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Discussion in 'Online Seller/Buyer/Breeder Reviews' started by BrachysWorld, May 2, 2014.

  1. BrachysWorld

    BrachysWorld Arachnopeon

    EricPlasticShop is his name. This is a classic case of credit card scammer. This guy ordered three T's from us for $150. He seemed nice enough and we spoke often. He paid via Paypal on April 19th and requested that we wait 10 days to ship the items due to bad weather in Oregon. We didn't think much of it since he already paid for them, and I informed him it was fine since they were his T's at that point. So on April 29th we ship the T's, as he contacted us a couple days prior to that and gave the green light. The T's arrived May 1st around 9:51 am. It was around 10:30 am that he then contacted us with his scam, claiming they were not there, "where are the tarantulas"?

    He would never respond to the evidence we gave him of the tracking number and then it clearly stated "DELIVERED". He would only respond "Wrong Answer" and then ramble off what he's going to do blah blah. It was really bizarre at first but we quickly caught on that he was trying to scam his money back. So today he files his claim, NOT through Paypal, but through his credit card company. We then see -145.50 in our account because credit card companies override Paypal automatically. He then emails us negatively again and says "good luck" as if he'd won. Little did he know, we are an actual business, and have dealt with Paypal for over 4 years now. So we immediately contacted Paypal response action, promptly sent over 6 pieces of evidence, which in this case was overkill, and then called them to get the ball rolling faster. This guy's real name is Eric Weinheimer. The Paypal Rep. we spoke to had to stop themselves from laughing at all the evidence against him, and immediately freed up the funds. He sent me a message today in inbox stating the Post Office told him the box was delivered, yet he files a claim stating that it was not delivered. How stupid can people be?

    However, Paypal did explain that this could take anywhere from 50-80 days for the credit card company to finalize their part of the investigation. So more than likely they gave him his money back, but in the end he's going to find $150 taken from his Credit Card in the near future. Paypal also made note of his scam attempt to his credit card company. So beware of this guy on here, and I would not do business with him if I were any of you and I'd warn people against him. Here are some emails....

    To Me
    Where are the T's??
    May 1 at 6:00 PM
    let me know ASAP

    To Eric
    May 1 at 6:52 PM
    They should be there today. You have to use the tracking number we gave you. All we can do is ship them to you. It's up to you to track their progress.

    To Me
    May 1 at 6:54 PM
    Wrong answer

    To Me
    Today at 3:14 PM
    Excuse me. You're the shipper who knows best about shipping. If we can't find the tarantulas, who do you file the claim with? UPS or the post office?
    I'll wait for your quick response.

    To Me
    Today at 3:51 PM
    Filed chargeback for non- receipt

    To Eric
    Today at 11:02 PM
    Well, not only have you made yourself look like a fool, but you tried to scam the wrong people. Not only did we send them 6 pieces of evidence, not only did we send them email conversation, not only did we screenshot all the evidence against you, but you forgot that you told us to wait the 10 days to ship the items. Good luck explaining your scam attempt to your credit card company when they ask for their $150 back. Paypal has forwarded all the evidence to your credit card company as we walked them through it over the phone. We are fine on our end, but you are not. We find it interesting that you chose to file a scam chargeback an hour after the items were delivered.

    Good Luck liar

    To Me
    Today at 11:25 PM
    <content removed> you

    Here is his message asking us to ship on April 29th. I will remove his address to protect his personal info.

    I don't want to add the tracking info here because it still contains personal information, however all the info is saved still because the investigation is still ongoing with his credit card company. Once again, beware these kind of petty thieves!

    Last edited by a moderator: May 21, 2014
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  2. Tgrip77

    Tgrip77 Arachnoknight


    in short...i wont be selling to "ericplasticshop" again due to horrible communication skills & lack of courtesy

    on 4-17-14 eric contacted me about a fresh mature male Lasiodora parahybana that i had for sale (hooked out 3rd week of march 2014) i replied immediately with detailed info, including shipping options and lag requirements. but still had to repeat myself to him about shipping prices and what the total price would be. right away i told him he would have to video record the entire unpacking to prove a doa. as with most i said, he didnt have feedback to, and i had to tell him to say "i agree to do that for the lag terms"

    weather was a bit chilly in his area and due to his schedule he wanted to receive the package on may 1st. i didnt have a problem holding off on shipping but told him he would have to make payment soon...which he did. the package would be shipped usps express with lag, i figured it would take 2 days to reach him, part of my terms is to have the package held at the PO for pick....i said the package may get there a day early, but should be ok sitting in the PO until may 1st. he agreed.

    the day i shipped out (4-29-14) i left eric this message:

