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Does This Seem Good For Some Ivories

Discussion in 'Myriapods' started by ArtisticAardwolf, Aug 22, 2019.

  1. ArtisticAardwolf

    ArtisticAardwolf Arachnopeon Active Member

    Hello everyone! I really appreciate all the input on my last post, and I have decided to go with Ivories as my first millipedes.

    Before I buy anything I'd like to run my shopping cart by you guys...
    Screenshot_20190822-173657_Chrome.jpg Screenshot_20190822-173017_Chrome.jpg Screenshot_20190822-171803_Chrome.jpg Screenshot_20190822-171817_Chrome.jpg Screenshot_20190822-173007_Chrome.jpg Screenshot_20190822-172956_Chrome.jpg
    First and foremost the pedes themselves! I have heard only good things about bugs in cyberspace so I have decided to go with them as my supplier. I plan on getting three millipedes. I'd also like to buy some of their substrate and springtails.

    Then there's the habitat... this is the one I'm having the most trouble with. I think the Exo Terra Flat Home Faunarium Large is a good choice, do any of you have experience with this habitat?

    Then some coconut fiber to mix in with bugs in cyber space's substrate (and maybe some at the bottom to hold humidity?)

    For decorations (and things to climb on if they want to) I'd buy one stick, one piece of wood, and one log hide typically marked towards reptiles.

    I'm also considering some calcium powder supplement for reptiles to dust on some if their food, I know there's some in the composite mix is more a good thing?

    Um and a spray bottle to mist them with. I live in Arizona so the air here is REALLY dry, how often should I mist? I thought about setting up the habitat and experimenting with misting before I get the millipedes, is that a good idea?

    I have a couple other questions too
    - Is there any downside to having a water bowl with pebbles?
    - If I boil some bones that I found, bathed in peroxide, and sun dried would it be safe for the pedes to have as decoration?
    - How are they with travel? I'd love to take them back to GA with me for Christmas but if the drive and changes would stress them out or be dangerous in any way I'd leave them with a friend.
    - Would they like (intensely supervised) time outside or would that just stress them out?
  2. Aquarimax

    Aquarimax Arachnoangel Active Member

    Ivories are an excellent choice! I also highly recommend Peter at BICS.
    In my opinion, the faunarium can be workable, but is not an ideal choice because it provides so much ventilation that it will dry out very quickly, especially in an arid climate like yours.
    You can use plastic wrap with a few holes poked in it to reduce the ventilation to appropriate levels. I just opt for a container with less ventilation to begin with. A six-quart sterility tub costs a dollar or less and will work. The plastic is less clear, but it works quite well.

    I wouldn’t bother adding coconut fiber to the substrate. You certainly can if you wish, but the BICS substrate will also hold humidity in a similar way, and is more nutritious.

    The hides/decor you mentioned should be fine.

    I use powdered eggshell and/or cuttlebone for my millipedes’ calcium needs. That is not to say powdered calcium won’t work, just that there are cheaper options.

    My suggestion for maintaining the proper moisture level in the substrate is not to think of it in terms of misting frequency, but in terms of ‘how damp is the substrate?’ If you touch the substrate and you can feel moisture, but you can’t squeeze droplets of water out of a handful, it’s about right. Frequency will depend on ambient humidity, temperature, ventilation, substrate depth and composition, etc.

    The downside to a water bowl with pebbles is that it is unnecessary for millipedes with a substrate maintained at the correct moisture level. My ivories have never had a water dish, and they are thriving and breeding.

    I would imagine that bones treated in the way you describe should be safe.

    Travel would be possible, but it might be a little complicated to protect them from extremes of temperature. There may possibly be legal issues with them crossing state lines (not entirely sure about that yet.)

    In the dry Arizona climate, I would tend to suggest keeping them indoors, but a very short, supervised foray on a mild day probably wouldn’t hurt. If you were to put them down on the ground, though, you might inadvertently bring in an unwelcome visitor with you when you pick them back up.

    I hope this helps!
  3. ArtisticAardwolf

    ArtisticAardwolf Arachnopeon Active Member

    Thanks! I do want the plastic to be really clear, how would I go about bringing down the ventilation in this habitat? Is just putting some plastic wrap under the lid acceptable?

    EDIT: Would a 5 gallon aquarium be too small?
    EDIT: Can you keep them in an airtight container? The only ones I find that are super clear are airtight?

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