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Question Embedded youtube videos havent been showing up for me.

Discussion in 'Troubleshooting / Suggestions' started by codykrr, Sep 16, 2010.

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    Ok so I know I am embedding them right. But they just show up as a white blank square. Even when other people embed them it still shows up as a blank square.

    is it just on my end...if so how could i fix this?

    Youtube works just fine for me...
  2. Have that problem too. I've changed the embed codes a few times even and it still doesn't work.
  3. Arachnopets

    Arachnopets Arachnoboards Team Staff Member

    Actually, you have not been embedding them right at all. I have been going in and fixing them as I notice them. What is being done wrong is you are not just putting the actual number code in. You are using a link or url.

    A detailed example and explanation can be found here under "You Tube Functionality":


    Hope that helps. :)

  4. High_Rolling_T

    High_Rolling_T Arachnosquire

    Has it just began recently? Mine just started that too. I noticed it began when I updated to the latest version of Firefox, then it asked me to update my Flash Player too. After that, it wasnt working: white boxes for every embedded video. As well, youtube works fine.

    Now I am on another computer all together that hasnt had these recent downloads, and the embedded videos are showing fine.

    Note this isnt me embedding them myself, this is every post i open that contains an embedded video. All of which work fine from this other computer.
  5. JC

    JC Arachnoprince



  6. I always click the "embed" code under the video and then put the "youtube" tabs and past the "embed" code directly in between them.

    Even when other people do it, I am still only seeing a blank white box.