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Finally caught one mid molt

Discussion in 'Tarantula Chat' started by MikeofBorg, Nov 6, 2018.

  1. MikeofBorg

    MikeofBorg Arachnosquire


    It’s my little Brachypelma hamorii sling. This will be its fourth molt since I got her in April. I say her because I have my fingers crossed it’s a girl.

    And what is it with slings and sideways molting?
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  2. MikeofBorg

    MikeofBorg Arachnosquire


    Little thing isn’t wasting anytime getting out of that old skin. Wow
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  3. MikeofBorg

    MikeofBorg Arachnosquire


    This is 24 hours later. It is finally getting the adult coloration. I tried measuring it, but it was not fully stretched out. At about 3/4 stretched out it was just over 2 1/2 inches. It’s was 3/4 of an inch when I got it from Fear Not Tarantulas in April. It stopped burrowing the molt before this one and has been staying out. I can’t wait until it is fully grow and has all the colors.

    I have to say though raising a sling from so small has been so enjoyable and educational. I got my Avic at just under 2 inches so it was more a juvenile than a sling. Watching this little thing grow and change each molt is amazing.
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  4. weibkreux

    weibkreux Arachnoknight Active Member

    Raising a T from a fragile sling to murder tank really gives a good feeling of accomplishment. Hope yours is a female like you wanted. ;)

    Of all the slings I purchased this year, the largest so far are my LPs, ranging from 2-2.3", still waiting for them to show some adult colors.
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  5. Teal

    Teal Arachnoemperor Old Timer

    Very cool! Watching molts is one of the best parts of keeping Ts!

    At that size, the molt should be sexable :)
  6. 8LeggedLair

    8LeggedLair Arachnoknight Active Member

    Yea my little 113’s are trucking along nicely, just a matter of time before my
    H.Pulchripes and C. Cyaneopubescens are full on M1Abrams :)
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  7. EtienneN

    EtienneN Arachnonovelist Arachnosupporter

    I had two of mine molt during the middle of the same night not long ago and I was so bummed out I didn't turn on the light in the wee hours to see what they were doing and get a few photos. Yours is super cute. Congrats on your growing (hopefully) girl!
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  8. MikeofBorg

    MikeofBorg Arachnosquire

    My A. seemani sub adult male was a Caterpillar earth moving machine in another life I believe. The little guy is always redecorating and adding chambers to his burrow at night. And he seems to love to pile the freshly excavated dirt into his water dish. Which I then have to clean after every one of his late night burrowing routines.
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