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Discussion in 'Online Seller/Buyer/Breeder Reviews' started by FlyLikeaG6, Aug 23, 2012.

  1. FlyLikeaG6

    FlyLikeaG6 Arachnopeon

    POSITIVE!!! Received my shipment in today and I was very happy with it. Great packaging and the T's arrived healthy and unharmed. There was a slight delay with the shipping but communication was constant throughout and I had no worries. Would definitely do business with him again.
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  2. Positive!!!

    I bought a 3" B. albopilosum and a 2" L. parahybana from this man. He sent me the t's right away and texted me every step of the way. We even socialized and talked about our T's.

    Turns out where I lived, the T's wouldn't make it until 2 days after instead of 1. He refunded $10 for the trouble and shipping and the T's made it in great shape. They are very pretty!

    VERY good transaction! Thanks so much for the pleasant conversations and such :).
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  3. POSITIVE!!!!

    Met up with Zach today and I got a T. Stirmi from him in exchange for some slings. The whole transaction process, communication and the meet up was smooth. The Stirmi was very healthy and full of life! Ill definitely do business with Zach again in the future! Thanks again!!

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  4. Just completed a transaction with Zach and im very much satisfied with the whole process. Great communication, healthy Ts and great price! Looking forward to doing business with Zach again in the near future!
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    Just met up with Zach to pick up a purchase and hand over a partial trade. He was completely on top of communicating the last couple weeks as we planned the transaction and was really friendly as we discussed the terms. Incredibly nice guy - it's obvious he really cared for the tarantulas he was selling off. I really appreciate the great deal and (unexpected) free enclosures he gave me. Wouldn't hesitate to deal with him again!
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