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Cyriocosmus elegans

Discussion in 'Breeding Reports' started by stonemantis, Mar 23, 2007.

  1. stonemantis

    stonemantis Arachnoprince Old Timer

    Sucessful ????

    4:30 pm introduced male and female inside breeding enclosure.
    4:45 pm male started drumming female and female ran from male and later briefly mated with male.

    Still waiting on results and will keep all posted.

  2. John Apple

    John Apple Just a guy Old Timer

    Male and female together on Monday, copulation was witnessed and took about ten minutes.
    Introduced the male to a second female after a sperm web was made Tuesday, female ran away and then the male found her and a second successful mating took place.
    Time to wait and see what happens;)
    A third female will be bred after another sperm web is made
  3. Varden

    Varden Arachnodemon Old Timer


    My computer crashed earlier this year, so I lost a lot of data, but I'll try and reconstruct with what I've got. Sadly, it's not much.

    The temperature was kept at 80 by day and 78 by night. We also kept one part of her enclosure slightly damp to increase the humidity. She seemed to want that since she built her burrow in the damp substrate right under the water dish. We did, however, spritze away from her so as not to wet the sac.

    My female was bred with CFNSmok.PL's male not that long ago and within three weeks, she laid her sac. In fact, she enclosed herself completely three days after being introduced to the male. She was already fat at that point, so she was likely already bulking up with eggs and we caught her at just the right time. Regardless, she laid her sac towards the end of April and on 05/15/07 we pulled it to find eggs with legs. There's about 60 in the sac, with the same number of bad eggs. I'm going to need to get a magnifying glass in order to seperate the slings from the undeveloped eggs. It's, literally, like trying to seperate grains of sand! There's about a hundred eggs there and all of them together can fit easily on the surface of a dime. I don't know yet whether I'm going to try and cultivate some aphids to feed them or whether I'm going to prekill gnats for them--and I only WISH that were a joke or exaggeration.
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  4. John Apple

    John Apple Just a guy Old Timer

    The sac from the first was laid and the second female is making a saucer shaped bed as we speak.
    Thrips and the smaller fruit flies work well for feeding these guys as well as newborne crix
  5. Tunedbeat

    Tunedbeat Arachnolord

    C. elegans

    * Successful? - Yes
    * Any special care or preliminary notes for the lovers - Two females, one at just alittle over 1" and the other 1 1/2". Both were purchased two months prior to first breeding attempt and fed as much as they could eat. Breeding took place April of 2008. Male #1 was purchased. Male #2 received on loan after first male was loaned out and larger female molted.
    * How they were paired - Introduction/Pairing, all took place in the female's enclosure.
    * Any observations on the hookup - Male #1 was successful at attempting insertion. Each pairing lasted 30mins to an hour. Male #2 was also successful, though he became dinner on his third attempt.
    * Any special post mating care - Substrate was kept moist.
    * Time to sac - Both female dropped an egg sac approximately 4-5weeks after mating.
    * Care of the sac - Sac was left with female for 3weeks.
    * Time to emerge/hatch - Sac #1 was eaten by smaller female at day 3. Sac #2, eggs with legs at 3 1/2-4weeks. Total count was 107 including 13 bad eggs.
    * The final details - 20 spiderlings died before reaching 2nd instar, 50% was sent to owner of male.

  6. ShellsandScales

    ShellsandScales Arachnobaron

    Male and female I have had for several months now and male matured just a few days ago.

    First attempt last night about 5pm.. They went to it very quickly. Total time was less then 10 minutes. Very little drumming, just enough for them to see each other. Very hard to observe insertions on such a small species but it looked like a very good attempt. When they were done the male very calmly backed up and retreated up my paint brush and onto my hand.

    Didn't really give any special prep. Just made sure they were fed on my regular 7 to 10 day schedule. When I saw the male was mature I let them have access to each other. Thats it. The female is now in a 2.5 gallon tank with very naturalistic decor and lots of room to burrow and hide. Will try to make other observations as they come. May not try another pairing due to the females small size and ability to hide very well in her new habitat. If you notice its been a while with no update please pm me and I will update.
  7. Sathane

    Sathane Arachnoking


    Paired the couple on September 5th. Male located the female's burrow right away and dove right in. Nearly 30 minutes later the male emerged.
    Burrow was barricaded the next day. Good sign.

    This morning, I observed a small (around 1 cm) sphere of white webbing in the female's burrow. She must have dropped this last night as there was no sac yesterday evening. Will leave the sac with momma for 3.5 and then pull.
  8. gunslinger

    gunslinger Arachnobaron Old Timer

    C. elegans

    Success So far.
    NotesBoth the male and female are from kbekker (great seller to deal with by the way). Both were initially in pretty small containers so I setup a larger container and transferred both to it.
    Set Up Transferred female into the large container first, then male, after 20 mins of scampering they paired up, male tapping female receptive. Hooked up around 9pm and remained locked up until 1am or so.

    Will update if sac is succesful.
  9. Jmugleston

    Jmugleston Arachnoprince


    Female number: Cy_el_5

    Female's most recent molt: 9-Aug-10

    Male number: Cy_el_5

    Male's ultimate molt: 22-Jul-10

    First pairing: 1-Sep-10

    Total number of pairings:1

    Eggsac found: 26-Sep-10

    Eggsac pulled:14-Oct-10

    Stage of slings when pulled: They emerged on their own as first instars.

    2nd instar molt date: 24-Oct-10





  10. Jmugleston

    Jmugleston Arachnoprince

    Female number: Cy_el_1

    Female's most recent molt: 3-Mar-11

    Total Molts Since Previous Eggsac: NA

    Male number: Ce_el_4

    Male's ultimate molt: 01-Mar-11

    First pairing: 29-Apr-11

    Final pairing:29-Apr-11

    Total number of pairings: 1

    Eggsac found: 26-May-11

    Eggsac pulled: 24-Jun-11

    Stage of slings when pulled: 1st Instars

    1st instar molt date: When Pulled

    2nd instar molt date: 2-Jul-11




    1st Instars

    2nd Instars:


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