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Question Can you post too much without it technically being spam?

Discussion in 'Troubleshooting / Suggestions' started by Radcla4832, Jan 26, 2019.

  1. Radcla4832

    Radcla4832 Arachnopeon

    I'd just like to know if posting daily or more (not extreme amounts) counts as spamming
  2. Chris LXXIX

    Chris LXXIX ArachnoGod Active Member

  3. basin79

    basin79 Arachnoemperor Active Member

    Well I haven't been warned and I spam a bit at times. I'll post some tarantula in general chat. Then in tarantula pics and then in off topic.
  4. The Snark

    The Snark هرج و مرج مهندس Old Timer

    The OP question is the bane and torment of the moderators of this, and most other forums. What constitutes spam? What qualifies as quality and what is just noise?
    To some, I'm one of the worst offenders here on AB. Perhaps I'm a weather vane of sorts. Treading that gray area. Testing the limits. I try to keep my content relevant and factual but...
    I want to take this opportunity to mention to those that I offend, block me if you must, which I find a sad state of affairs. Anyone can make a post that is informative or enlightening, even those you despise. Blocking only harms yourself.

    But I'm also quite willing to eat humble pie. I've been PMed to tone it down on occasion and I very much appreciate the feedback and endeavor to comply and apologize if need be. That I feel is the difference between spammers and those simply trying their best but grating on other peoples nerves. Know when to back down. Be graceful. Extend respect.
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  5. AphonopelmaTX

    AphonopelmaTX Moderator Staff Member

    No, there are plenty of regular users of this site that post every day, multiple times a day, or multiple times in an hour. As long as your posts are on topic for the forum you are posting in, or replying to multiple threads with something relevant, it is not considered spam. Spamming can be loosely defined as making many irrelevant posts in a short amount of time. For instance, if you decide one day to post in every thread in Tarantula Chat with something off topic, then you will hear from a moderator. Or if you start many posts in several of the discussion forums just to increase your post count to get a ranking, that will also set off alarms.

    Then there is the classic definition of spamming the boards by posting ads all over the place. That will get your account banned real quick.
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  6. Ungoliant

    Ungoliant Malleus Aranearum Staff Member

    As long as it's contributing to the topic, no. However, we do ask that members consolidate their replies (within a given thread) instead of posting multiple consecutive replies within a short time frame.

    If you want to quote more than one post, you can do so by clicking quote in each post you want to quote (or using the multi-quote feature, which is the +Quote icon on each post). You can quote excerpts from multiple posts by highlighting the part you want to quote and clicking +Quote when the menu pops up.

    You can also edit a post (within 12-48 hours depending on account tier) to add additional content.
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