    "hey eric,

    i shipped him out today, here is the usps tracking # ************************
    hopefully this doesnt upset you, but he's guaranteed to arrive tomorrow by 3pm...hopefully you can pick him up before your PO closes that day, but like i said before, if he has to sit in the PO for a day, it shouldnt be a problem. (they will call you when he arrives)
    i activated the 72hr heat pack at 11:30am
    i was very happy with my packing job, i doubt he will be harmed along the way...but again, please record the entire unpacking just in case.
    i anxiously await your word...so message back with a update as soon as you can


    (eric did not respond to that message)

    the package ended up arriving within 24hrs. and i saw that somebody other than eric signed for the package that first day shortly before the PO closed. despite seeing eric logged on to Arachnoboards that first day of arrival, he did not message me with how the T looked/etc. the next day after the T arrived...i saw eric was logged on in the morning-afternoon. so around 5:30 pm i sent him this message:

    "well...are you going to tell me how it went?"

    and keep in mind...i saw his lastest activity logged on after this message....but he didnt bother responding that day/night

    instead he waited until the next morning (9:34am)to simply say:

    "we really liked the mayonnaise jar. you don't use deli cups?"
    (for the record, i use plastic mayo jars....not glass)

    i couldnt believe that was all he had to say and with such delay...so i messaged him back this:

    "i cant believe thats all you have to say. ive been waiting nearly 2 days to hear from you and all you have to comment on is the mayo jar?!?! whats wrong with the mayo jar? (i take it you were being sarcastic when you said you "liked" it, and wondered why no deli cup) you dont like that its thicker/bigger than a standard 16-32oz deli cup?...and probably added extra protection along the way? i use a lot of different types of containers to ship and your spider got an excellent travel pod. sure i could have squeezed him into a small deli cup and shipped him in a much smaller box...but i went/paid the extra yard to insure his safe arrival....and that you didnt lose out on shipping expenses due to a DOA.

    when did you unpack him? why didnt you message me immediately after? i saw somebody picked him up wednesday around quarter to 5pm.
    most people ive delt with would have let me know how it went right away and would have wrote me a review by now...your poor communication is very disappointing eric. i hope you work on that in the future....

    reminder...he hooked out near the 3rd week of march 2014...he has had one roach since then. (feed him soon) mature males dont eat as much as adult females do...feeding him once every 3-4 weeks will be fine.
    i dont think he made his first sperm web yet...but there was a tiny bit of webbing in his terrarium that could have been.

    youre welcome..hope all goes well


    he never responded to that or how the arrival went/etc
    so on 5-4-14 (2 days later) i sent him this message entitled "review?" (sent at 2:33pm)

    "are you going to write me a good review? or do you feel i dont deserve one for my efforts?
    here's the link to my thread...

    he responded that night at 8:01pm with:

    "Hi Andrew,
    I'm confused about how to navigate the review sections. I don't see a "post new thread" link. by the way, what else do you have for sale?? any slings? I'm looking for Ts that aren't mature and are about 1", 2" or 3" in diameter."

    i responded back at 9:29pm with:

    if you go to that link, at the bottom of the reviews, that already exist, you should see on the left side "reply to thread"
    when writing a review incase you havnt already, the mods expect to see the buyer commenting on how the sellers communication was, about the packing/shipping, and how the health was on arrival...any other detail is good to. please be sure to say that you bought a mature male LP...because i have another penultimate male (maybe even mature by now) that i will be putting up for sale soon...and i dont want people to think im lying about the mature date since i had yours up for sale prior. after you write mine, i will go ahead and get a review thread started for you as well, so future sellers will know youre cool.
    as far as slings for sale...im actually in the process of putting my whole collection up for sale. but it will be awhile before i go through my entire inventory, check sizes and ad them to the price list. this week some time i will post a partial list. go to my list of inverts on my profile page, copy paste the species in which you are interested in, message me the list and i will tell you if they qualify for 1-3"dls.
    if you desire a female of a certain species let me know that too...since i will be putting up some females that will probably sell fast.
    thanks eric

    at 11:59pm that night he said:

    "sorry for not responding to the mayo jar. we weren't laughing at you. it was just different. you're right about the secure package though!"

    the next day i check the reviews to see if he figured it out...and what do i see? he wrote one for brachysworld...but not one for me. so i sent him this message:

    "hey, i saw the reviews for your other transaction with brachysworld.....i suggest you hurry up and write my good/detailed review like i mentioned before....that way i will in return write one for you, saying that you didnt "scam" me. at this point you definitely need that if you ever want to buy from anybody here again.

    did he write me a review after that? lol, no...instead he PM'ed me this:

    "I buy a pretty good share of Ts from this board without any reviews. the sellers don't ask and I don't ask. the people I buy from are repeats and they all know what kind of a buyer I am. if you rely on reviews for repeat business, that's how you do things and that's ok. but I don't. repeat business is the best review I can think of. thanks again for the tarantula."

    and he wrote another message saying this:

