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Deadly Creatures

Discussion in 'True Spiders & Other Arachnids' started by DamoK21, Dec 27, 2009.

  1. DamoK21

    DamoK21 Arachnosquire

    So every were i go theres this argument on true spiders and spiders in general an here it is

    what is the most deadliest spider ?

    [Edit] if tests were taken out to see which spider would cause more damage or be fatal on a human which 1 would you say would do the most damage or kill ?

    now personally i belive this to be a cave spider (Sicarius terrosus) but alot of people will argue it out with the black widow (Latrodectus hesperus) or the almighty funnel web spider (Atrax robustus) and rarely the forgotten tree dwelling funnel web spider (Atrax formidabilis) the brazilian wandering spider (Phoneutria nigriventer) also known as the "banana spider" and on the very very very odd occasion a wolf spider (Rhabidosa rabida)

    So what do you think is the most dangerouse spider and why ?

    again i think the cave spider there venom is very potent and only 2 bites have ever been recorded but both were left with huge huge huge damage 1 guy was immediatly amputated and anouther died to me this is a very dangerouse spider and not to be messed with !!
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  2. It all depends on what your definition of most dangerous spider is, do you mean which spider has the more potent venom, or what spider has killed the most people and therefore is more of a danger.

    As you said there have only ever been two recorded bites by the Sicarius terrosus, however the other three you listed all have more recorded bites and deaths to their names.

  3. DamoK21

    DamoK21 Arachnosquire

    ahh yes i could of cleared that bit up ill edit that in a minuite lol

    i mean there venom on humans which is more likely to kill a human with there venom agreed with the others bringing more recorded deaths but if tests were taken out to see which spider would cause more damage or be fatal on a human which 1 would you say would do the most damage ?
  4. CRX

    CRX Arachnoknight

    When it comes to venom potency, Atrax formidabilis is probably the most dangerous.
  5. endoflove

    endoflove Arachnoknight

    the one that just bit u ;)
  6. gumby

    gumby Arachnoprince Old Timer

    my vote gos for Phoneutria nigriventer as the true spider with most harmful venom to humans
  7. buthus

    buthus Arachnoprince Old Timer

    REALLY questionable info. ...like a scary tale that just wont go away.
  8. DamoK21

    DamoK21 Arachnosquire

    haha lol i highly dought my G.rosey is deadly:} lol funny that iv got all sorts of defencive T's and the only 1 that just doesnt show any skidishness bites me great that lol :8o
  9. DamoK21

    DamoK21 Arachnosquire

    oh yea definatly i totally agree i mean its very very very questionable info theres so much that is unknown about alot of species T's and true spiders alike ... haha yup definatly a scary tale lol although its more of a fasination for me than scary;P
  10. DamoK21

    DamoK21 Arachnosquire


    very very good call but still im not really sure yea they are absoultly a spider not to mess with but again that is a good call although for me it is a close call between the tree dweller (atrax formidabilis) and the cave spider but im more than confident with the big huge fangs that the tree dweller can and will pack a very very nasty bite and more than certain it will nock you for 6 and personally id rather be bit by a fully grown goliath bird eater (T.blondi) 20 times over lol
  11. DamoK21

    DamoK21 Arachnosquire

    im thinking in the respect that your likely to be bit by 1 of these although for the most deadly venom im not so sure but again a bite from 1 of these na i definatly would not like to be the guy to take the punch although come to think of it

    IF this species was able to deliver more venom than a drip then id give it hands down actually im unsure now lol if the venom was extracted from these spiders more than the usaul drip say the same ammount a good 10 drips from each of these species and then artificially injected into humans there is a huge huge chance you may have just picked the most venomus spider in the world the only way to find this all out really is to measure the volume of the potency, proteins and so on in the venom and im thinking now aft6er righting this you may actually be right but the only reason like the tree dweller is considerd more dangerouse is because of how much venom is pumped through

    you no what guys i have to say i actualy agree with gumby i mean consider the size of the spider compared to others there is a huge chance that these may be alot more dangerouse than others but still the cave spider and the black widow aint exactly running about with huge huge fangs like the tree dweller and so on hmm
  12. alexmargaritis

    alexmargaritis Arachnosquire

    that's an interesting thread.come on guys inform us!
  13. buthus

    buthus Arachnoprince Old Timer

    This is an ongoing rehash ...search the forum. ;) The OP already answered ...its one of those "bad" ones mentioned.
  14. I don't know what's the deadliest, but you couldn't afford to pay me to keep a sand spider in my home. :eek:
  15. DamoK21

