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Emp setup

Discussion in 'Scorpions' started by R.W., Aug 28, 2007.

  1. R.W.

    R.W. Arachnosquire

    I'm setting up a false bottom tank for my scorp but was wondering if a 75 watt IR lamp was too much for her. Would a 50 watt be better/safer?
  2. BadBikaDamo

    BadBikaDamo Arachnoknight

    Welcome to the boards.

    Well, that depends on a few things, where you live, the ambient temp of the room you house them in, the size of the enclosure, what species you are housing etc. the good thing with lamps is that you can move them closer or further from the setup for small adjustments. A thermometer is obviously needed so you can achieve perfect conditions. A 50w would probably be suitable for a 10gal pandinus / heteromtrus setup.

    Good luck

  3. R.W.

    R.W. Arachnosquire

    wWhats the optimum temperature in a 10 gallon for a P. imperator?

    For now I keep the room temperature at 77-78, but I would like to take it down to 74 without worrying anout my Scorps or Ts.

    Seeing as the substrate is damp and the tank is humid, if it gets cold in my room it gets even colder in the tank.
  4. BadBikaDamo

    BadBikaDamo Arachnoknight

    85'c during the day, as low as 55'c at night
  5. R.W.

    R.W. Arachnosquire

    I have both a needle thermometer and humidity gauge in the tank(the kind you can by at petco) the temperature says about 80F and the humidity seems to stay between 80 and 90 percent.
  6. BadBikaDamo

    BadBikaDamo Arachnoknight

    Ha, sorry, I meant to say 85F, I've spent all day logging temps in 'c.:8o

    Is that 80F without a heat source?
  7. R.W.

    R.W. Arachnosquire

    I know people say not to put the heating pad under the tank. But I have a small one under the side of the tank with the log hide. That is where she spends almost all of her time except for I guess at night when I can't see her. I'm going to try unplugging it and see how far it drops without a heating source. I also went ahead and bought a 50 watt IR bulb. If I end up not using it for the scorp. I haveother animals I could use it for.:D