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E. Campi molt gone kinda bad?

Discussion in 'Tarantula Questions & Discussions' started by BullF-16, Mar 31, 2003.

  1. BullF-16

    BullF-16 Arachnopeon

    Hey all, need some help with this one. My 4 inch E. Campestratus molted last night after only 3 days of having her. Started about 9:30 Sun night, This morn b4 work at ~7. She was stuck to her old EXO at the abdomen, all legs good. I misted her and her substrate and checked 1/2 hr later and removed very carefully the old EXO. She still had the old skin on her abdomen, misted abdomen more then left to work come home at 8 pm and the old exo had loosened a bit and pulled about 20% off, this pissed her off so I left the rest till later. Q: Will it fall off naturally, or should I let her recover maybe a day or 2, keep humidity up and try later to remove it?

  2. Code Monkey

    Code Monkey Arachnoemperor Old Timer

    When pulling be *very* gentle, what you don't want to do is cause a weakening in the not yet fully hardened new abdomen. Do that and the poor thing will possibly rupture during its next moult.

    Keeping that in mind, wetting the old exuviae and upping the humidity is your best bet. It will probably come off on its own eventually, but what you can do is trim away the excess exuvia, just leaving the stuck portion.

    Glycerin and olive oil are two non-toxic T lubes that get some amount of recommendation, just be sure to never get any on the book lung openings as that will potentially suffocate the T.
  3. BullF-16

    BullF-16 Arachnopeon

    Yea this morn, I trimmed away the bulk of the old exo. careful not to pull on the portion that was stuck cause i could tell it was fairly dry. Misted her and the substrate and this evening pulled very gently on a portion of a flap that was hangning off. Came off very cleanly and easily w/ o resistance. she didnt seem to like it so i will leave the rest for later, continuing to mist and keep humidity at least 85%. Thanks code Monkey!!!