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Calling frog experts URGENT!

Discussion in 'Not So Spineless Wonders' started by EightLeggedFrea, Jun 4, 2009.

  1. EightLeggedFrea

    EightLeggedFrea Arachnoangel

    This new female pyxie I got is a real weirdo. She keeps trying to jump right out of the temporary KK (large in size) I'm using to treat her for chytrid fungus. Every time she jumps in the air she hits the top with a loud THUD and it's gonna drive me nuts all night! I do hope she's not gonna hurt herself this way!

    I did just get her, so she's probably just stressed but she did eat a lot of nightcrawlers the same night I got her. I'm thinking I should move her into a larger chytrid cage if she's feeling cramped, which is probably why she's bumping her head on the ceiling like this. She doesn't seem to have any injuries, otherwise I'm sure why she would continue to do this to herself. I'm really worried though she may hurt herself!

    EDIT: Actually, I think she already has. She has a very minor injury on her nose, it seems. I'd place her in that medium rubbermaid box I have for her, problem is I don't have any holes drilled in it yet and I don't have a drill here at home.

    EDIT #2: OK now she's calmed down and sitting the wide water basin. her hose DOES look like it's bleeding but just a little. Anything I can do? Should I also attempt to do something about it before I continue the chytrid treatment (in case the water/Lamisil solution should cause an infection in this area)?
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  2. Mushroom Spore

    Mushroom Spore Arachnoemperor Old Timer

    I don't think this is a problem with the frog. ;) Frogs jump, the problem is indeed likely to be the enclosure size. I don't know anything about the meds you're using, but if she's hurting herself you're gonna need a bigger treatment enclosure quick.
  3. EightLeggedFrea

    EightLeggedFrea Arachnoangel

    Will do. What about her minor injury? Fortunately it doesn't seem serious. The "meds" are merely a mixture of dechlorinated water and Lamisil foot fungus (the AT spray pump) - 10 squirts per 200 ml of water. Commonly used, home treatment to keep chytrid away.
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  4. kitty_b

    kitty_b Arachnoprince

    I had a problem with X. laevis females rubbing/bumping their noses on the walls and tops of their smaller cages when we have them housed for egg collection. A little redness or bruising isn't life threatening (they heal very quickly). Just make sure you keep the water clean with daily water changes if it becomes an open wound. The spots will heal up pretty quickly as long as they don't become infected due to waste build-up in the water. :)

    One trick is to cover the entire cage to make it dark. I found that in MOST cases the frogs will become less stressed and far less likely to injure themselves. It can also speed up healing time (because it keeps them from aggravating the wounds).

    Good luck!

    If you can, you also might want to do a pH strip test just to make sure the water isn't too acid or basic for her. I don't know the preferred pH of Pixies, but laevis seem happiest at 6.5-7.5. I've seen them (accidentally) tolerate a pH of 5, but I doubt they were very comfortable. I use dechlorinated tap water for all of my frogs at home without incident, but the pH of tap water can vary from place to place. :)
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  5. EightLeggedFrea

    EightLeggedFrea Arachnoangel

    Now she's in a Rubbermaid box that measures 13" long, wide, and tall. It's not the 10-gallon tank I'm going to house her when her treatment is finally over, but at least she's got more space. She still doesn't seem happy about this (what with the treatment itself and whatnot), but I'm sure she'll settle down soon enough.

    I just wasn't expecting this minor setback, as I always heard pyxies were inactive animals:? I've also never paid any attention to the pH of the water (I do use a screw-on dechlornater thing), but I've never had any problems with it as my Budgett's frog seems to tolerate it just fine.
  6. kitty_b

    kitty_b Arachnoprince

    If it makes you feel any better, some frogs just tolerate things better than others. Most of our females sit quietly all day and never make a big deal out of it. A small number become agitated at least once and have "temper tantrums." A very small few have displayed full-out disapproval of their new situation and have spent all day whacking their faces on the tops of their cages (and that was even after being covered). You probably just have a very cranky girl and, like you said, she should calm down soon. :)
  7. kupo969

    kupo969 Arachnoangel

    I'm pretty sure she does not enjoy being thrown in a container with lamisil and then put back into a quarantine tank with paper towels. She is just very unhappy because she just got rehomed and is in uncomfortable living conditions. When you're done with treatment she will definitely calm down and start to burrow.