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Can smaller damon diadema live with a paired adult

Discussion in 'True Spiders & Other Arachnids' started by Xenohunt, Mar 12, 2018.

  1. Xenohunt

    Xenohunt Arachnopeon

    I have two damon diadema that are married. I found a shop that has a bunch of Damon diadema but they are babies about quarter size.

    would they be at risk living together?
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  2. chanda

    chanda Arachnoprince Active Member

    "Married" - That's sweet! :p

    Unfortunately, putting a bunch of smaller whip spiders in with an adult pair comes with considerable risk of the smaller ones getting eaten. I've been keeping Damon diadema for a few years now, and my experience has been that sooner or later, the bigger ones always start munching on the littler ones - even when it's their own offspring. (I always remove the mother from the cage as soon as the babies have left her back, because I've had a few moms start snacking on the young'uns.)

    Keeping a mated pair together seems to work out fine - at least as long as nobody is molting - but I try to separate them after the male has done his job and got the female "knocked up" because I've lost a couple of adults when they molted while cohabiting with a partner - though strangely, they didn't appear to have been eaten. They were just inexplicably dead (but otherwise intact) on the bottom of the cage, leading me to suspect that the cause of death may have been general disturbance from another whip spider wandering around the cage while they were molting, and not cannibalism.

    If you want to get the babies, I'd recommend getting them their own cage - but even that is not without risks. I do keep my young juveniles communally because it is impractical for me to separate them - but there are losses to cannibalism, particularly as they start approaching the sub-adult stage.
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  3. Xenohunt

    Xenohunt Arachnopeon

    Thank you! And the pair seem so adorable. They are often near each other and seem like just a happy couple. Never seen either fight for food or fight in general. But that could change soon so I keep my eye on them.

    I put the two babies in the same container and saw them face to face with their palps out. I quickly put them back into separate containers. I was pretty shocked how fast they started to try and "fight".
  4. chanda

    chanda Arachnoprince Active Member

    Yeah, giving them a little space and privacy is for the best - much better chance of them surviving to adulthood that way!