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Cold Blooded Pets - Massachusetts

Discussion in 'Petstore Reviews' started by The Shadow, Dec 22, 2006.

  1. The Shadow

    The Shadow Arachnosquire Old Timer

    Big selection of lizards, snakes and spiders. Def check them out if your in the area. Clean store, very clean in fact. Quite knowledgable about inverts. Prices were around market value. However, the $200 T. blondi was obvisouly overpriced. Quite a few of Singapore blue slings, and just about everything else.

    176 South Main Street
    Acushnet Ma, 02743

    508 985 1982

  2. Natemass

    Natemass Arachnolord

    Awesome place ive got quite a few spiders from them, always willing to answer questions and very clean. they are pretty good on trades as well, ive done 2 trades and got fair amount of ts in return. prices are good, pretty much like any online dealer just no shipping charge(best part). i usually only deal with troy on the weekends but all the other guys there are just as good as him. amazing snakes,lizards,amphibians, and inverts. check em out

  3. Rowdy Hotel

    Rowdy Hotel Arachnosquire

    I got my first T's from here and got a great deal on them. They're knowledgeable and know how to care for them.
  4. just got a great deal on a bci/bcc boa from them at the mass expo as well as a goini kingsnake. awesome dealer/breeder
  5. SipY

    SipY Arachnopeon

    Ive purchased a bunch of stuff from them. Theyre about an hour away from me, but I cant find any reptile stores closer to me and even if I could I would still probably take the drive. A+ guys
  6. Lucidd

    Lucidd Arachnoknight

    I went there for the first time today, unsure what to expect. I had a LOT of questions, because I was looking to take home my first T. The two gentlemen I spoke with were extremely helpful. One went into a lot of detail on the personalities, needs and appearances of each species. He took the time to show me photos on each species as well. I was extremely pleased with my experience here, and definitely would make this my first consideration next time I am looking for a T, or perhaps a Scorpion next time. :)
  7. Tomoran

    Tomoran Arachnoknight

    Awesome sellers

    For my birthday, my wife and I took a field trip up to Cold Blooded Pets yesterday. Although the store looks deceptively small from the outside, they had an amazing selection of lizards, snakes, and tarantulas. Despite the huge inventory, the store was quite clean and it was obvious the animals were very well cared for. The two gentlemen we spoke to were friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. Their T selection was excellent, and I actually spent close to an hour just perusing all of the stock and chatting it up. The prices were either identical or less than I usually see online (and no shipping!). Just a great experience all around: I couldn't recommend them enough for those within driving distance. We're already planning our return trip.
  8. Windzbreezy

    Windzbreezy Arachnopeon

    I got to check them out
  9. Lucidd

    Lucidd Arachnoknight

    I visited here again and purchased a T. The gentleman who helped me was very helpful with making sure I took home a good fit for what I was looking for. The staff here are friendly and knowledgeable and I highly recommend the trip here even if it's a bit of a drive.
  10. rmattei

    rmattei Arachnopeon

    I went there last weekend and I was very happy I did. Adam was very helpful in explaining what I needed and which T's to look for, since I'm new to the hobby. I took home a B.albopilosum and a B.smithi. Prices were comparable to what I see online and I didn't have to pay for shipping, which is an added bonus. We had our 4 year old daughter with us and they were very nice, letting her look around at all of the frogs and lizards. Definitely recommend CBC, if you're in the area. I'll be going back for sure.