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Centipedes of Thailand

Discussion in 'Myriapods' started by millipeter, Sep 25, 2008.

  1. millipeter

    millipeter Arachnoknight Old Timer

    I'm back from my trip to Thailand. On the island Koh Samet I found 2 specimens of Scolopendra suspinipes dehaani. The first one (pic1) was about 13-15cm and found under leaves on the forest floor. It was quite docile and was observed a few hours later under the same big leaf where I put it before.

    The second one (pic2+3) was found in a rotten tree trunk near the beach and seemed in the first moments like a 40cm monster. It was fast and handling (for an non-Scolpendra keeper like me) was hard and btw I wore only flip-flops. After about 5 minutes (feeling like hours) it stands still for some pics. In fact it was about only 22-25cm and thicker like my thumb.

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  2. millipeter

    millipeter Arachnoknight Old Timer

    Another smaller species (about 6cm) was caught in the south of Thailand north of Khao Lak in a leaf layer on a quite open site near a forest. If somebody has a guess what species it is. I can also make some better photos if some details are needed for determination.

    @Turgut: If you want that cute guy you can have him ;)

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  3. peterbourbon

    peterbourbon Arachnolord

    Hey Peter,

    welcome back & thanks sooo much!
    Since Otostigmus scaber is missing in my collection.:drool:

    Hope your vacation was interesting & exciting.
    Your millipedes from Tenerife are in "Leidhecken", ready to be fetched. :)

  4. :clap: Nice big pede and there is some good pics. :clap:
  5. krabbelspinne

    krabbelspinne Arachnobaron

    Ok, Turgut - you know what to do with this Otostigmus scaber at october 4th? :D
  6. krabbelspinne

    krabbelspinne Arachnobaron

    the second one might also be a Scolopendra spinosissima maybe...
  7. MaueR

    MaueR Arachnosquire

    S. spinosissma are living only on Java island (entemit). popably this is S. subspinipes.
  8. krabbelspinne

    krabbelspinne Arachnobaron

    @ mauer:

    I don`t think, that they are only from Java island. According to chilobase, they come also from the Philippines - and I think, why not from whole Southeast Asian?
  9. MaueR

    MaueR Arachnosquire

    @ krabbelspinne

    Oh! sorry! Mea culpa! S. spinosissima living on Philippines and Nergo island, not java :liar:
  10. The Snark

    The Snark Abby Normal Old Timer

    The local kids out in the hills sometimes refer to these as 'Jep Daeng' or 'red pain. Obnoxious, aggressive and ubiquitous.