    "a little bit of info. I don't buy tarantulas to keep. I buy them to put in acrylic tanks and they are then resold with the tanks. I buy a lot of tarantulas from more people without the help arachnoboards. if you want to see the tanks we make, go to www.acrylicreptilecages.com or www.tarantula-cage.com

    when I say the people I buy from don't make an issue about reviews, what I mean is they know when they offer tarantulas to me, I buy them. no issues. just simple transactions."

    so my reply was:

    "yes...WELL I DO rely on good reviews for future business.
    please, dont reply to this comment...instead, go to my review thread:
    and write my review. you owe that to me...why is that so hard for you to understand and follow through with? im done repeating myself to you.trust me...bad reviews will effect whether or not MOST PEOPLE sell to you here on AB. if you dont write A DETAILED REVIEW LIKE I KEEP ASKING YOU FOR....i sure as hell wont be selling to you again
    youre welcome again for the spider

    after seeing that (i saw that he logged in after i PM'ed it) he still didnt bother to write me a review
    its been over a day...and im writing his review...so be it if never writes mine

    i know all that may seem minor...but it was very aggravating on my part....i mean really, how hard is it to have good communication and write a review after the sale is complete?
    im glad the rest of the sale went ok, but who knows, if not for my terms of sale...my review may have looked more like brachysworld.
    Last edited: May 6, 2014
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  3. Michael Jacobi

    Michael Jacobi RETIRED/RARELY USE AB Arachnosupporter

    I met Eric at the NARBC Tinley Park show this past March and he was kind enough to donate to my ArachnoGathering raffle, which benefited the American Tarantula Society. That makes him, in my book, a stand up guy. Throughout the weekend I purchased quite a few of his excellent terrariums and spoke with him at length. I haven't sold any livestock to him, but my business with him has thus far been exemplary. I intend to buy more product from him and he has inquired about purchasing arachnids from me and I wouldn't hesitate to ship him whatever he wants.
    Last edited by a moderator: May 8, 2014
  4. kiffnie

    kiffnie Arachnosquire Old Timer


    My first transaction with Eric occurred in January 2014. I responded to a WTB ad that he placed on the boards. Once we had agreed on a transaction, he sent payment promptly and I waited for a break in the weather to send out his order. The order eventually went out. My terms of service state that a buyer must contact me within 4 hours of delivery if there is a problem. I honestly don't know if he sent a message saying that it was "all good" or not, but since I only require a message in case of a problem, I assumed it arrived safely. I ship and receive a ton of packages and I don't sit around waiting for a message about every one of them.

    It did, of course, arrive safely and I received a message about placing another order soon after that. About a month later, I received a box from Eric that I was not expecting. To my complete surprise, he had sent some free acrylic cages as a thank you. What a guy!

    ---------- Post added 05-08-2014 at 11:19 AM ----------


    My second transaction with Eric occured in March of 2014. Communication was easy peasy since this was a second order. Like the first transaction with him, it was COLD, and I received a prompt payment and I waited for a break in the weather. A couple of weeks later, I shipped out. This was a $300+ order just like the first one, with lots of individual animals, so a few of them tried to molt on the way. We lost two and I promptly refunded his money for those two animals, even though he said it was no big deal.

    A few weeks later, I received another surprise package in return from Eric. He had sent back my styrofoam shipping boxes for re-use! Oh wait, that's not all, he threw in a couple small acrylic cages inside of the packing boxes since he was sending them anyway!

    I usually hesitate to post mention of freebies since I don't want others to expect them. Eric cannot, or course, send free custom acrylic enclosures to all of the people he deals with on the boards and you should not expect that. I just want everyone to know that my dealings with him have been great and that I am putting together another large order for him in the near future.

    Kiffnie Holt, director
    Kansas State University Insect Zoo
  5. I received a very nice email from paypal expressing the inconvenience caused by this transaction. I'm satisfied it all worked out.
  6. Aphonopelma81

    Aphonopelma81 Arachnosquire

    image.jpg image.jpg Positive!A++++
    I completed a trade with Eric and I am very pleased with the transaction!!! He shipped as promised, communication was great, every thing arrived with out a scratch. The trade was for done of his beautiful acrylic enclosures for some of my slings. He does really nice work I am very happy to get my critters in to dome high quality enclosures!! I have include photos of my female A diversipes and Pumpkin Patch "small" enjoying their new enclosures
  7. MrBoom619

    MrBoom619 Arachnoddicted

    200% Extremely POSITIVE!!! A+++

    I had the pleasure of meeting up with Eric at the San Diego Reptile Super Show. Eric is a great guy and I'm blessed to say that I've made another friend in our hobby. He purchased a few tarantula's from me and also did a trade for some of his awesome enclosures. It was a very easy and flawless transaction. Eric is very easy to talk to and an all around great guy to deal with. His enclosures are top notch and of very high quality. I have some of my breeders in his enclosures and they webbed up the first evening and are nice and comfy.

