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Colonies of Pandinus Imperator and Heterometrus Swammerdami

Discussion in 'Scorpions' started by Sal Machado, Apr 23, 2016.

  1. Sal Machado

    Sal Machado Arachnopeon

    Dear Friends, I have around 20 emperor scorpions and other 20 swammerdami. They are around 4/5 centimeters by now. Want to start two different colonies, each one for each specie. I know 20 individuals is a lot, and so my question: how big the terrariums should be? Both terrariums will be two decks built from roots and top soil and I will work with the height in order to double floor space. Of course fuuuull of hides and enrichment. Was thinking about 1,10m x 0,75m (area would be almost the double working the height) x 0,60m. What do you think? Before someone asks the reason, I want to dedicate my thesis on biology to colony behavior of scorpions on captivity. Want they to feel as well as they can. You know they became part of family :D Thank you guys a lot!!!
  2. G. Carnell

    G. Carnell Arachnoemperor Old Timer


    Is there any available literature on this subject? How are they grouped in the wild?

    If they are 5 cm now, you can expect to wait at least 1 year before they are all adult, is this a very long project? :)
  3. Sal Machado

    Sal Machado Arachnopeon


    Yep, this would be a long term project... Wanna have all of them together since youth to adulthood. The swammerdami are not small LOL and 20 of them is quite a few :D I have a terrarium that is 1,10m x 0,75m x 0,60m. Was wondering if this floor space will be enough. Also, was thinking about working the hight to have a double deck setup linked by barks and rocks in a way to double floor space.
  4. Sal Machado

    Sal Machado Arachnopeon

    About the literature, didn't found sth about it. Only speaking about small group like four or six...
  5. darkness975

    darkness975 Brachypelma darknessi Arachnosupporter

    Another person from Italy! @Chris LXXIX Look I found another person from Italy! lol

    On topic: I remember seeing a thread somewhere a while back that listed the overall recommended amount of space per specimen for a communal set up of Hetermetrus or Pandinus. I believe it was a US based thread so you will have to convert the measurements but it was a certain amount of gallons per individual.
    For that many individuals I think you should provide a few more hides than the total number of scorpions in there. You should also keep them well fed to minimize the tendency of cannibalism (it does not eliminate that threat completely though). Given the size that the enclosure should be make sure that it is on a sturdy stand that can withstand the weight since you will need a large amount of substrate in there that they can burrow through.

    Part of my invertebrate collection consists of a trio of P. imperator (4i) and they managed to excavate a burrow that winds all around the underside of the sterilite container they are in.
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  6. Galapoheros

    Galapoheros ArachnoGod Old Timer

    Hey I plan to do the same with the emps and swammerdami over here. Right now it’s plastic tubs, very utility-wise. I think what needs to be considered is the demensions of the bottom, not so much volume of the container, as long as they can't climb out. I have two glass tanks that are 4 feet long(1.22 meters) and 12(30cm) inches deep. They will work imo but I think 20 inches(50cm) deep or at least a few more inches deeper than 12 would have been better. What I have noticed is that gravid females of both species tend to kick the males out but most tend to like to hang out in the same hides. Should be fun to set these up.
  7. If you're planning on selling them I would love a male and female I'm new to scorpions and when I saw biggest scorpion in the world I couldn't resist ,unfortunately I can't seem to find any for sale. So if you're up for it email me at superbadkneegrow@gmail.com
    I won't get notifications on here as easily so please email me about it if you want to sell
    Thanks a lot and good luck with the colonies if I don't hear back from you