    BTW I am going to have slings soon. Hundreds of little cuties running around.
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  18. If one of those things got off the leash and came after me you better believe I'd run.
  19. Euronymous

    Euronymous Arachnobaron

    I am moving in about 3 weeks, then I will let the magic happen. Slings?
  20. Euronymous

    Euronymous Arachnobaron

    NB, those little things freak me out too. I have two German Shepards and a rot. They are nice (one of them was police trained as an attack dog [not a meaningless aggressive dog]). I live in a very up scale neighborhood, the little fluffy poodles are every where.
    I want to smash them, they are a plaque.