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Conventions, Expos, Shows for Tarantulas

Discussion in 'Tarantula Chat' started by Jeff23, Feb 14, 2017.

  1. Jeff23

    Jeff23 Arachnolord Arachnosupporter

    There was a thread a few months back and I can't find it now regarding tarantula Expos, Shows, Conventions, etc. It included discussion on whether everyone would be willing to attend a national show.

    What USA show would be the best one to attend if I don't care about the airline cost, hotel cost, etc? I have never been to a show and want to go to one. I figure I can combine it with a vacation to see sites in that area. I live half way between Atlanta, GA and Charlotte, NC. I think they had an invert/reptile show in Atlanta recently (which is close to me), but I was working out of town.

    I suppose I would like to go to one where Aphonopelma would be more present than the online available options. I currently have a bunch of them, but 99% of them are less than 1/2" in size. I want to find Aphonopelma bicoloratum. Would this need to be in Texas, Arizona, etc. to have better options?
  2. WeightedAbyss75

    WeightedAbyss75 Arachnoangel

    Online is probably your best bet. Never seen bicoloratum, and you may end up going to a texas show and never seeing one :( I have a local fair with a few dealers twice a month, but that is about it. I hear there is the Tinely park reptile convention in March/April that has had inverts sellers in the past. I went there in (November?) 2016 and they had awesome inverts for sale, bought a few. Only one I know of in the US, also happens in Texas twice a year too. Same expo, two locations four times a year :D
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  3. Paiige

    Paiige Arachnobaron

    I would guess that yes, the further south/southwest you are, the more likely you are to find them. However, I recently went to the New England expo and there were quite a few juvenile/adult Aphonopelma for sale at good prices.
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  4. Jeff23

    Jeff23 Arachnolord Arachnosupporter

    Thanks for the replies. I have pretty much covered all of the available Aphonopelma species that I can find online with purchases of 1/4" slings. I am not seeing any US species beyond eutylenum, gabeli, iodius, hentzi, and chalcodes. And only chalcodes is available as a female.

    EDIT* I meant USA Aphonopelma. I did not include seemanni (Central America) which I may one day obtain as well along with my wish for mooreae (Mexico)
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  5. WeightedAbyss75

    WeightedAbyss75 Arachnoangel

    Could go and collect wild specimens ;) Probably not, but I would just post a wanted ad if you haven't already. I am sure someone is either breeding them or willing to sell some. With the price of the plane tickets, entrance fee, and trip back, you could use all that money to try and "urge" someone to sell a bicoloratum sling/juvie :D
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  6. Jeff23

    Jeff23 Arachnolord Arachnosupporter

    Good point. Although I have searched and bought from Classifieds, I haven't put a wish list in there before.

    But I figure I can get my plane ticket for free (frequent flyer miles). I would just need to find a hotel with available burrow for sleep. I would only travel to one if it is considered larger than just a couple sellers. I have noticed that most of my online purchases came from California, so perhaps it has more sellers than other states. However, I don't know if that means shows will be larger there.
  7. dopamine

    dopamine Arachnobaron

    We have a reptile expo here in Tucson but it's not till October :(
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  8. viper69

    viper69 ArachnoGod Old Timer

    Jeff your best bet BEFORE you fly to any show out of the blue is to look up the show's website and CONFIRM what vendor is going to be there, and IF they have Ts. Very few vendors at herp shows are T specific, and thus even looking at names is not helpful. The larger the show the better your odds. Some shows in the LA area, like the one in Pomona typically has Ts. I would imagine the Daytona should/would.

    If you don't check this stuff before hand, you are in for a huge disappointment regarding Ts. I've been to many shows.
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  9. I literally just saw a well started juvenile Aphonopelma bicoloratum for sale at the NY reptile expo in white plains with Netbug on sunday! You're no where near close to NY it seems but if your serious about getting the species I think it was like 400 or 500$ and they do ship.
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  10. Jeff23

    Jeff23 Arachnolord Arachnosupporter

    Thanks for that information.

