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Discussion in 'Online Seller/Buyer/Breeder Reviews' started by boonbear, Oct 28, 2010.

  1. Stirmi

    Stirmi Arachnosquire

    I did a trade with him and everything went smoothly, all the slings made it to my house healthy and active. I highly recommend him as he is trustworthy and honest and shipped on time as scheduled. The packing job was one of the best I have ever seen
  2. Completed another smooth transaction with John recently. Everything went great! Thanks a bunch man!
  3. Norm

    Norm Arachnosquire

    Just got my half of a breeder loan from John today!!! His packing was amazing. I still can't figure out how he did it, lol. The slings arrived alive, healthy, and full of energy. I'm very happy with it. Before and during the loan, John kept excellent communication. He provided pics and frequent messages to update me on the status of our loan. I won't hesitate to loan to him in the future. I highly recommend doing business with him if you get the chance. Thank you John!!! :D
  4. TaylorC

    TaylorC Arachnopeon

    Just sent John a sling. Very friendly and quick with payment. And kept me updated! Highly Recommended
  5. Siderum

    Siderum Arachnopeon

    John is such a nice guy to deal with--he's the "salt-of-the-earth" kind of guy. I just got a great trade from him and all the spiders were packed well and arrived in great condition. He is prompt in replying to my messages. I highly recommend dealing with him. A++++
  6. 3skulls

    3skulls Arachnobaron

    Perfect packing again!!

    Did I need more OBTs? No.
    But how can you pass up a great deal, from a great guy, on a great spider?

    I couldn't !

    Thanks again John.
  7. gottarantulas

    gottarantulas Arachnoknight Old Timer

    John did it again!

    Just received 12 P.iminia slings from John today, and yes you guessed it....Awesome deal! Great communication! Excellent packing! And quality T's! Can you say quadfecta ?

  8. GForce14063

    GForce14063 Arachnobaron Old Timer

    I just completed a transaction with John for 20 Hapalopus sp. "Colombia Large"Colombian Pumpkin Patches. It is always a pleasure working with John and I hope to keep working with him for years to come.
  9. kiffnie

    kiffnie Arachnosquire Old Timer

    Just received a great little order from John. Well packed and a great seller to deal with. Thanks!
  10. Positive once again!! John is an awesome guy and our hobby is lucky to have him!!
    I won johns guess how many game and as soon as the T was ready it was on its way with some bonus stuff thrown in as well John always treats me very well and I can't recommend him highly enough! Thanks again bro!
    Chris & Emily
  11. LuiziBee

    LuiziBee Arachnobaron


    Today I received a package of two little feisty P. irminia with enclosures included. Great guy, great packaging, great everything. I couldn't have hoped for a better, more smooth transaction. I hope to do business with John again sometime in the future. If he hadn't have contacted me, I probably would never have jumped into the world of arboreal tarantulas. Thank you!! :)

  12. Norm

    Norm Arachnosquire

    :D POSITIVE!!! :D

    Just completed my half of a trade with John Stacy, a.k.a. catfishrod69. I'm super pleased with this transaction. John didn't try to lowball me on the trade at all. His communication is super prompt! You couldn't ask for better packaging, John's an expert at it! I've never been disappointed with any of our transactions. Not to mention, he's just a really cool guy, and will give ya advice or just chat with ya. He's become on of my favorite people to deal with. I'll continue doing business with him, as long as he's still in this hobby. Thank you John!
  13. abboreal

    abboreal Arachnopeon

    Just completed my first deal with John / catfishrod69 and he's an awesome dude to work with. We are already working on our next deal and I'm really looking forward to it. Thanks again man!
  14. John is officially the man. Did a trade with him and everything was as good as I'd expect from such a well-known member of the boards. I will definitely keep an eye on what he has to sell at all times due to what a pleasure it was dealing with him.

    His packing is by far the best I've ever seen. That dude does not skimp out on paper towel!
  15. Aphonopelma81

    Aphonopelma81 Arachnosquire

    Very positive transaction!

    Just received my end of trade with John/ catfishtod69 and im so happy! The Ts were in great shape and his packaging is awesome. Ill definitely do business with John in the future! Highly recommended!!!
    James parks
  16. Tman86

    Tman86 Arachnosquire

    Received my Female Chaco Golden Knee from John today. No complaints here. She walked right out on my hand, packaging was excellent! Communication was great. All around great business. Thanks again John.

    Keith B
  17. sr20det510

    sr20det510 Arachnoknight


    Just received my part of a trade from John, and the only thing I can say is, "You my friend are the best!!"

    Highly recommended!
    He is the best Tarantula packer in the business!
    He response quickly to all messages!
    Keeps the buyer informed with PMs and tracking info!

    Can't wait to do business with him again!!
  18. Great Transaction! Highly recommended!
  19. gottarantulas

    gottarantulas Arachnoknight Old Timer

    Another Positive Review/Transaction

    In brief...great communication, easy transaction and excellent packing and to illustrate that point...the package that John sent to me went to Central California instead of Southern California which resulted in the package spending an additional day in transit in the middle of a heat wave. Luckily, there are no ill effects demonstrated by the T and I feel that the T could have conceivably suffered a different fate if the packing hadn't been as great as it was. Great, great, great (*life saving) packing and healthy T.
    Last edited: Aug 31, 2013
  20. Positive Review A++++++++++
    Just completed a trade with catfishrod69 and everything went great!!!
    Shipping was prompt and packed well. Communication was great!!!
    Thanks for the freebies as well. I would definitely do business with catfishrod69 again.