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Dried Decor Safe For Use?

Discussion in 'Vivariums and Terrariums' started by raggamuffin415, Nov 13, 2017.

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    Stumbled across this site when looking for nut pods and other natural terrarium decorations.


    They have better selection and prices then most of the herp terrarium supply online shops. The website however doesn't mention If their stuff is dried naturally and without chemicals or preservatives that could hurt live animals/insects. It's made for interior decorating, not terrariums, so not sure if it's safe to use.

    Any advice or input? I'm gonna call them soon as I see no faq section. They have some cool stuff so want to see if it's worth checking out. Thanks!
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  2. Nonnack

    Nonnack Arachnosquire

    It should be fine, as long as you use it in dry terrariums. Maybe except those dried fruits. Some of the stuff they sell I have already seen used to deco desert terrariums. I don't know if it was bought from them, but looks the same.
  3. Thanks for the sole reply. If not from this website, does anyone have any good sites for buying nut pods and like decor for vivariums?

    Also, why would it need to be kept in a desert tank? How would moisture affect these products? I'm talking light misting, not a humidifier or watershed status.
  4. Draketeeth

    Draketeeth Arachnoknight

    That probably just it: How would the moisture affect the product? If there are any dyes to enhance color, that could come off in a moist environment. Or depending on what the product is treated with to hold its color in the drying process? Who knows what might happen if the critter were to sip standing water off it before it fully dried out again. And there's just the potential straight out of ruining it by getting it wet.

    I want to believe it wouldn't be any kind of an issue . . . but I have doubts. I seriously think they probably treat it all with something to make it more durable, fade resistant, and colorfast.
  5. The Snark

    The Snark هرج و مرج مهندس Old Timer

    Not seeing anything of an assurance no chemicals have been used. See several products that have been dyed however.
  6. You guys make good points... it probably is treated with crap. You guys know of any good sites for buying animal safe nut pods, branches, etc?

    Beverlys Fabrics by my house is going out of business so I stocked up on a bunch of fake vines and succulents from their 40% off sale