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Coconana's Collection

Discussion in 'Tarantula Pictures' started by Coconana, Oct 19, 2015.

  1. Coconana

    Coconana Arachnosquire

    Hey guys! I take a lot of photographs of my T's, so I figured I'd start up a photo thread with how rapidly we seem to be acquiring new ones :coffee:

    These photos are all either taken on my Casio Exilim EX-Z1080, or my fiancé's Canon Rebel XS. I'll start by posting all of our current T's in the order that we acquired them in during our collection's little re-boot.

    0.1.0 Nhandu Coloratovillosus AKA: 'Lillith' ... Chillin' in her kill-cave.


    0.0.1 Psalmopoeus Irminia AKA: 'Odo'sha' ... Out for a walk before her first post-molt meal.


    0.1.0 Holothele Incei AKA: 'Lil' Mama' ... Doing some meditation before all her webbing yoga business.


    0.0.1 Poecilotheria Regalis ... Unnamed still. Fiancé insists on pulling a molt that we can sex before giving him/her a proper name.


    0.0.1 Ceratogyrus Darlingi AKA: 'Crystal' ... A bolus for whoever can guess what the second part of his/her name is.. This one's as spastic as they come. Also, just molted last night!

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  2. Coconana

    Coconana Arachnosquire

    0.0.1 Avicularia Avicularia ... Annnd, this one just molted this morning!


    0.1.0 Grammostola Porteri ... Was sold as G. Rosea, but I'm really not too sure about whether this one's a NCF Rosea, or a Porteri. Any opinions?


    0.0.1 Ceratogyrus Darlingi ... Killer deal on this little one! Total opposite of Crystal in that this sling just doesn't care. I think I might add more substrate to his/her container though.


    0.0.1 Haplopelma Minax ... So very tiny. Quick too! :biggrin:


    Also, as a bonus... 0.1.0 Brachypelma Boehmei AKA: 'Pumpkin' ... Babysitting this fiesty girl for a friend. Filled her dish shortly after this shot.


    And that's it so far! Next weekend we'll likely be picking up a few more after we've moved into our new house... We'll have the space for it then :)
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  3. Storm76

    Storm76 Arachnoemperor Active Member

    Nice T's. I've noticed you use 1.0.0 for an unsexed T, but it's the other way around 0.0.1 :)

    1.0.0 < #1 Male
    0.1.0 < #1 Female
    0.0.1 < #1 unsexed
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  4. Coconana

    Coconana Arachnosquire

    Thank you so much for pointing that out!! I'll have to go back and edit those right away :D
  5. lalberts9310

    lalberts9310 Arachnoprince

  6. Coconana

    Coconana Arachnosquire

    Thank you so much for both the compliment and the link! Very helpful thread!! General consensus appears to say Porteri for my lady :biggrin:

    1.0.0 Avicularia Avicularia AKA: 'Mr. Meeseeks' ... Yep. This guy's definitely a guy, sadly. Perhaps I'll have some better luck next time? Still love the little blue fuzzball regardless.. At least now he has a proper name!


    0.0.1 Ceratogyrus Darlingi AKA: 'Crystal' ... Finally starting to display that little horn! It's not a great picture, but I'll grab the cannon and see if I can't get something better soon. I'm just stoked that this little one's starting to look like a Darlingi.

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  7. Ratmosphere

    Ratmosphere Arachnoprince Active Member

    Beautiful collection!
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  8. Coconana

    Coconana Arachnosquire

    Time for a quick update! A lot has happened since the last time I posted... We've got everybody moved and settled into the new place :cool:

    We've acquired quite a few new faces, and names have been changed about. 'Mr. Meeseeks' is now officially 'Caboose'... A free high five from a dirty blue lover if you're able to figure out where the name came from!

    0.1.0 Grammostola Porteri ... Doing some early morning yoga. Thought I'd slip this in somewhere :laugh:


    0.1.0 Pterinochilus Murinus AKA: 'Priscilla' ... Interesting story with this one. A local petshop about an hour south of us was carrying this little angry 5 inch gem without any real.. clue as to what she was. I asked to see her, and the employee went to stick her hand in the enclosure. I just about had a conniption! Convinced her to grab some tongs, thankfully, though she was a bit miffed as to why she'd want to use them. With one poke, the OBT dashed out a few inches, pivoted, and threw a threat posture immediately. Took her home as soon as I could, haha! The picture below was taken with my friend's cell phone... Long story short, the container she was being carried in broke was dropped in the parking lot by accident, and she was very angry during her ride home. Poor thing!! We got her settled as soon as we could.




