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Breeding Project...C. hentzi

Discussion in 'Scorpions' started by redknee_freak, Feb 24, 2006.

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    Now they I am home from being over my pop's place (My pop's land is covered with pines forest, acres of it.) Now it's time to setup my breeding tank
    I uses half and half of peatmoss and sprinkled a good bit if light colored sand to see the scorpions alot better since they blend too well with the substrate. I
    I placed bottle caps around the 10 gal tank, 6 of them.
    didn't want any chances of them drowing in a bigger bowl
    place plastic wrap as a cover with a few holes poked

    Thought I would show off my breeding project in progress
    Sorry the picture isn't the greatest cuz this isn't from my stepmom's cam it's my roomates cam

    Well I am starting out with 20 feamles and 10 males. If you think I should add more males let me know ok i am welcoming any tips from anyone, ok and thanks

    Wish me luck



    See that hole in the driftwood, thats where most of them are hiding during the day, lilbit bit ago i was watching them just with the flashlight they are all over the place


    mark (red)
  2. Scorpfanatic

    Scorpfanatic Arachnoprince Old Timer

    niceenclouse with many hides.. hehe i guess they enjoy the hide you have for them .. oh yah and the many water bowls?