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Forest Scorpion ID

Discussion in 'Scorpions' started by DerekG4, Apr 16, 2018.

  1. DerekG4

    DerekG4 Arachnosquire

    I somewhat recently started working in a pet shop and every so often we get Asian forest scorpions in, but no one at the shop seems to know it’s exact species. Would you guys happen to know what kind this is? They all seem to be the same species. I’d like to know as much as I can about them.

    They’re not very big, so I’m sure it’s not a H. Swammerdami, claws don’t have much granules, telson most of the time is black (a few individuals have it a little reddish/brown) some are very defensive whereas some are very calm and don’t mind handling.

    Also, are these communal? My job mixes these guys in together. They never seem to fight, but I don’t know if it’s recommended either.

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  2. Nir Avraham

    Nir Avraham Arachnoknight

    Yes. This is a communal species... House them in large cages with a lot of hide...
    That's a Heterometrus for sure... Maybe @Collin Clary can help you with this...
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  3. That is H. petersii, and they aren't quite known for being communal. It can happen, yes, but it's more likely that they'll kill each other until a certain amount remains.
  4. DerekG4

    DerekG4 Arachnosquire

    Thank you, I didn’t even know that species existed. I was thinking it was probably a Laoticus but I couldn’t tell too well.

    Will these guys get much bigger? Care wise they’re just about the same as any other heterometrus, right?
  5. That's about full grown for that species, and care is the usual for Heterometrus.
  6. Yes, they're H. petersii. They can be kept together just fine.
  7. DerekG4

    DerekG4 Arachnosquire

    Would one of these do just fine in a exo terra faunarium? (18 x 11.6 x 5.9) I’m thinking of getting one so I can have some experience with them.

    Is there any difference between the male and female? Do they both get the same size? Are they both equally defensive? I know to sex them you’d have to see their “comb teeth”

    I was thinking about either getting one of these or a P. Dictator (or imperator if I somehow ever find one), I don’t know which would be easier. I’d like the dictator since it gets bigger and looks pretty similar to the emperor.
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  8. Floor space is fine, but I'd recommend an enclosure that allows for deeper substrate.

    Females generally get a little larger, but aside from that there's not really much difference.

    You're actually far more likely to find Pandinus imperator than P. dictator. Additionally, P. dictator do not get larger than P. imperator, indeed they're usually slightly smaller, and are less robust at length parity.
  9. That enclosure should work fine. Males and females are similar size, males tend to have more prominent claws. You are more likely to find P. imperator than true P. dictator.

    Edit: whoops, didn't see that someone responded already.
  10. DerekG4

    DerekG4 Arachnosquire

    Well if that’s the case with P. Dictators, I’d much rather get an imperator. It’s just that I wanted to get it through my job but my boss says their illegal to import in there and he can’t get any in, so I figured a P. Dictator was the next best thing.

    Any certain sites that would have an emperor? I was thinking of getting one on backwaterreptiles but I don’t know if there’s a cheaper or more trusted site.
  11. DerekG4

    DerekG4 Arachnosquire

    Well, I got one. Got the H. Petersii. Looks like a female to me, she’s fairly fat and she was the biggest of the 3 and luckily the least defensive.

    How’s the enclosure?

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