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Dripping Fang Pictures

Discussion in 'Tarantula Pictures' started by bamato, Apr 8, 2009.

  1. bamato

    bamato Arachnodemon

    I doubt this thread will be as "full" as I hoped since these pics don't come around very often. But I'll start it up :)

    My E. Cyanognathus HATES me. My presence makes her want to strike me down with the hand of god. She does this pose with little provocation. She nearly ran up my camera twice.... :D I was EXTREMELY excited to even see her out though :)




  2. _Lange

    _Lange Arachnoknight

    holy crap! those things are loaded and ready for battle:eek:
  3. Luiscifer

    Luiscifer Arachnosquire

    She is going to smite u then feed on ur carcass. Lol. My Rosie of all things does that to me. Go figure. My obt doesn't even do that.
  4. bamato

    bamato Arachnodemon

    Everybody post up some pics :)
  5. WS6Lethal

    WS6Lethal Arachnoknight

    Makes me want a Cobalt Blue just for the threat display. :p
  6. kalvaer

    kalvaer Arachnosquire

    Hmm I got a question of seeing those pics. How does the T know where to strick when its up in that pose. With the positioning of its eyes, it would be looking behind itself and not able to "see" anything in front of it?

    Does it sense were to strike from picking up vibrations in the air?
  7. bamato

    bamato Arachnodemon

    I believe so.
  8. kalvaer

    kalvaer Arachnosquire

    I get more and more intrigued by T's every day :) Thanks. Oh and lovely photo's Wouldn't want to be at the receiving end of that.
  9. bamato

    bamato Arachnodemon

    I REALLY wanted to get closer, however, she would not have it. She fell over on her back twice. I've never seen ANY of my T's get so territorial during a photoshoot. Every time I would get the camera close enough for a really good macro shot, she would push me back, if not try and steal the camera out of my hands...
  10. m3z

    m3z Arachnosquire

    Dude that is wicked cool man. I have two of them that are that bad and one is a Colbalt she gets up tight over her stuff and my Orange Unsambara