    Unfortunately, I would never consider that much money for a an "unsexed" juvenile that I may not be able to pair. I would likely want to target bicoloratum slings in the event the species is harder to find in a female. In fact, I will probably move on to other species if I end up finding it is almost extinct. I don't see this T on Netbug's website.

    But the show you are mentioning might be worth the investigation for other T's since it is much quicker travel time.
  11. Abyss

    Abyss Arachnoknight

    Search repticon an see if they have one near you and berks i have had great luck at both
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  12. Jeff23

    Jeff23 Arachnolord Arachnosupporter

    It is here in Greenville on February 18 & 19. :D Do I have good timing with this thread or what? Since we aren't a large city it will be interesting to see if much is there. The vendor list looks like almost all Reptile and Snake vendors. But a couple of the exhibitors sell feeders and crickets so maybe I can find a better feeder supplier if nothing else.
  13. z32upgrader

    z32upgrader Arachnoknight

    Moore, OK
    Don't forget about the ATS' Annual Conference every July in Tucson. The "Spider Mall" is usually pretty busy with vendors and besides, the Conference is an experience in itself.
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  14. CEC

    CEC Arachnoangel Active Member

    I have always wanted to attend for years. The one year it fit my schedule and was affordable for me (2015 I believe), it was not put on. I did manage to attend the "Arachnogathering" that year, put on by Michael Jacobi at the NARBC show in Tinley Park, IL. Sadly, that event is no more. So I gotta start planning for an ATS attendance ASAP.
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  15. Abyss

    Abyss Arachnoknight

    Never got to make it to that one yet :(
  16. user 666

    user 666 Arachnobaron

    Looking over the site now. It's a good-sized show, and all the tables are sold out.

    Based on what I saw at the Baltimore Repticon, I would expect to find 5 or 6 tarantula vendors at your show.
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  17. Bugmom

    Bugmom Arachnolord

    I have heard that there won't be an ATS show this year now that Ken the Bug Guy sold his shop. Can anyone confirm this?

    There is zero mention of a 2017 ATS Conference anywhere online.

    The absolute best expos I've ever been to are the Texas Reptile Expo in San Antonio, TX and NARBC in Arlington, TX. I go more for reptiles than tarantulas, however, there were always a good number of arachnid vendors.
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  18. Rob1985

    Rob1985 This user has no status. Old Timer

    We have a really good expo twice a month here in the Chicago burbs. It's called Scott Smith's All Animal Expo. There's at least three or four T vendors who always have good stuff! Evil's Arachnids booth is stellar!

    Just do a Google search and let me know if you end up this way!
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  19. Moakmeister

    Moakmeister Arachnobaron

    There's a Repticon happening in Pasadena on the 25th and 26th. I'll be attending to perhaps get another T. I went to their previous show in 2014, and there were a lot of Brachys there, as well as Theraphosas. At the time I was unfamiliar with the scietific names of the genus, so I can't say if they were blondis or stirmis, but stirmis is what I'm betting.
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  20. gypsy cola

    gypsy cola Arachnoknight

    Better option would be to just a do a vacation. Figure out a spot you want to check and then go when they have a expo.

    Vegas is nice because it's Vegas. Awesome food and lately there are lot of activities that don't need you to be 21. They got a pretty cool aquarium and the strip has some cool spots.

    SLC is your best option if you are more into the outdoors. So maaaaannnyyy hiking spots that are really accessible. Our state capital is actual the starting point for the Mt.Ensign hike. We have two reptile expos a year. The LPS here usually have a decent stock. One of them is actually carrying CITES imported brachypelma baumgarteni. We have plenty of local breeders here you could grab a beer with too. Don't mind our crazy alcohol laws. We have AMAZING beer. You just have to visit the brewery itself to pick up. I recommend the Smoked and Oaked from the award winning Epic Brewery.
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