    Eric has a natural enthusiasm to learn about Tarantula's and it's hard not to see his love for his tarantula's. He is definitely an asset to our hobby and I would never ever hesitate to business with him. I recommend him to anyone and everyone!

    Thanks again for the awesome enclosures, Eric! Till next time!

  8. kiffnie

    kiffnie Arachnosquire Old Timer

    yet another positive, hmmmm I am seeing a trend


    I have recently completed another transaction with Eric. He was passing through town on his way home from Tinley Park and stopped in to help me design some cool acrylic drawer inserts for the K-State Insect Zoo.

    While he was here, he picked up another quite large order of tarantulas from me. I preferred to have them paid through Paypal instead of cash, so I let him take the order and pay me later. Let me repeat that...I handed over $840 worth of tarantulas and trusted him to pay me when he returned home.

    Eric is a courteous, dependable person and a great customer. I look forward to working with him more in the future, both on the acrylic side and the tarantula side.

    Kiffnie Holt, coordinator
    K-State Insect Zoo
  9. kiffnie

    kiffnie Arachnosquire Old Timer

    I just completed the acrylics portion of my order and it went just as well as the livestock side. I needed some help to re-design the acrylic drawers that we use in a display. I run an insect zoo and we have a mock kitchen, where we put household pests into the drawers and cabinets for the visitors to discover. Once I paid upfront for this custom order, I received a few prototypes to choose from. The final order came a few weeks ago, and our visitors love the new displays. Thanks Eric for working with me to interpret my vision for this project.

    drawers in mock kitchen.jpg roaches in drawer.jpg
  10. bigo

    bigo Arachnosquire Old Timer

    I had a positive transaction with Eric he paid when he said he would and there was a mistake on his part and notify asap of the situation and kept me on the loop until it was corrected. Will do business with him again.

  11. Inland Sea

    Inland Sea Arachnosquire Arachnosupporter


    Just shipped a wholesale order to Eric. Communication was good with prompt payment. Had a few doas and offered to refund but he said just add some extras to the next shipment. Looking forward to doing more business with Eric.
  12. KenTheBugGuy

    KenTheBugGuy Arachnodemon


    I did a trade with him and everything went nice and smooth. Was very happy with the cages I received.
  13. Chad2008

    Chad2008 Arachnopeon


    I had the pleasure of meeting Eric at the NARBC Arlington TX show. I bought a tilt open arboreal enclosure and the quality is awesome. I added the plant but the cork came pre-installed! Cage is already being webbed alllll up. I would recommend business with Eric to anyone. 10/10 so far! 10965629_10206173359198672_112322150_n.jpg 10958744_10206173359358676_1142422829_n.jpg
  14. View attachment 134622
    I purchased a 6x6x12 enclosure from EricsPlasticShop. Great quality tank. Shipping was pretty fast too. Will definitely do business again!
    Last edited: Mar 1, 2015
  15. Michael Jacobi

    Michael Jacobi RETIRED/RARELY USE AB Arachnosupporter


    I have acquired acrylic displays from Eric at NARBC shows and he has been a generous donor to my ArachnoGathering raffle. However, this unbiased review relates solely to my first shipped order from Eric dba Eric's Plastic Shop (aka Acrylic Bird Cages), which was received in perfect condition today.

    I have had great success housing and breeding Idiothele mira in his 8x8x8 acrylic/polycarbonate cube displays. It provides plenty of room for this small species that inhabits a trapdoor burrow and the vents are high enough to allow for a sufficient depth of substrate for this burrower. The top opening lid makes it very easy to drop in a meal and the clear enclosure allows for great viewing of the feeding response and behavior that makes the species special.

    I emailed Eric about ordering 7 more of these cubes and his responses were very timely. I then spoke to him on the phone regarding another product - a custom design of mine that I will review separately and feature a YouTube video about in the coming days. He constructed the order of 8" cubes to match those I already owned and did so in a very reasonable amount of time (and also included prototype of my new design). His communication was excellent regarding the order and shipping and they arrived today exceptionally well packed in industrial bubble pack and custom cardboard boxes. There was zero damage and I am housing 7 more female I. mira in them tonight.


    Photo of product and packaging: [​IMG]
  16. Mello

    Mello ArachnoQUEEN

    100% POSITIVE!!!


    Traded a T for two of these AMAZING towers and I couldn't be happier with every aspect of the transaction! Eric is great to do business with! Great communication. The towers came a little late but he notified me right away that the previous week they hadn't gone out; and when he said he would be shipping I got tracking number that day. These are the highest quality enclosures I've ever seen and he packs them in such a way I don't think they would break even if the mail truck went through a tornado :) I WILL do business with Eric again, every chance I get, until all my T's are in the top notch tanks he builds. Thank you Eric!