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filenamex5100 (Rowdy Kent) - <atheris2004@yahoo.com>

Discussion in 'Online Seller/Buyer/Breeder Reviews' started by scorpio, Mar 10, 2004.

  1. scorpio

    scorpio Arachnodemon Old Timer


    My business experience with Rowdy was quite possibly one of the best ive ever had. His communication was incredible, and each email I sent was responded to within an hour even if i sent it at midnight! I began communicating with him and he was eager to negotiate a deal that worked for both of us and his other possible customers. I ordered the following from him:

    1 Mozambique Hissing Scorpion
    1 S.A. Tri Color
    2 Arizona Barks
    7 Arizona Bark Babies
    1 Desert Hairy
    2 Florida Barks
    1 Pink Zebra Beauty
    1 Cobalt Blue
    1 Venezuelan Sun Tiger
    1 Pinktoe
    1 Texas Tiger Centipede

    I got an incredible deal on that and he also felt like throwing in an extra centipede as well. And unlike many dealers, the shipping was faster than lightning. He had them out the door the morning after I paid for them, and they arrived all alive and well in excellent packing the next day. He even provided tracking the night before it was shipped! You can definitely feel safe in ordering from Rowdy (btw, he is also known as newworldvenemoids). I would order from him again in a heartbeat. He was the ideal person to do business with since he worked like I do by checking his mail every 30 minutes!

    Thanks a TON Rowdy!!! The inverts are amazing!
  2. Jeff_C

    Jeff_C ArachnoAddicted Old Timer



    Just received 5 Ts from Rowdy that were as nice as promised. Rowdy was patient as we went back and forth on what I would ultimately buy and communicated back quickly and clearly. They were packed well and shipped on time.

    I would buy from Rowdy again.

  3. Jorpion

    Jorpion Arachnobaron


    1000% satisfied! Rowdy sent me two VERY HEALTHY Parabuthus scorpions. Communication is phenomenal; packing is top-notch; shipping fast and RELIABLE! I highly recommend doing business with Rowdy :)


  4. mattrgraham

    mattrgraham Arachnopeon

    Really happy with a trade I made with Rowdy. He communicates regularly, packed specimens so well that all of them made it alive... even when shipped to me in Las Vegas in the heat of August! He even threw in some free babies.

    Rowdy handled our scorpion transactions like a professional and I would definitely do business with him again. :)


  5. Ralph_moore84

    Ralph_moore84 Arachnobaron


    I received my Andro's today from Rowdy.They arrived healthy and very active.I was completely satisfied with everything.His communication and packing was top notch.I'd recommend him to anybody.Thanks man
  6. thebugfreak

    thebugfreak Arachnoknight

    got scorpions from rowdy. they were healthy and fast and packaging was top notch. he was very patient and replied fast to any questions and concerns i had. he communicated with me all the way untill i had the scorpions under my possession. i would definitely do business with him again.

  7. Rowdy Rocks

    Great communication , Super healthy Scorpions much better than expected..
    Everything packed well ,and Rowdy is just a cool guy.. I will purchase from him again at the drop of a hat..

    a true Quality seller....A++

  8. Quixtar

    Quixtar Arachnobaron Old Timer


    I just received some scorps from Rowdy. They're all beautiful and in excellent condition. The packing was superb. Thanks again, I would highly recommend doing business with him!
  9. Worse transaction I've ever had!

    My scorpion came in today and it was dead as well as one of the freebies. I messaged rowdy and basically it turned into him blaming me. I had to be at work at 2:30. The package arrived around 2:00pm. First container had two free centroiuds(spelling) 2instars. One was fine and the other was dead. I wasn't to concerned at that point, but then i find the container with the bicolor in it and it's motionless and stiffer then wood. By this time it's like 2:05ish. I amiditly put the bicolor ICU and rush off to work. I go home to at lunch at 7:00 and it's still stiff and not a single sign of life. I pm rowdy and inform him it's dead. After a few messages he says I should have pm him sooner. Which I know but I didn't have time. Well anyways basically I'm never doing business with him again. He comes off as a very greedy guy who cares more bout the money then the hobby. So deffinetly negative.

  10. NevularScorpion

    NevularScorpion Arachnoangel Arachnosupporter

    NEGATIVE "Beware of Rowdy"

    I'm not happy on how he handled our transaction. His very difficult to deal with. He does not care about his costumers aslong as he gets the money

    Me and my friend decided to purchase some scorpions from him but I made a mistake when I was ordering (I copy and paste the wrong sp). by the time I found out which was only two days when I sent him the money. the scorpion that my friend wanted was sold already. I change my mind and decided to just buy the scorpion that I want next time since the scorpion that my friend want was no longer available. I explained him what happened and ask for a refund but he refuse to give me a full refund. he said that he cannot refund my money with out paypal charges and the shipping is booked already and cannot be cancel. I was forced to buy his scorpion but since more than haft of the money is not mine. I kindly asked him to refund me my friends money. It was very very dificult almose impossible to get a refund from him on top of that I was forced to buy a scorpion I no longer want.

    One thing I like about group buys is that your not only dealing with one person.
  11. !!!Positive!!!

    I received my order of scorps last week and they arrived healthy and one of them very gravid. Packing and communication were top-notch.
  12. Positive!!!!!!!! Again!!!

    I had purchased some great scorpions once before, and decided to purchase some other scorpions from him . i made no mistake in ordering ..as i always check it twice(I'm like Santa over here). Not to mention the multiple e-mails from rowdy confirming my order as well as working out the arrival date of my scorps. They showed up a little late thanks to the USPS so I called into work told em i would be late, and they said no problem....
    As I expected they were all healthy and everything that Rowdy said they would be..
    This is the second time I've purchased inverts from Rowdy... his animals are excellent. His communication is stellar and I will certainly buy more from him in the future...
    Rowdy is the man....
  13. scorpiophile

    scorpiophile Arachnopeon


    I just received a package of very nice scorpions from Rowdy and I am very happy with them. They all came in looking nice and healthy and are current exploring their new homes. He even threw in a pair of freebies, which is pretty awesome! The communication was also great and the packing job was excellent. Overall, a very positive experience! I'd not hesitate to buy from him again.

    Thanks, Rowdy!
  14. thumpersalley

    thumpersalley Roach Lovers Mom Old Timer

    Great communication. Great packaging. Looking forward to doing business with him again. Kim
  15. MrDeranged

    MrDeranged He Who Rules Staff Member

    Filenamex5100's new reviews can be found under the new name ButhidaBomb here.