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Fainted with Crested Gecko

Discussion in 'Not So Spineless Wonders' started by TeamNinjaBug, May 17, 2018.

  1. TeamNinjaBug

    TeamNinjaBug Arachnopeon

    Having a hard time registering in the gecko forums, so I figured a lot of people who own inverts also own reptiles, so it's worth a shot to seek advice here.

    So I just recently got a crested gecko, an adult male without a tail of an unknown age (the shop had him for a very, very long time). While I've owned many animals (namely rodents and inverts), he's the first reptile I've ever had on my own (my parents reptiles don't count!). So, I've been very excited to begin my own journey into the reptile world starting with this little guy.

    Tomorrow will mark his 1 week anniversary with me and I was planning on beginning handling at that time. Today, I found him on his food/water ledge and I took the opportunity to make up some food and I began handfeeding him off his mixing spoon. It was going great, and he seemed to really like the new food brand I was giving him. I was so happy he had enough trust to let me feed him, that this was a great, positive step towards taming this gecko...

    But then it went wrong...

    I suddenly began feeling very dizzy, everything went black, and I fell to the floor with a loud crashing noise. This crashing noise obviously spooked my gecko. When I came to, I saw he was no longer on the feeding ledge and I immediately shut the door, but too late. I found him OUTSIDE his enclosure. I've never picked up a crested gecko on my own before, and I began panicking before gathered myself and managed to get him to run onto my hand using the under-the-chin-with-one-hand-and-touch-the-butt-with-the-other technique. Both he and I were understandably very freaked out about what just happened, but I tried to remain calm for his sake. I let him jump and move from hand-to-hand for a bit, talking sweetly to him the whole time to try to help soothe him. I just needed him calm enough to let me bring him back to his enclosure and open the door without him taking the crestie-patented "leap of faith" in the process. After a few moments, I got that opportunity and returned him back inside where he was quick to make distance from me.

    Now my anxiety is sky-high. This is only the second time he's officially met me, the first being the ride home from the shop, and both times gave him great stress. I'm so scared that this incident has left him with a negative association with me and that this incident has been a "one step forward, a million steps back". That everything is ruined.

    My logical side is telling me to carry on as originally planned and not let this get to me. The plan was that I was going to begin handling him tomorrow and this was merely a set-back that the gecko will not hold against me. Tomorrow, I would also be receiving Pangea's Watermelon and Mango and I can use that to try to make it up to him. My friend is reassuring me that she once accidentally hit her leopard gecko when she first got it and the gecko nonetheless tamed down after a few days of "being mad" at her. I'm assuming the crested will be the same and that I'm just overthinking this whole mess?

    I dunno, I'm just seeking advice on what to do next to help calm my anxiety over this situation. Thanks to anyone reading this far.
  2. 14pokies

    14pokies Arachnoprince

    My advice: Go to a Doctor and see why you fainted.. As for things to worry about after your health is taken care of.. Your gecko is going to forget all about it..
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  3. TeamNinjaBug

    TeamNinjaBug Arachnopeon

    Yeah, it's happened 3 times to me over my life; never thought it was anything to worry about since things seem fine afterwards. Just the timing of this last one X( Thank goodness though that my gecko won't develop a negative association with me over this. I'm letting him alone for a few more days, just to give him some time to calm after that incident.
  4. Jayke

    Jayke Arachnopeon

    I've never seen a crested gecko keep a grudge (unlike leachies, chahouas and tokays..), I honestly don't think you have anything to worry about there. I agree with 14pokies though, you should be putting your health first and go get that checked out. That could have easily have been a deadly situation, I'm a little alarmed you don't seem more worried about it (no offense meant, it's just that a hard fall can be quite bad.)

    As far as handling the gecko goes, it may help to handle the gecko while he's still technically "in" the enclosure, in case he jumps off your hand, that way he won't immediately be out of the cage. They tend to tame pretty fast at least, so hopefully his jumpiness won't stick around long for you.

    Good luck!
  5. TeamNinjaBug

    TeamNinjaBug Arachnopeon

    Thank you! I'll take that advice when I get to handling him again; I was wondering to myself where exactly would be the ideal place to begin handling him. I'll start in the enclosure and slowly make my way up towards taking him out to my bed. Wanna keep him over a soft surface at all times, just in case.

    And yeah, that's me; always having my focus on my animals rather than myself. I'm the person that'll starve herself as long as the animals get fed the best quality food. Plus, the fainting has happened before and nothing bad manifested from it afterwards. Figured it was something that just happens on the rare occasion and nothing to worry about. That said, I'll go ahead and try to get in touch with a doctor. Everyone's concern over it makes me have second thoughts about the fainting being 'harmless'.
  6. schmiggle

    schmiggle Arachnoprince Active Member

    Even if the fainting is harmless in and of itself (i.e., if you lived in a padded room the condition causing the fainting would not cause your health to deteriorate), concussions and other nasty fall damage are not to be messed with. I have a friend who was out of college for a semester after she got a concussion from throwing a book and hitting her head against a wall, and after a year she still isn't fully recovered. You could do a lot more damage falling, particularly if you fell on glass (not usually likely, but far more likely if you spend a lot of time around terraria). Gravity is a harsh mistress.
  7. StampFan

    StampFan Arachnobaron Active Member

    Chahouas keep a grudge? I thought they were pretty chill in comparison to the other two you listed.
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