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Chaetopelma gracile

Discussion in 'Tarantula Questions & Discussions' started by Vys, Oct 25, 2002.

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    Anyone ever had one of these ? They look so pretty judging from the photos I've seen..and it's from Europe !
  2. Wade

    Wade Arachnoking Old Timer

    What part of Europe? I've heard that there are T's in southern Spain, but I've not heard much about them.

  3. ArachnoJoost

    ArachnoJoost Arachnobaron Old Timer

    From what I've found it's from the mediterranean area, egypt and cyprus (google search)
    Beautiful indeed! Now I don't feel so bad about being from Europe...:)
  4. Hehe yeah.. :)

    Rick West has a quite beautiful picture of it at birdspiders.com, and there's a caresheet for it at hem.spray.se/minax
  5. I take it these pretty things aren't on the yankee market? :p
  6. King_Looey

    King_Looey Arachnoprimate Old Timer

    Europe is a big place, can you be more specific?
  7. Egypt Cyprus Turkey, it's in the thread
  8. chaset

    chaset Arachnosquire Old Timer

    My Fav from Europe

    I like Macrothele calpeiana from Spain, Its just an all round cool and nasty looking spider, to bad its the only spider in Europe protected under the Bern Treaty where export is not allowed :(
  9. RegalReptiles

    RegalReptiles Arachnopeon

    We have em

    Hi There,

    We brought in a small shipment of 36 of these guys from Europe a couple of weeks ago, yesterday I recieved a new species of adult Chaetopelma in from S.E. Turkey. The Chaetopelma gracilis (gracile) is a really nice species.

    Unfortnatly we are a wholesale only company and will not sell to retail clientel but we supply over a 250 vendors around the country with their spiders.

    A big internet dealer you might want to try that I know I sold some to is Art Cerda from Midwest Exotic Pets.

    His contact info is:

    Midwest Exotic Pets
    Art Cerda
    312/951 6253

    If you are looking for a good spider vendor in your area, drop me an e-mail at Pat@regalreptiles.com , with your location, and I will get back to you with the dealer we supply closest to you.


    Regal Reptiles
    Patrick Kane / Invertebrate Department
    Ph: 401 277 9000 Fax: 401 351 0235
    www.RegalReptiles.com / Pat@RegalReptiles.com
    "Americas #1 Source for Invertebrates!"
  10. Tarantula Lover

    Tarantula Lover Psalmopoeus Lover Old Timer


    that is a cool spider!!
  11. Alonso99

    Alonso99 Arachnobaron Old Timer


    nice color on that T
  12. Exodus

    Exodus Arachnoknight Old Timer

    I dont like colorful T's too much.But that ones a good honest T.
  13. agent lead

    agent lead Arachnoknight

    i hate to bring up such an old thread but i figured it was better then making an identical new one

    does anyone have any of these? ive never heard of this species and they look interesting

    from isreal as per this post on flickr

  14. T-Harry

    T-Harry Arachnoknight Old Timer

    I have a female C. gracile that I raised from a sling.
    It's indeed a great looking T but the downside is that you don't have many chances to see it. Most times she's inside her hide, even during night. Only when she hunts you might get a glimpse of her.
  15. Sathane

    Sathane Arachnoking Arachnosupporter

    I have 3 C. Gracile slings. Very cool T from Israel.
  16. GoTerps

    GoTerps Arachnoking Old Timer

    Just and FYI, Chaetopelma gracile was synonymized with Chaetopelma olivaceum last year.

    Here's a C. olivaceum I have from Egypt.


  17. agent lead

    agent lead Arachnoknight

    anyone wanna sell me a sling?
  18. GoTerps

    GoTerps Arachnoking Old Timer

    I'd wait and see if Bob's eggsac is good, CLICK HERE.

  19. stefanis

    stefanis Arachnopeon

    Is this a specimen of Chaetopelma gracile?

    One morning during a holiday in Cyprus 2003 we discovered this spider in our hotelroom. I am a novis of spiders but a friend of mine told me that it probably was a specimen of Tarantula. After visiting this forum and this thread I found out that there are two types of Tarantulas in Cyprus - Chaetopelma karlamani and Chaetopelma gracile. Is this spider we spent the night with a specimen of Chaetopelma gracile?

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  20. Vidaro

    Vidaro Arachnobaron Old Timer

    Yup thats a C. olivaceum(gracile) i currently have 1 mm 1 female (should be mature but wont mate:/) and one unsexed but i got a feeling its male.
    I find them preety active during night but if u so much as lift the lid of the tank they'll b gone in a split second. Havent seen a single threat posture from the 3 i have but i have seen it before in other speciment i have come across in the wild and i cant tell you its scary:p
    As far as their venom goes, i only know 1 person who got bit and he spent 8 days in the hospital, dont know if it was allergic reaction or anything like that.