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Do you name your Ts? What do you call them?

Discussion in 'Tarantula Chat' started by Shinra, Jul 20, 2019.

  1. Shinra

    Shinra Arachnopeon

    Like most, I refer to my Ts by their scientific name and with 50 or so Ts, giving each a name seems a bit much (especially when so many are slings).
    However, for some reason, there are some that just get names because it seems right or they do something that bequeaths the name upon to them:

    Bella - my G. Pulchra (because she’s a beauty)

    Shy Ronnie - my female A. Seemanni (acquired as male but turned out to be female - barely ever see it)

    El rapido - my N. Incei (not as fast as my balfouris but always ready to bolt at the first opportunity and does so constantly)

    Chewy - B. Albopilosum (self explanatory that one)

    Archibald - B. Boehmei (because he kicks at the slightest thing and I’m convinced he’ll go bald)

    Goku - B. cabocla (friend made a comparison and it stuck)

    Itsy and Bitsy - my two C. Elegans (from the nursery rhyme)

    Oddly enough it has been my friends that have named them but they’ve stuck and I’ve kept them...

    What are some of your names if you have any?
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  2. The Seraph

    The Seraph Arachnobaron Active Member

    I have named all 4 of my tarantulas after the Tokugawa shoguns in sequential order.
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  3. Kitara

    Kitara Arachnosquire Active Member

    I only have 3 Ts.

    Mocha is a b. albo. My daughter named him. Named based on his color.

    Voodoo is a g. pulchra. She's just a tiny thing right now, but her name will fit better when she is silky black.

    Thunder is a GBB. Her name is Thunder because she is OKC Thunder colors.
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  4. I do, I only have three (for now!)

    B. albo - Chewy/Chewbacca - Should be pretty obvious!
    E. campestratus - Risha - A character from SWTOR who is one of my favorites. A tough smart chick who doesn't take any crap.
    A. chalcodes - Anders - Character from Dragon Age, his nickname is "Blondie" so that's how I connected it to him. But like the real Anders he likes to sulk so I guess it fits XD
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  5. Wesley Barnum

    Wesley Barnum Arachnopeon Active Member

    I only name mine if they're one that I like. (which is mainly all of them lmao)
    my first girl I got, Aphonopelma seemanni (the one in my pfp:joyful:) is named Dahila
    my T. stirmi is named Agatha
    P. tigrinawesseli is named Annabelle. you get the picture lol. I don't really have a method of naming, I just go with what sounds good to me.:p
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  6. velvetundergrowth

    velvetundergrowth Lobopro Arachnosupporter

    I only have 2 T's but both are named.

    My very amiable G. porteri is Rosie. An unimaginative but suiting name I think.

    My T. stirmi is named Sister Nancy, after the Queen of Reggae/Dancehall. I got the spider a couple days after a Sister Nancy gig so that's where that comes from.

    I don't name my other animals - even my tortoise just goes by "The Tortoise". I'm not sure why I decided to name the tarantulas....
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  7. MainMann

    MainMann Arachnosquire Active Member

    I have 6 Ts as of now, and my friends named all of them so it'll be easier to refer to them when we're talking

    -Unicorn: a darlingi, named after its horn (i know, very original :p)
    -Azazel: a vagans, idk why he got that name lol
    -Fire: a boehmei, named after it's legs colors
    -Empress: an LP, named because she's huge and never hides, always out on display
    -Anasthasia: an OBT, because i think the name fits really well
    -Muffet: a regalis, named after an undertale character:p
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  8. Asgiliath

    Asgiliath Arachnosquire Active Member

    My boyfriend came up with names for a few of them. My b. hamorii is “Ziggy”. He calls my a. seemani BCF, “Zul” and his b. albo sling is “Osgiliath” (Yes, my username is a misspelling of that.)

    BUT I haven’t officially named any of my spiders except for my t. stirmi. 90DADBA4-CC8F-46C1-A094-828021485A0C.jpeg Her name is Big Scary!
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  9. Chris LXXIX

    Chris LXXIX ArachnoGod Active Member

    Long live the "Do you name your T's" threads, it's a tradition: every 3/6 months a thread like this needs to jump out :pompous:
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  10. ALD

    ALD Arachnopeon

    My A.Seemani I call Negan lol. I have still have NO clue if this is a Male or female just due to.the fact that it destroys its molt almost immediately
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  11. VanessaS

    VanessaS Grammostola Groupie Arachnosupporter

    Yes, mine have names.
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  12. Urzeitmensch

    Urzeitmensch Arachnosquire Active Member

    I name them only after I know their gender.

