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Fan blown air circulation?

Discussion in 'Tarantula Questions & Discussions' started by FOX, Nov 5, 2005.

  1. FOX

    FOX Arachnoknight Old Timer

    I have asked many novice questions lately but i can't get my head around this one. :?

    I agree with & have decided on dry viv's with plently of fresh water.

    A couple of you mentioned fan blown air to keep the viv's fresh.
    I have now bought a fan & switching it on about 3 hours a day. My question is this.... does it need to be WARM blown air or COLD blown air.
    The fan I have blows cold air. The viv's are at aprox 75 degs at the moment but do fluctuate, but my pink toe moves down her tank when the fan is switched on.

    I also live in a coldish very old house so must have heat mats, winter is almost here & we have an open fire!!! Would the open fire have any bad effect on my T's. :confused:

    I think i've covered what i wanted to ask but knowing what us females are like i will have forgotten something & will need to ask again.

    many thanks :worship:
  2. solaceofwinter

    solaceofwinter Arachnobaron Old Timer

    you wouldnt want a constant 'breeze' on your spiders. constant heat from a fireplace may dry out the cages really quick as well. just dont keep'em too close and dont let them get too dry. good luck
  3. DanHalen

    DanHalen Arachnobaron Old Timer

    Hey Fox. How are things going? I heard on the news that we (England folks) are in for a real cold winter :eek: I wouldnt worry about the fire being on at all. Even with the heat pads on, I'd be surprised if it went above 30C, and that temperature is perfectly ok. Just keep the water dishes full. People on the boards often forget how cold and damp British winters can get :D

    The fan's I use are 80mm fans designed for cooling a PC case (only about £3.50 each). They are on 24/7. Dont worry about the temperature of the air circulation too much. Heat pads dont actually heat the air in a tank directly. They work by infrared and heat tangible objects in their path. Just dont have the fan blowing full pelt into the tank and you should be ok. The Pink Toe is probably annoyed by the breeze it's self or the vibrations of the fan rather than how cold the air is. The trick is, not to have the fan blowing on the tank, but blowing the air above the tank. That's what will get the air moving. If you have a fan with a light setting, then great. STick that on and you should be sorted :D
  4. FOX

    FOX Arachnoknight Old Timer

    Hiya Dan, how's you my friend?
    The fan i've got is a 3 blade one aprox 8" per blade, hope i aint gone & over done it. :confused: I was just worried that it was 'cold' air blowing thru, I didn't know if to get a warm air blower & just worried that the open fire would have adverse affects on my T's also i didn't want the air to dry out so quick. British weather sucks.
    The vivs are bone dry but i mist very well every 2 days plus i've got fresh water dishes in.

    What do you reckon to the new addition then eh? My little 'Bandit' the new brachy, did you see my pics? pics are not that good but hey these guys are still my baby's & ya know where i'm coming from now!
    Talk soon, Jay ;)

    P.S I'm still really nervous about having this little smithi, i would be devistated if anything happened to him because of my lack of T knowledge.
  5. Darwinsdad

    Darwinsdad Arachnobaron Old Timer

    A fan with 8" blades, thats about a 10 or 12 inch fan right. Thats freaking huge. Just the cavtation of the blades might worry the spider and the air flow will freak out some aboreals, afraid they are getting blown right out of thier tree. Avivs do need a large amount of ventilation. They just dont seem to do well without but try switching to a smaller fan blowing over a portion of the lid. This will create a draw on one side and will circuloate a lot more air without the noise and vibration of the large fan. Cost less to run too. Some thing a little more complex( and bear in mind I have not tried this but am curious if any one has) is to create a vent going into the lower part of the tank using a fan that passes air over a water pool to pick up humidity as it goes and just let it vent out the top of the tank natruley(note the bad spelling).
  6. Wadew

    Wadew Arachnobaron Old Timer

    I heat my home with wood also but we use a wood stove insert in the fireplace as long as the water dishes are maintained you should not have a problem, I go on the theory that good ventilation was a necessary thing for Avic's but I dont believe you have to go so far as to install fans if the enclosure has a screen cover and is not really small you should be all set at least my avic's have no fan and all have been well!
  7. PhormictopusMan

    PhormictopusMan Arachnobaron Old Timer

    When I had an air circulation system set up I used one of those little aquarium air pumps. I ran a tube down into the enclosure and had it on a timer. I think I ran it for just a short period every day. I dont think it takes much. For heating I keep my T's in a closet. I have a small space heater which I keep away from the wall and T's. There are two thermostats on the system. One on the unit itself, and a second one that it is plugged into that will cut the current if the onboard one fails. I keep it on low wattage and a low thermostat setting--Just enough to raise the ambiant temperature to a tolerable level for them. It doesnt take much because of the small space that I have to heat. The temp is distributed evenly and has been very succesfull.