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Favorite Tarantula Type (poll)

Discussion in 'Tarantula Chat' started by Palespider, Dec 16, 2003.

What's your favorite tarantula type?

  1. Docile terrestrials: Aphonapelma, Brachypelma, and Grammostola

    257 vote(s)
  2. Large and defensive terrestrials: Acanthoscurria, Theraphosa, Lasiodora, etc.

    126 vote(s)
  3. Bitey burrowers: Citharischius, Haplopelma, Hysterocrates, etc.

    60 vote(s)
  4. Docile and colorful arboreals: Avicularia

    131 vote(s)
  5. Speedy and potent arboreals: Poecilotheria, Heterscodra, Stromatopelma, and Psalmopoeus

    179 vote(s)
  1. spider_fan

    spider_fan Arachnosquire Old Timer

    Actually Midnight Psalmopeoes are NW, not OW.
  2. Ah, i wasnt 100% on them, since I dont actually own one yet (high up on my list though), so I stand corrected. Thank you. Eitherway, I am still a fan of them. :D
  3. My favs

    I hope I didnt post here yet, lol, but my favs are the Brachys and the avics....If I had to pick one spider as my fav it would def be the redknee. I have never owned anything but brachys and avics as of yet, but hope to get a birdeater later...I love the looks of the pokies, but again, it will have to be much later- as I have 2 very young children: 4 ys. and 10 months.
    My 4 yr old loves my mexican fireleg, while I love the redknee, and we all adore the lil avics cuteness.
  4. ullydin

    ullydin Arachnopeon

    I can't give a definitive answer cuz all my babies are under 2 inches but right now I'm really into avic and psalmopeus species. Irminia is getting pretty big and is starting to scare me a bit. I'm sure that we'll get used to each other , I just need to get used to the fact that she's growing!;)

    So Speedy, arboreals and colorful avic get my vote!
  5. missy43

    missy43 Arachnopeon

    oh-ho man

    i just got into these spiders in the past six months and so far i've gotten to play with all of these on a regular basis (and i'm not using scientific names bc i'm too lazy to look em up):

    a goliath bird eater
    a mexican red knee
    a chilean rose hair
    an indian ornamental (scary as all hell, but gorgeous)
    and my favorite tarantula, the peruvian pink-toe

    she has been the sweetest tarantula to start out with because this particular one was raised from a spiderling to deal well with people handling her. while i do handle her a minimal amount, she actually welcomes being held and pet (going as far as rubbing her abdomen against your finger when you pet her, and no, not to rub bristles into your hand) i only handle her for educational purposes (i'd like children to walk away from my museum liking tarantulas)

    basically, i got lucky to be handling a total sweetheart :)

    i would just like to add that the one time she got absolutely petrified while we had her out (this girl is never taken out without more than two people and no children around, due to her quick nature) and she completely freaked out on MY ARM she made no move to bite me at all, just ran under my arm for protection. now if that ain't a sweetie, i don't know what is.
    Last edited: Oct 27, 2007
  6. I really couldnt vote in the pole, sorry mate.
    The reason is that one one hand I love the brachys, because of their coloration, and peacefull minds. But I like my Pokes, because of ther coloration and more fierce temper. My Cyclosternums because of their small size and colors and their ability to fight down pray twice their own size. My Theraphosa┬┤s because of their size.
    When comming to think abaut it, probably if its a spider i just love it.
    So all of the aboves really counts for me.
  7. I found this are hard choice, I've got Ts in the first, third and fifth catergory and I like em all. My very favorite would be the Pokeys in cat. 5 because of there speed and colouration
  8. butch4skin

    butch4skin Arachnoprince

    I'm mostly into large NW terrestrials, and OW arboreal and burrowers. I know I'm gonna get hated on for this, but I'm not really into docile terrestrials or avics, though I do keep a female G. aureostriata that I'd never part with.
  9. i like them all
    however i am partial to A. anax since i used to play with them as a kid.
    BUT i love My GBB and my C. sp singapore blue too even tho i seldom see the blue.
  10. beetleman

    beetleman Arachnoking Old Timer

    i love em all aswell, arboreals,terrestrials,oldworld,newworld,you name it,ive got a big collection of each,so they all rock in my book:clap:
  11. Zeus9699

    Zeus9699 Arachnosquire Old Timer

    My favorite

    My favorite is Lasiodora parahybana. I have a 10 inch female that I handle at my educational shows. She blows everyone away!
  12. I love the Avics but for whatever reason, my Avic Avic is the fiestiest, meanest tarantula I own, and does NOT, repeat, does NOT like to stay in her cage, and will high tail it out of there at any given time.

    Thus, I've spent many a minutes on a chair trying to pry her off the ceiling.
  13. Dance

    Dance Arachnopeon

    For me, it's a cross between docile terrestrials and docile/colorful arboreals. B. smithi and A. versi are possibly my two favorite species. =)
  14. unitard311

    unitard311 Arachnoknight

    Me too! :} I like them all, I have a few of more than two of the categories. Hard to choose just one!
  15. Kid Dragon

    Kid Dragon Arachnoprince Old Timer


    Nice poll.

    My absolute favorite genus is Grammostola because of rosea, pulchra, aureostriata, and Red concepcion, so you know how I voted.

    A close second is the genus Avicularia because of versicolor.
  16. presurcukr

    presurcukr Arachnolord

    got to love the "gbb" great all around
  17. samsbugs

    samsbugs Arachnoknight Old Timer

    Pokies. for sure
  18. dragon_95

    dragon_95 Arachnosquire

    poecilotheria regalis is the best!!!!
  19. MissyBats

    MissyBats Arachnopeon

    avics :) but I love the others too, I have a range that has at least one of each of those sections, but avics are what I tend to be leaning more towards :)
  20. Exo

    Exo Arachnoprince

    ^ Thread archeologist. :rolleyes:

    Also, I like the big, bad, ground-pounders.