    B. Harmorii: Shimakaze ("Shima")
    L. Parahybana: Azuma
    N. Tripepii: Kii
    B. Boehmi: Yukikaze ("Yuki")
    T. Blondi: Yamato ("Yami")
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  13. Urzeitmensch

    Urzeitmensch Arachnosquire Active Member

    Awesome picture!
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  14. Marika

    Marika Arachnobaron Active Member

    My Ts are:

    G. pulchra - Hirmu ("monster")
    H. chilensis - Oikku ("quirk")
    A. eutylenum - Tassu ("paw")
    A. bicoloratum - Hippu ("nugget")
    G. rosea - Hali ("hug")
    G. actaeon - Haiku
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  15. nicodimus22

    nicodimus22 Arachnomancer Arachnosupporter

    I name them once I know the sex, for a few reasons.

    -For my own personal amusement. I name every animal under my care, no matter what it is.

    -It seems to have a positive effect on other people...makes them a little more comfortable with Ts for whatever reason. A scary animal with a name (and sometimes at my house, a silly name) is somehow less scary to most people?

    -It's a good way to keep track of the sex of a specimen without even thinking about it, especially if you have multiples of the same species.

    Here are the names I have so far:

    Aphonopelma chalcodes 0.1.0 (Daisy)
    Brachypelma albopilosum (hobby form) 1.0.0 (Oregano)
    Brachypelma albopilosum (hobby form) 1.0.0 (Curly Fries)
    Brachypelma albopilosum (Nicaraguan) 1.0.0 (Mr. Miyagi)
    Brachypelma albopilosum (Nicaraguan) 1.0.0 (Arnold Schwarzelegger)
    Brachypelma albopilosum (Nicaraguan) 0.1.0 (Kaylee)
    Brachypelma auratum 0.1.0 (Lucy)
    Brachypelma boehmei 0.1.0 (Ginger)
    Brachypelma emilia 0.1.0 (Mina)
    Brachypelma emilia 1.0.0 (Rhubarb)
    Brachypelma klaasi 1.0.0 (Inferno)
    Brachypelma klaasi 1.0.0 (Bazooka)
    Brachypelma vagans 0.1.0 (Raven)
    Brachypelma vagans 0.1.0 (Magic)
    Caribena versicolor 1.0.0 (Tiddlywinks)
    Chromatopelma cyaneopubescens 0.1.0 (Gossamer)
    Davus pentaloris 0.1.0 (Octavia)
    Grammostola iherengi 0.1.0 (Voodoo)
    Grammostola pulchra 0.1.0 (Niobe)
    Grammostola pulchripes 0.1.0 (Legs)
    Grammostola rosea (RCF) 1.0.0 (Tywin)
    Grammostola rosea (RCF) 1.0.0 (Pepperoni)
    Homoeomma chilensis 0.1.0 (Fidget)
    Lasiodora klugi 0.1.0 (Minerva)
    Nhandu chromatus 0.1.0 (Beverly)
    Nhandu chromatus 0.1.0 (Inara)
    Nhandu tripepii 1.0.0 (Moose)
    Nhandu tripepii 1.0.0 (Charles Barkley)
    Nhandu tripepii 0.1.0 (Cinnamon)
    Pamphobeteus antinous 1.0.0 (Megatron)
    Pamphobeteus platyomma 1.0.0 (Donatello)
    Phormictopus atrichomatus 0.1.0 (Drucilla)
    Phormictopus auratus 1.0.0 (Achilles)
    Phormictopus auratus 0.1.0 (Charlotte)
    Phormictopus cancerides 0.1.0 (Nutella)
    Pterinopelma sazimai 1.0.0 (Pepsi)
    Pterinopelma sazimai 0.1.0 (Liara)
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  16. The Seraph

    The Seraph Arachnobaron Active Member

    Nevermind. Realize this is off topic.
    Last edited: Jul 21, 2019
  17. VanessaS

    VanessaS Grammostola Groupie Arachnosupporter

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  18. Urzeitmensch

    Urzeitmensch Arachnosquire Active Member

  19. FrDoc

    FrDoc Arachnobaron Active Member

    Not no, but _____ NO!!!
  20. Liquifin

    Liquifin Arachnodemon Active Member

    The best and most clever name of all my collection is my LP named Tarantula. It's simple, yet it's very unique.
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