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Discussion in 'Scorpions' started by Skyswiftwing, Nov 2, 2008.

  1. Skyswiftwing

    Skyswiftwing Arachnopeon

    Hi there, me again... Lol. I just cant seem to get this scorp thing down.

    Ok so.. I had an old enclosure with my first Imp (Lex) in it. I brought in the second Imp (Houdini) in. A week or so later Lex died. I cleaned out the enclosure (soil, rocks, lex =( ) I cleaned out the 10gallon aquarium, boiled the rocks and put in new soil. So Houdini is enjoying his new enclosure (there were heat issues, that i dealt with. About a week ago there were a bunch of little flies collecting on the sides of the Aquarium. So again I redid the soil, and actually switched to an all new enclosure, reboiled the rocks/hide/waterdish. Two days later, the flies are coming back. I think they might be carried on the scorp. Is there a way to wash the scorp? Or any other suggestions? Thanks a bunch

    Thanks again.
  2. invertoholic

    invertoholic Arachnosquire

    ok without a description of the flies or a pic it's kinda hard to tell you but from what i have come to learn from my past dealings either A: they are coming from your home and entering the scorps tank or B: they are emerging from the soil you are using instead of tossing it try spreading the soil out on a high sided cookie sheet pan and baking it at 350f for 30 to 50 minutes allow to cool and return to your scorps tank if the flies return then you know that it is from your home you can put either finer screen in the tank top with some pet safe epoxy or use muslin cloth that should do the trick
  3. gh0001356

    gh0001356 Arachnosquire Old Timer

    Do the flies run around the sides of the enclosure of fly off when disturbed? If they run they are probably scuttle flies. They can be very bad for your scorpions if they start laying eggs inside the enclosure or on your scorpion.