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Discussion in 'Online Seller/Buyer/Breeder Reviews' started by barabootom, Apr 2, 2009.

  1. Jaymillion

    Jaymillion Arachnopeon

    I have bought slings from Dreadz on a few occasions and he is a GREAT guy to do business with. He's met me with wat I wanted and even had me to his home to see his collection and watch a tarantula pairing. Looking forward to doing more business with him and learning as much as I can from this guy! A+++++
    Last edited: Jul 1, 2013
  2. psohn703

    psohn703 Arachnosquire

    Positive. Just completed a trade and everything went well. Very happy with the new Ts. Thanks man!
  3. Maaaan! 100% POSITIVE! I've been communicating with Dreadz on a consistent basis. Currently in the process of doing a pretty sweet trade with him. His packing is wonderful and all of my slings arrived here in great condition today, through the heat and all! The cool pack was still cool upon arrival of my package. He has been quick to respond, and overall just really easy to deal with. We'll be trading again bro! Can't wait to get you your slings. Thanks again!!

  4. 3skulls

    3skulls Arachnobaron

    Ts went out late which put them being held over on the 4th. Not a huge deal. Life happens.

    Still gave me a LAG on them but no need for it. They made it safe and sound.
    Communication was good and I would do business with him again.

    Thanks again for the Ts
  5. A+++++
    Received all my slings in excellent condition and all packed very well in straws, 100+ slings :eek:. Thanks for taking the time to pack the same day we chatted and got them shipped out. I recommend dreadz to everyone. Thanks
  6. Dreads and i made a trade, and i was very happy about the outcome. Very great guy to deal with, great communication and packing. All the ts were very healthy and well feed. thanks again dreads and would recommend him to everyone.
  7. travismyers

    travismyers Arachnopeon

    Bought some slings from dreadz and everything went great! Received when expected and packed very well!
  8. mudfish47

    mudfish47 Arachnopeon

    Did a trade/buy on about 15 T's with Dreadz/Denroy several months back. T's were sent in good packing and prompt shipping. After some months it was realized 4 of the t's weren't what was ordered. I contacted Dreadz/Denroy just to let know a mishap had occurred. Not expecting anything I was surprised when he sent me 5 T's (2 B.smithi, 2 A. henzi 3 B. vegans) for the mixup. A good person to do business with. Thank you so much Dreadz/Denroy
  9. Ludedor24

    Ludedor24 ArachnoKing

    Just recieved a MM from Dreadz arrived safe and sound! Thanks ! Will do business again.
  10. Tgrip77

    Tgrip77 Arachnoknight


    i made another trade with denroy, unfortunately it didnt go as smooth as the last. however, he did a great job setting things straight. good communication, good packing, nice looking spiders. thank you

  11. catfishrod69

    catfishrod69 Arachnoemperor


    Just shipped a few slings to Denroy. Payment and communication were fast, and it was a pleasure to deal with him again. Looking forward to future transactions. I highly recommend him to anyone at all. Thanks again! John
  12. MrDeranged

    MrDeranged He Who Rules Staff Member

    Dreadz's new reviews can be found here.