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feeding a.avic after molt - i know. "use search"!

Discussion in 'Tarantula Questions & Discussions' started by sAdam, Dec 2, 2009.

  1. sAdam

    sAdam Arachnopeon

    so, my little a.avic just molted 5 days ago which i guess explains why she was being so snooty before {D

    anyway, she's out and looking very exploratory with her new longer legs (i'd guesstimate her at a good 3.5-4" now)

    I did use the almost completely worthless vBulletin search, and seems people think that fang colour rules when deciding when to feed again.

    her fangs r black, but like i said, it has only been 5 days. soo...

    to feed or not to feed? -sorry no pic, i'm at werk:(
  2. jb7741

    jb7741 Arachnoknight

    Usually with my avics, I wait one week.


    There's no rush. If you're concerned, you might try waiting 2 weeks.
  3. What we do for the first feeding after a molt, is take tweezers and tweezer feed the T. The T will know if it's ready to eat or not. If it takes it, then it's ready, if it kind of moves away, then the cricket is easily removable because it's still being held by the tweezers :)

  4. crawltech

    crawltech Arachnoprince

    I also use this method^......works great