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Dubia colony pointers

Discussion in 'Insects, Other Invertebrates & Arthropods' started by DVMT, Jul 1, 2014.

  1. DVMT

    DVMT Arachnosquire

    We are getting our first colony tomorrow and have read some care sheets but were wondering if anyone has any extra pointers that will help us out. Thanks all! :)

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  2. goodyt

    goodyt Arachnosquire

    If you have an extra clear terrarium (glass or plastic), use it for your set up with branches and vermiculite/coco fiber substrate.

    Spraying a lot of water daily on the glass and branches, you won't need water bowls or gel to water them and put a branch leading into the food bowl so the newborn babies can access it easily.

    It looks nicer if you can't hide the container in your room and it easier to observe.

  3. HungryGhost

    HungryGhost Arachnosquire

    I have mine in a plastic container with no substrate. I heat half of the container with a pad underneath. I make my own food with crushed dry dog food and fish flakes. I also offer bananas and lettuce. Good luck, I like them much more than crickets.
  4. pardozer

    pardozer Arachnoknight

    No substrate
    egg crate oriented vertically
    water/food bowl
    85°F day temp 70°F night
    Fresh fruits, greens, carrots, and some roach food make for happy roaches. If food can rot, I don't leave it longer than 24hrs.
    Always keep the water bowl clean and full.

    I tend to get a sty in my eye after I clean my dubia colony. There feces is very light and can kick up in the air pretty easily.

    If you see something crazy looking sticking out of the rear end of an adult female, don't mess with it. It's her eggs.
  5. They love citrus fruit
  6. Beary Strange

    Beary Strange Arachnodemon

    Pointer #1: There is a whole sub-forum for this topic.
    Pointer #2: Keep them how you want, natural or spartan, like pardozer suggested. If you go natural, don't just fill the container with just sticks...they need hiding places. You can even go half-way and use substrate with eggcrates. As I said, keep them how YOU want.
    Pointer #3 If you go natural, use a cleaning crew. Mealworms work great, as do isopods.
    Pointer #4 Feed them what you want. Some people insist on feeding them dog food but if you're not down with that, that's your business. I use 100% organic fruits and veggies; which costs me precisely nothing extra because it comes as leftovers from what I eat myself.
  7. DVMT

    DVMT Arachnosquire

    Thanks everyone!

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  8. goodyt

    goodyt Arachnosquire

    If you decide to go the natural way, I use thick reptile branches and a cholla skeleton hides the babies. Pack the moist substrate so that the poop is easy to clean off the top surface. The moisture also keeps the feces from aerating. This set up has supplied all my T's for three years.

  9. I keep mine on egg crates. No substrate. A food and dish with water gel and a heating pad under the tub. I make food from ground chick feed an alfalfa and fruits an veggies a few times a week. Got thousands of roaches in a huge bin.
  10. Galapoheros

    Galapoheros ArachnoGod Old Timer

    I had so many I gave the whole tub away, but regretted it later because I have so much to feed now, so I started another tub, 1000s in there now. I start out with about a 1/4 inch of coco fiber, liberal amount of oak leaves and egg crates, I never clean the tub, it all takes care of itself in there, all turns to dirt. I add water when it gets pretty dry. I've gone a few years without cleaning the dubia tub and no bad smells. All that is in the bug room though, no way humans can live in there haha, way too noisy and hot. Sometimes I cut an orange in half and put it in there, like was said earlier, they do like oranges. I also have some pair trees in the yard, they will eat those so you don't really have to water when you feed them fruits and veggies but sometimes I do anyway.
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  11. DVMT

    DVMT Arachnosquire

    Sounds like this is how we are gonna do it. :D

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