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Elytra and Antenna

Discussion in 'Online Dealer Reviews' started by IguanaMama, Oct 28, 2006.

  1. IguanaMama

    IguanaMama Arachnoangel Old Timer

    * POSITIVE *​

    I decided to purchase a millipede from an ad Orin ran in the classifieds section and took a look at his website and chose to get a subscription to Invertabrates Magazine, some backissues and a book. I am so glad I did. I haven't stopped reading and re-reading! Here's the link for a great magazine and some wonderfull books:


    Anyway, I opened my box and I was surprised to see, not one but two little deli cups! I got a freebie millipede, a really nice treat since it was not a big order, I am happy happy! And a really cool species too! As if that wasn't enough, there was an extra magagzine too--more great reading!

    Needless to say, communication was excellent, everything was professionally packed, the transaction could not have gone smoother. Orin is an expert in the field of invertabrates. It's a great asset to have him as part of this community.:clap: :clap: :clap:
  2. Matt K

    Matt K Arachnoangel

    Very Positive

    Very POSITIVE !

    For some reason I had not seen or thought to post in Orins' section on here sooner (early alzheimers I guess?). I have bought quite a selection of roaches from Orin, all have been FLAWLESS specimens. Literally picture perfect, clean, healthy examples of each species, with some overcount and even a bonus species I did not have. Extremely recommended as a breeder/dealer. Of the people I have had an exchange with, Orin is among the top very few in quality animals, and hard to challenge as a knowlege base. Case in point: recently received a male G.grandidieri that is shockingly perfect. This hisser is a real screamer. (Sorry for the pun).
  3. Matt K

    Matt K Arachnoangel

    Positive !!! ElytraandAntenna:

    I just received another purchase from ElytraandAntenna, aka Orin. WOW did my eyes bug out! Well packed, happy millipedes arrived and they were PERFECT specimens. He always ships in a timely manner and provides some of the highest quality specimens out there for any collector/bug keeper. If you want the best, he is your man! Highly recommended. :clap:
  4. Gsc

    Gsc Arachnobaron Old Timer

    **** POSITIVE *****

    I have known Orin for a few years now and have done many deals with him in that time. Always A+ service and knowledge. I recently finished a trade with him.. as usual-the box arrived on-time, well packed, and healthy inverts. There should be another box arriving on wednesday from him!!!! I highly reccomend Orin!

    Graham Criglow
  5. beetleman

    beetleman Arachnoking Old Timer

    POSITIVE! thanks orin

    ive been dealing with orin for sometime now,excellent person to deal with,i got these smokin predatory beetles from him,and as always they came happy/healthy.thanks again orin. pete

    R.HENNING Arachnosquire

    Very Very Positive A True Pro !!!

    I obtained two orders a couple weeks ago !!! {D {D {D
    All arrived alive and healthy.
    He even through in freebies. :D
    Communications were right on time, in fact he even called on phone when my
    email was lost. (a true pro !!!)
    I would order from him again in the future. :worship:
    His books are great also !
  7. Nich

    Nich Curator of glass boxes Arachnosupporter

    Above and beyond

    I ordered some S. arizonensis, prepaid and the order (on thier side) came in with a doa. He sub'd my order with more than a generous cmpensation. Amazing service, I cannot give enough praise for the transaction...:worship:
  8. arrowhd

    arrowhd Arachnolord Old Timer


    Package arrived on time and alive.
  9. ranchulas

    ranchulas Arachnobaron


    Everytime I receive an order from Orin its in perfect condition and all occupants are alive!(always a bonus) I love my new albino millipedes!! I also recommend the Millipede book he authored. Thanks Orin.
  10. Steven Valys

    Steven Valys Arachnobaron


    All arrived in good health. Will do business with again!

    ROACHBEETLE Arachnopeon

    Positive for sure

    I recently received an order of millipedes and mantids from Orin. It arrived with lighting speed, was well packed and arrived in perfect condition.
    Reliable invert suppliers are hard to find. Orin certainly provided first class service.
  12. Matt K

    Matt K Arachnoangel

    I just received (another!) order from Orin. (millipedes and roaches) Perfectly packed, shipped quickly, and was better than I expected in size...
  13. german shepard

    german shepard Arachnosquire Old Timer

    Positive as always

    Completed another transaction with Orin. Recieved a great looking 3" Scolopendra Heros Heros Centipede. A species that is difficult to find! I also bought 2 of his books, Giant Centipedes & Giant Tarantulas. Had him sign them both for me also, greatly appreciated Orin. Once again a great pleasure doing business with you. I look very much forward to our next.
    Thanks, Marty (german shepard)
  14. jeepinwu2

    jeepinwu2 Arachnoknight


    I ordered and received 2 Nhandu chromatus. Both arrived healthy and packed well. I would do business with Orin again.
  15. german shepard

    german shepard Arachnosquire Old Timer

    4th time a charm, as always POSITIVE

    This marks my 4th purchase from Orin, and once again he has surpassed himself. I recieved a couple beatuties!

    1) Nhandu coloratovillosus- 4" female
    2) Mastigoproctus giganteus 3" plus female
    My first adventure with any type of the Vinagaroon species. She is wild looking and already setting up shop in her new KK. Moving the mixture of soil, peat moss and vermiculite. I have to do more reading on her, as I am not familiar with their needs/requirements. But had to have one after reading some comments on the AB about their gentle nature/disposition. And of course seeing what they look like!!!

    Pleasure as always Orin and I am looking forward to ou next encounter..
    Thanks again, Marty (german shepard)
  16. bluefrogtat2

    bluefrogtat2 Arachnoangel Old Timer

    very positive

    just received my mm l.fallix from orin.
    couldn't be happier,finally get to try my hand at breeding linothele.
    thanks a ton.
  17. bluefrogtat2

    bluefrogtat2 Arachnoangel Old Timer

    another great review

    jsut received new roaches from orin,couldn't be happier as usual.will be placing another order asap.
    thanks a ton
  18. german shepard

    german shepard Arachnosquire Old Timer

    Positive once again

    What a Pro,
    Completed another transaction with Orin, recieved a couple of great looking Centipedes. The first is a beautiful 4" Scolopendra Heros Heros, a species that is hard as heck to locate. The second is a 6" Ethmostigmus Trigonopodus Blue Ring. Both exceptional looking Centipedes. Thanks again Orin and remember me in the future, Marty
    So I forgot to include (and now am). The package arrived in great condition. It was shipped out on Tues. and recieved by me prior to 08:45 am Weds.
  19. beetleman

    beetleman Arachnoking Old Timer

    awesome pede! whahoo!

    just got a real screamer of a centipede from orin, all around great transaction,packing etc... been dealing with him for years,and always grrreat service,thanks again orin. pete
  20. KenTheBugGuy

    KenTheBugGuy Arachnodemon

    Positive A++

    I have done a few trades/purchases with Orin. He is always a pleasure to deal with. Communicates and packs well also. Would never hesitate to do business with him.