    0.0.1 Hapalpus Sp. Colombia ... Convinced said friend to pick up this little one at the store as well :biggrin:

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  9. leaveittoweaver

    leaveittoweaver Arachnoknight

    What a great collection you have going! I would also say Porteri by the way!
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  10. Coconana

    Coconana Arachnosquire

    0.1.0 Nhandu Coloratovillosus AKA: 'Lillith' ... This poor girl got downsized. Moved her into a different enclosure to give the more accessible one to the OBT. It was a bit too big for her anyway.. Didn't make her very happy about the whole operation though!


    1.0.0 Avicularia Avicularia AKA: 'Caboo--' HEY! Wait a minute...


    Just kidding... 0.1.0 Avicularia Avicularia AKA: 'Sheila' ... This is our newest PetSmart rescue. We came across this little one by chance when we were out of town getting dog food. She was in an undersized KK with woodchips in the bottom, crammed up tight in the corner. $25? My fiance looked at me, I looked at him, and neither of us could say no.


    0.1.0 Haplopelma Lividum Sp. Euathlus Pulcherrimaklaasi ... Another local petshop save. Nobody would adopt this sweet little thing, because the resident 'spider expert' was telling everybody she was a very, very highly insanely venomous and aggressive OW. I peeked into the cage and started laughing. They'd actually pinned a picture of a GIS H. Lividum on the side of the tank.

    Even though the lady fumbled to get her into the cup so that we could take her home, this girl was incredibly tolerant. To date, I've never seen her throw a threat posture, or even flick any hairs (which begs the question; what on earth did they do to make her abdomen so bald?), and she's almost as slow and relaxed as Caboose and Sheila. Hell, I'd be more afraid to put my hand into the G. Porteri's tank!

    Oh, boy... People are lovely :sarcasm:


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  11. Storm76

    Storm76 Arachnoemperor Active Member

    Nice catch, I'd label her "Euathlus sp. "blue femur" though for the time being. E. pulcherimaklaasi was never in the hobby and it's even up to today debatable if Schmidt ID the right spider for that anyways. The beauty you have there is still a rare find generally and besides being somewhat skittish, they're pretty hardy, easy to keep and very beautiful terrestrials!
  12. Coconana

    Coconana Arachnosquire

    Read a lot of debate about this... Wish there was more information on this Sp. in the hobby!! She's labeled tentatively as both for now, though I find that "Blu Femur" is easier on the tongue, haha! They're gorgeous tarantulas with wonderful temperaments.

    At least, that's been my experience so far :coffee:

    I was surprised to find a mature male for loan of this Sp. the other day, though I'm not sure if my female is mature yet. I've read a lot of differing opinions on how big females can get.

    0.1.0 Lasiodora Parahybana ... All of the following pictures were taken almost exactly a month ago when we first got this pretty girl, as well as Sheila. Oddly enough, we acquired them in separate places on the same day! This 7.5in female is still unnamed, but she's a gnarly eater and has a great attitude if you can get past the hairs, haha.

    All of these were taken by my wonderful friend Morgan, and posted with her permission. She's a wizard with that camera!! :love:


    0.1.0 Avicularia Avicularia AKA: 'Sheila' ... This girl's quickly climbing my personal favorite's list. Sheila's laughably docile and very calm in comparison to Caboose. Yet she tackles crickets with a vengeance and webs the greatest hammocks I've ever seen.


    0.1.0 Lasiodora Parahybana ... Tried to maneuver this big horse onto the tape as best we could for a size comparison :biggrin:


    0.1.0 Avicularia Avicularia AKA: 'Sheila' ... Pretty eyes and pretty toes!


    0.1.0 Grammostola Porteri ... We're thinking of naming this one Lady, that way if she turns out to be a magical 'he', we can rename to 'Ladykiller'.

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  13. Coconana

    Coconana Arachnosquire

    0.1.0 Psalmopoeus Irminia AKA: 'Odo'sha' ... Got a new coat of armor about a week ago and finally decided to show her huge self. I don't know how she manages to hide so well in her tiny little funnels!


    0.0.1 Avicularia Metallica AKA: 'Loki' ... This is an old photo, but this was one of the three who stayed with me after my mother passed away. I found it while clearing out my photobucket, and I was delighted! Loki was a handsome guy. Flighty, but handsome!!


    0.1.0 Aphonopelma Sp. AKA: 'Tristania' ... This girl was one of my best friends growing up. A very beautiful and patient lady with a lot of tarantula 'tact'... She was one of my favorites. Gorgeous too, even though the light here washes her out a bit.

    RIP to both Loki and Tristania, as well as Pancake --who I can't find a picture of, sadly.

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  14. Coconana

    Coconana Arachnosquire

    0.1.0 Neoholothele Incei AKA: 'Lil' Mama' ... Managed to find her out and about this morning. Mama was moved in about a week or so ago after getting her new clothes, and it's awesome to see her settling in and jumping straight into webbing her home up like crazy.

