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Calm(er) Poecilotheria species

Discussion in 'Tarantula Chat' started by Element, Jun 11, 2018.

  1. Nightstalker47

    Nightstalker47 Arachnoking Active Member

    Out of all the poecs I have kept, regalis, ornata and subfusca lowland are the calmest by far.
    Avoid metallica and formosa, super skittish IME.

    Either way, you need to be prepared for the worst...no one can predict what kind of temperament your specimen might have.
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  2. boina

    boina Lady of the mites Arachnosupporter

    Well, my regalis is not chill - in fact she's been of the "Let's just take off and run and see where it will get me" type. She's still a rather small juvenile, though, so I hope she will calm down, but so far even my Tapis have been calm compared to her. The rufilatas have been extremely skittish as slings but calm down more with every molt. The same age subfusca highlands were much calmer right from the beginning and even rehousing a communal has been a breeze. I got both ornata and subfusca lowland as larger juveniles and I actually found both pretty easy going.
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  3. KezyGLA

    KezyGLA Arachnoking Active Member

    P. miranda and P. subfusca are the calmest IME
  4. JanPhilip

    JanPhilip Arachnoknight Old Timer

    In my experience subfucsa and sp. lowland have by far been the calmest ones. However, I think it is also very different from spider to spider and it might change between molts and depending on the weather. One thing which makes them 'more advanced' is the fact that they can be somewhat unpredictable. There are others, like Selenocosmia or Chilobrachys, where you know they are going to throw a fit and bite everything, but you can count on it. With Poecilotheria you do not always know what to expect. Usually they run, often they do not want to move at all, and some times they go crazy.
  5. Minty

    Minty Alba gu bràth Arachnosupporter

    I have four. A metallica, strirata, miranda and rufilata.

    The metallica is the most skittish and movement & light sensitive. No threat postures so far. Suspect male, juvenile.

    The strirata hides a lot, but comes out at night when it’s dark. Bolts inside her hide at great speed when the light is flicked on or there’s movement. Sub adult female.

    The miranda is calm and shy, not skittish, on show most of the time. Unsexed sub adult.

    The rufilata is a mature male who’s always out and is very chilled. No threat postures, not skittish.
  6. Element

    Element Arachnopeon

    Awesome responses everyone. I’m definitely getting a sense that individuals may vary is my biggest concern and to treat them all with that same respect

    that’s actually something I’ve considered and think about often. Predictable aggression is much easier to understand imo. My little p Muticus will almost always throw up its dukes and bare those itty bitty fangs at me but it never decides one day to camouflage and be passive and then the next go for the throat. So I always have that comfort of knowing what it’s temperment is like and it also doesn’t move as fast as a Pokie. In fact both my baboons are fairly slow for baboons (p Muticus and C Marshalli)
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  7. Chris LXXIX

    Chris LXXIX ArachnoGod Active Member

    Actually at the end of the day basically every Poecilotheria spp. are somewhat 'calmer' (please note the use of ' ') if compared to the flying arboreal baboons or other Asian arboreals. Hell, even P.irminia are more high strung than Pokies.

    Pokies defensiveness was/is hands down overrated and hyped due to the fact that their venom is, indeed, brutal, but that's all, they are more 'run & hide' spiders, unlike S.calceatum :angelic:
  8. Element

    Element Arachnopeon

    As always you add a ton of insight to every discussion I’m in on this board. That’s a huge point that I need to take into consideration because that’s something I’ve not really considered or thought about but it is would be almost obvious that a male would be high strung and the juvie/Sling side echoes my experiences with them too
  9. mistertim

    mistertim Arachnobaron

    I have a P. metallica and a P. regalis. My P. metallica is super skittish and will do laps around its enclosure at the slightest disturbance but isn't defensive...no threat postures or anything. My P. regalis is pretty chill. I use "chill" in a loose sense since it mostly means here that she (suspected female) just tends to hunker down when disturbed and I've never seen any sort of defensive behavior from her.

    Pokies in general don't tend to be all that defensive from what I've experienced and read...they tend to try to hide rather than run or fight. My Psalmos are far bigger meanie pants and I've gotten multiple threat postures from multiple species I own. If you have plenty of experience with fast NW arboreals, I think you'll be fine with Pokies. That being said, don't let their relatively "docile" nature in general let you get a false sense of security. ANY spider can suddenly do the unexpected due to things we might not even be able to detect, and if you've read the bite reports you know that Pokie venom is no joke. Just stay focused, calm, and safe when dealing with them and you should have zero problems.
  10. Element

    Element Arachnopeon

    I know they definitely aren’t mean in comparison to some of the wackier OW species and I’ve only seen my buddy’s fasciata throw a threat posture. And you can bet that the fear/respect that was conveyed to me kept me from making a dumb decision early on. I like many scrubs wanted a blue spider and I’m glad I read up and got my GBB and Versicolor instead.

