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Breeding Babycurus Jacksoni

Discussion in 'Scorpions' started by Malcara, Jun 8, 2008.

  1. Malcara

    Malcara Arachnoknight

    I just bought a Red Thick Tail Bark Scorpion and I would Love to try and get the lil girl pregnant. Don't know why, but I'm having trouble finding much info on the species outside of books. Was wondering if anyone had any suggestions.:?
  2. bjaeger

    bjaeger Arachnobaron

    Google is your friend :)

    Here's 1 website with *some* info: http://pagesperso-orange.fr/eycb/scorpions/FBabycurusJacksoni.htm

    I'm not sure exactly what information you're searching for.

    I'm getting my shipment of scorps in on Tuesday and it includes four 3i B. jacksonis. Hopefully I can get at least 1 female out of the bunch :)
  3. Cyris69

    Cyris69 Arachnoprince

    Breeding is very simple. I raised mine from 2i to adulthood, bred and now they are having babies took about 6-7 months total from 2i - popping.

    There are plenty of jacksoni enthusiasts here on the boards along with myself that would be more than willing to help.
  4. Malcara

    Malcara Arachnoknight

    I was looking for info like how long do u leave the babies with the mother after being born. What is the percentage of cannabalism among this species. I Heard you remove the babies after their first molt and I've heard keep them in there longer than that. I got a 10 gallon terrarium for free was wondering if thats too big. Also from what I gather whether they are or are not communal is a ? maybe someone could clear that up for me.
  5. inverts

    inverts Arachnobaron

  6. Malcara

    Malcara Arachnoknight

    thanks man that answers almost everything I guess i'll learn the rest while attempting to keep a few communally and hopefully when they breed.
  7. inverts

    inverts Arachnobaron

    No problem, but remember any time scorpions are kept communally there is always a chance of cannibalism.
  8. Xaranx

    Xaranx Arachnoprince

    One of my jacksoni just gave birth again, she knew spring was here.

    Anyway, from birth it will be about 2 weeks before you can do anything. Mommy dearest will take care of everything, and I never noticed mine care much for feeding during this period. 5-7 days after birth they will molt to 2i and they will look like tiny little miniature 1/2' jacksonis. A few days after this they will start coming down from mother and roaming around. This is the point where you can start feeding them 1/4" crickets/roaches, and don't worry about tearing of legs or crunching heads, the little jacksonis are fierce predators. This is also the point where I remove the mother and leave the young together for the first month or so while I get them fed, then separate or not or whatever you wanna do with them at this point, I raise mine all together but I do have a couple losses here and there. Survival of the fittest I say.

    Here is a mother (mine) with 2i young that are eating and ready to be separated

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  9. snippy

    snippy Arachnobaron

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  10. I don't think the original poster will reply to this because.. "Started by Malcara‎, 06-08-2008 03:17 PM"
  11. snippy

    snippy Arachnobaron

    Haha, damn. I did not see that somebody dug out a grave there.

  12. That is quite annoying...I didn't see the date for this either!
  13. well this being dug out, I'll take this opportunity to congratulate Finn for his well written and informative care sheet, I didn't know it was by someone on these boards! :)
  14. Yes, nice work Finn!!! Your site is easily one of my favorites!
  15. snippy

    snippy Arachnobaron

    Thank you guys :) It is much appreciated!

  16. Good, well it looks like you worked hard on it!
  17. Zman181

    Zman181 Arachnoknight

    Great site Finn. I will be picking up
    1 adult female Centruroides guanensis(gravid)
    2 Centruroides gracilis(2nd instar and 4th instar)
    1 3rd instar Babycurus jacksoni
    1 4th instar Rhopalurus junceus and 4th instar Grosphus grandidieri.

    I'm very excited :) I look forward to observing them when given the chance.