    All of these were taken with my fiancé's cellphone camera before being cropped and edited on the computer. I was amazed at how much I could zoom in on some of my smaller specimens... Some of these turned out nicer than my Casio's shots, haha!!


    0.0.1 Ceratogyrus Darlingi AKA: 'The Bigger Darlingi' ... We apparently went back on agreeing to the name 'Crystal' for this one, so now we're trying to find the time to sit down and give this magical little baboon a more fitting name. She's an insane streaker, and has never once failed to make a mad dash for freedom whenever anybody touches the lid of her container. Don't let the face trick you. Any suggestions?


    0.1.0 Euathlus Sp. Blue Femur ... She poses for pictures like a professional.. Feeling like I should either pay her soon or talk to an agent. Doesn't matter what else is happening if a camera is involved; she comes out looking dazzling even with her bald little butt.

    Loving this T :laugh:


    1.0.0 Phidippus Audax AKA: 'Phil' ... This grumpy little guy is called Phil! He's staying with us until it gets warm enough outside to release him so that he can find out where all the ladies went. Phil is both photogenic and sassy. His interests include throwing threat postures and watching crickets run around helplessly. Also, please pardon all of the dog hair in my carpet.


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  15. Coconana

    Coconana Arachnosquire

    0.1.0 Psalmopoeus Irminia AKA: 'Odo'sha' ... More cellphone shots, I'm afraid! I can't find the Rebel's charger... Either way, I was able to salvage a shot of Odo'sha with her fresh suit. Had to be very quiet and slow though, as she's pretty flighty.


    0.1.0 Grammostola Porteri ... This girl's in pre-molt, so she's a little crankier than usual. I needed to get into her enclosure to sort out a substrate issue, so I decided to snap a few shots in the process. I only got one good one in before she decided to throw a tantrum.



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  16. Coconana

    Coconana Arachnosquire

    0.1.0 Nhandu Coloratovillosus AKA: 'Lillith' ... Finally caught the grumpy girl outside her hide in her new enclosure long enough to snap a shot of that cricket getting murdered.

    More cellphone snaps until we find the charger, I’m afraid! I tried to make them look nice for you guys though.


    0.1.0 Avicularia Avicularia AKA: 'Sheila' ... Man, she eats like a pig! I take a special kind of joy in watching Sheila smack down prey items. If voraciousness was an art, she’d be bringing home the bronze.



    0.1.0 Pterinochilus Murinus AKA: 'Priscilla' … Poked my head in to see if the OBT was alive. Yes. Yes she is.


    0.0.1 Ceratogyrus Darlingi AKA: 'The Smaller Darlingi’ … This one’s getting big. They’re going to need a rehouse soon!

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  17. Coconana

    Coconana Arachnosquire

    YES!! The Rebel's up and running again! We've found the charger, so there will hopefully be no more photos from the phone. I could dance :shame:

    0.1.0 Grammostola Porteri ... Well, her recent molt anyway. I wanted to see if I couldn't set up a little system to help showcase her naughties. Mission accomplished!


    0.1.0 Pterinochilus Murinus AKA: 'Priscilla' ... Prisc's spermathecae seem to be folded up a bit, but I did my best. Also, a bit of a funny story about her bum leg is in order. While molting, she popped off her new leg after it got stuck in the molt, so you can see that the bottom left still has a small piece in there. Priscilla is now hell on seven wheels instead of seven and a half.


    0.1.0 Nhandu Coloratovillosus AKA: 'Lillith' ... This was the smallest of the molts, and we struggled to get good photos of it, but I finally can show Lil's lady-bits to the world, haha. Unfortunately, my fiancé dropped his camera lens onto this molt at the end of our photo session and utterly destroyed it --but we got a few good shots at least :rolleyes:

  18. Coconana

    Coconana Arachnosquire

    0.1.0 Grammostola Porteri ... Took some good shots of her around noon today. The Rebel really does make all of my point and click dreams come true. And no --molting hasn't made her any sweeter :p





  19. Coconana

    Coconana Arachnosquire

    0.0.1 Hapalopus Sp. "Colombia Large" AKA: 'Boho' ... This one just molted, and I'm having a bit of a difficult time sexing the poor thing. Might have to wait for the next one before I can get a definite either way :arghh:




  20. Coconana

    Coconana Arachnosquire

    0.1.0 Euathlus Sp. "Blue Femur" ... Miss Raggedy Ann's finally starting to show some interest in food. The T room has been amped up to temperatures of 82-88 degrees during the day time thanks to the addition of our BP, so I'm thinking that might have something to do with it. Either way, I'm happy! Hopefully she can fatten up and pull off a molt soon.