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First H.lividium

Discussion in 'Tarantula Chat' started by Suidakkra, Jan 9, 2011.

  1. Suidakkra

    Suidakkra Arachnosquire

    First H.lividum

    I wanted to get a H.lividum for sometime, so I finally got a 3" juvie Saturday. I place her in the enclosure and went to take a picture, but my camera was dead, so I went to Walmart to get new batteries, came back and this is what I found...


    So much for pictures, lol :eek: At first glance I freaked out until I suddenly remembered placing a hide half way in the eco-earth. She holed up so tight that if it werent for the outline of the hide it would look like an empty enclosure , lol.

    Hopefully I will get some actual pics of her up in the near future. {D
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  2. captmarga

    captmarga Arachnobaron

    Good luck with future photos. Mine are complete pet holes.

    The only photos I got of them was moving them into their new homes!

  3. BigJ999

    BigJ999 Arachnoknight

    It seem's to me these T's are beautiful but they live under ground a lot more then most burowers. Even the King baboon
  4. arachnophile223

    arachnophile223 Arachnoknight

    lol nice. i got a 4" female recently! and she's really not too reclusive, she comes uot of her\hide burrow and explores [though this may not last long lol] but she's let me take a lot of great pics :D [i've just not yet figured out how to upload pics to this site :wall: ]
  5. SNAFU

    SNAFU Arachnobaron

    Mine 6" girl is the same. She's not shy at all & is out 90% of the time. I made a few pics last night but I don't want to hijack the thread with my pics.
    Be sure & post pics when you get them Suidakkra !:cool: