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dks on b.albopilosum sling

Discussion in 'Tarantula Questions & Discussions' started by SuleymanC, Jun 4, 2018.

  1. SuleymanC

    SuleymanC Arachnoknight

    I have a b.albopilosum sling that has dks but it eats, just has trouble moving...is there a chance for it to come alive? i soaked 3/4 of substrate...what you all think of powerfeeding in this case?
  2. Greasylake

    Greasylake Arachnoprince

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  3. RonnyT

    RonnyT Arachnosquire

    Are you sure its DKS, can you make a video of the spider moving?
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  4. EulersK

    EulersK Arachnonomicon Staff Member

    As important as it is to keep it healthy enough to molt and overcome the symptoms, of equal importance is finding what caused this in the first place. Has the sling done this since the day you got it? If not, then it very likely came into contact with some harmful chemical in your home. Pesticides, heavy fragrances, flea killers, and tobacco are common issues.
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  5. Sana

    Sana Arachnoprince Arachnosupporter

    It’s possible for a tarantula to survive the symptoms described as dks but as @EulersK pointed out the source of the issue needs to be addressed. These symptoms are most often caused by poisoning for lack of a better word. If this is an issue that started prior to arrival then it isn’t something in your environment. If it’s started recently without any previous issues determining the source is essential for keeping all of your tarantuls healthy.
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  6. SuleymanC

    SuleymanC Arachnoknight

    thanks to all for informative answers and no I don't smoke or keep toxic chemicals inside my room where I actually keep all.. other slings are fine ever since I bought them but this one was also looked fine for many molts it had under my care but its very upsetting to see him or her in this position.. the cup had some dust i dont know if dust can cause dks as well but I took slightly moist with water paper towel and wipe out all the dust my eyes could catch
  7. SuleymanC

    SuleymanC Arachnoknight

    yes it's dks because all the symptoms spider have are indication of dks and it cant move...legs always stay in weird position and it has trouble finding food when i try feeding so i have to manually feed by bringing food under the fangs
  8. EulersK

    EulersK Arachnonomicon Staff Member

    So, here's the deal. The only known cause of these symptoms is either a parasite (which would be removed with a molt) or exposure to harmful chemicals. I'm not trying to be accusatory at all, but this spider was almost certainly exposed to something harmful in your care. Not your fault, stuff happens. Many of us have had spiders that have come back from worse, but you absolutely have to try and figure out what went wrong. These twitchy movements don't "just happen" for no reason. And they're not caused by some dust. Cologne, flea collars, incense, Febreeze, cleaners, I could go on. Tarantulas are surprisingly fragile. I recently had a person simply laying wall tile in my bathroom (and only a total of 16 tiles) where my mature males are kept - over half of them died from those fumes alone, and I couldn't smell a thing. We're not talking about "toxic" chemicals here, we're talking about anything that may be harmful to them but harmless to you.
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  9. SuleymanC

    SuleymanC Arachnoknight

    do you think changing setup completely may make some sort of improvement? i changed the substrate not long ago but do you think there might be very tiny mold that i do not see in his or her setup? I'll do all possibilities to save it but if not it will die, it happens to many people too but i guess you can't save everything..1 thing that surprised me was all other slings are happy and well but except for this one I mentioned
  10. boina

    boina Lady of the mites Arachnosupporter

    Or bacteria, like Saccharopolyspora spinosa, producing Spinosyn A. Or another bacterial infection can cause the same symptoms. Or possibly Microsporidia (a single cell parasitic fungus). As shown here:

    It's just not as cut and dried.
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  11. SuleymanC

    SuleymanC Arachnoknight

    so if you think you are doing everything right what other steps you can do to reduce risks of death from dks?