    DamoK21 Arachnosquire

    haha well i wouldnt even keep a widow spider in my home never mind a sand/cave spider lol

    i do like the way the burry them selfs though kinda cute :p
  16. Venom

    Venom Arachnoprince Old Timer


    It's really not a question that can be given a pat-answer. The question is far too complex to answer simply or quickly, so here are the facts:

    Strongest single neurotoxic venom component: Phoneutria nigriventor

    Strongest multi-component neurotoxic venom cocktail: Hadronyche infensa

    Strongest cytotoxic venom: Sicarius hahni

    Highest number of organs affected by venom: Sicarius hahni (skin, fat, muscle, blood, heart, liver, kidneys, lungs, brain, arteries/ veins/ capillaries, and intestines in particular, although it affects any tissue or organ which requires blood circulation)

    Highest number of world-wide fatalities: Latrodectus spp.

    Highest number of localized fatalities: Phoneutria spp.

    Highest local man-to-spider contact frequency: Atrax robustus

    Highest world-wide man-to-spider contact frequency: Latrodectus spp.

    Highest observed fatality rate without treatment: Atrax/ Hadronyche spp. ( circa 30% )

    Highest observed fatality rate WITH treatment: Loxosceles laeta, gaucho, intermedia ( 1.5% or 1 in 67 ) [S. hahni has the same toxic compound as Loxosceles: Sphingomyelinase-D, only in much, much greater abundance. Anecdotal reports place Sicarius' fatality rate at circa 50%. The fatality rate of Sicarius is essentially unobserved due to low frequency of bites].

    Lowest man-to-spider contact frequency: Sicarius spp.

    Most painful spider venom: Latrodectus and Phoneutria

    Most treatable venom: Atrax/ Hadronyche and Latrodectus

    Least treatable venom: Sicarius and Loxosceles

    Most tissue damage: Sicarius hahni

    Most mobile/ athletic deadly spider: Phoneutria spp.

    Fastest death from spider venom: Hadronyche ( 2 hrs adult, 15 mins infant )

    Slowest death from spider venom: Loxosceles and Sicarius ( from several days, to up to a year, from renal complications )

    Worst overall effect on a human: Sicarius hahni (believed...but not fully demonstrated yet. Otherwise, H. infensa)
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  17. Moltar

    Moltar ArachnoGod

    Way to go Venom, that's what I call an answer!

    Of course by now I suppose you have some previous experience answering this question...
  18. pouchedrat

    pouchedrat Arachnolord

    I'd love a sicarius if they weren't deadly scary, lol. The way they bury themselves is adorable.
  19. paul fleming

    paul fleming Arachnoangel

    They are sweet.:)
    They don't do a lot mind,just hide basically but that's fine with me though.
    They are also very,very fast.
    Packing one was one of the scariest experiences I have ever had......no way will I do that again.
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  20. Bjoern Elksnat

    Bjoern Elksnat Arachnosquire


    in relationship with other hunting spiders are Sicarius species very slowly.

    I breed Phoneutria spp. since 3 years, and I think they are the most riskiest spiders in the hobby because of their abilities to

    - climb glass
    - run fast
    - react fast, mostly not the way you expect
    - visualize their feed and/or opponents over a longer distance than other specimens (like Cupiennius species, but they are harmful...)

    I think the last point is the most important of all

    When everytime you do something in and near the terrarium, they see you!

    And they decide to hide, to attack you, or not...

    Combined with the abilities written before, no Sicarius, Loxosceles, Latrodectus, even Atrax (oder Hadronyche formidabilis) can mess with this effective deadlyness.
    Because of no glass climbing ability and, sorry, not very fast....

    LG Björni