    *not a proud story*
    About a week into T keeping I went digging in my Versicolor’s web for a b lat nymph because it was invasive and my versi didn’t want another b lat after eating the previous evening *rolls eyes* and I was of course not paying attention to the sling on the other side. As versi’s do, it freaked and ran out the other side and up my hand which I did not feel. I saw it on my hand and I swear it was waving it’s palps at me. I freaked out, screamed like a little girl, and shook the poor lil guy off and on my pants and then I settled down and got him back into the enclosure.

    I say all this to say... I was NOT ready for an OW and thank goodness I read up before buying a pokie
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  11. Theneil

    Theneil Arachnoangel Active Member

    Hahaha. My little versicolor sling is the only one that has ever tried to escape (about 3 times) and i think that having the experiences of it jumping out and Bolting up my arm have helped prepare me for when the unexpected happens. Abd you are right, it is a much easier situation to deal with mentally when the first time it happens ISN'T a pokie.
  12. Element

    Element Arachnopeon

    My naughtiest T is actually my Purpurea sling. That little snot has bolted out of its enclosure at least 5 times. It’s a really photosensitive T. Also it’s the only avic that’s poop cannoned me. The avic sp Boa Vista is my meanest avic and won’t hesitate to threat my crickets

    I think my favorites atm are Rufilata, Regalis, Ornata, Subfusca(both forms), Metallica, and Miranda... I only want 2... so I better do some more homework
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  13. Rufilata and subfusca are the only two pokies i'm interested in, so I recommend those two.
  14. ErinM31

    ErinM31 Arachnoprince

    My experience with the genus is limited thus far (working on changing that!) but I would recommend P. regalis. Mine has been relatively calm, especially as they got older, never bothered by light, and if something bothered them, they always just calmly moved back into their hide. And the threshold of what would bother them increased too so they stopped caring if I touched the enclosure while taking a photo. :)

    Agreed! And I provided mine with a cork bark wall on which they really were easy to miss if you weren’t looking for them. I would see mine on the glass walls at times too, but they seemed to prefer the wood wall at the back, perhaps only to be close to their hide.
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  15. Nightstalker47

    Nightstalker47 Arachnoking Active Member

    My mirandas a complete nuctase, just goes to show how much individuals will vary.
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  16. MetalMan2004

    MetalMan2004 Arachnobaron

    I’ll echo the bit about them all
    Havin their own personalities. Apparently I’m the only one who’s metallica isn’t light sensitive. I’ve had it around a year and a half and it sits out all the time. Its about 3” at this point and I’ve never seen it run laps.

    The only one that has been a handful for me is smithi. It is very fast and acts cracked out. It’ll go this way then that then back this way now up maybe back down all just to end up where it started in a second flat.

    ZHESSWA Arachnopeon

    Limited experience as well, seeing as I only have a P. Ornata and P. Rufilata rn, but I say go for whichever catches your eye the most! I know P. Ornata's are typically regarded as one if not the most defensive pokies and that was the one I started with! You have the experience and are doing the research the right way so at that point it comes down to personal preference because as everyone else has stated, it rolling the dice with temperaments because it comes down to the individual. A P. Ornata could be super calm and easy to work with and you could end up with a psycho P. Subfusca.
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  18. JBarbaresi

    JBarbaresi Arachnosquire

    Looks wise my 2 favorites are subfusca and rufilata. The thing that has kept me from getting a rufilata is the pretty noticeable size difference when compared to other pokies. I try to think about adult enclosure size and space available, I’m not sure a rufilata would be as happy in a 12x12x18 as some of the smaller species would be. I think ornata is on the larger size as well. Maybe just something else for you to consider in your decision.
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  19. My C. versicolor used to be psycho. Only T that has come close to tagging me (feeding response, she grabbed and let go in the blink of an eye). She's calmed a lot since her last molt though. I do highly recommend this species. As for pokies, I only have a P. Metallica (juvie suspect male) and he is skittish and big on hiding. No defensiveness yet, but he was rather brazen during maintenance today (choosing to stay on the wall instead of the usual running when I even gently moved the enclosure). He hasn't seemed very photosensitive. He actually built his home on the brighter side of the enclosure. He's growing on me a little bit. Oh, and he's a GREAT eater. I think if you're into arboreals, you'll enjoy whichever species you pick. Good luck!
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  20. Element

    Element Arachnopeon

    I’m necroposting a bit but giving an update I ended up going with a Subfusca and a Metallica for now. I’m going to get them in roughly 2-3 weeks and I will finally have my first pokies. I wanted to get a little more time on the psalmopoeus species but... I just couldn’t wait any longer and I feel like I am confident enough now to keep them without risking a large probability of an escape. Thanks for all the suggestions!
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